Tinder turned into a genuine legend since it was the first dating application in the mobile app market, much the same as Uber being the first taxi booking application. Yet, now that the opposition has expanded, you’ve to offer your intended interest group something one of a kind and fascinating to catch their attention and get into their pocket. So here are the 6 advanced dating app features that’ll give your user’s more actual & real dates.

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“Feed” Feature

A large number of people won’t consider ‘Feed’ as a fascinating highlight. However, some dating apps have officially executed Feed for their users and that has ended up being an engaging feature. While we agree that ‘Feed’ feature is more typical for long social networking apps like Facebook and Instagram, however since it’s as yet not a typical advanced dating app feature among dating applications, you can take its favorable benefit and include into your dating application.

In addition, Feed feature in your dating application will give your users a chance to convey what needs to be in an all the more better approach to find the right match. Meaning, there will be more opportunities to meet a man who has similar interests and point of view.

“Stories” Feature

Directly after ‘Stories’ feature was executed in Snapchat App, numerous mobile giants have obtained it for their preference. Facebook, Messenger, Whatsapp, Instagram, and even Skype have executed ‘Stories’ feature one-by-one. Also, since the greater part of recent college grads are actually fixated on this disappearing video and photos feature, why not take advantage of it as well?

In reality, Instagram as of detailed report that the advanced dating app feature that gives users a chance to share videos and photos that disappear following 24 hours is currently utilized by 250 Million individuals consistently.

“Missed Connections” Feature

This feature is new so it’s a smart thought to incorporate into your dating application on the off chance that you need to expand interest in your app among users.

How does it work?

All things considered, the missed connections feature reminds users that their general surroundings are loaded with circumstances and your ideal match that you’re searching for presumably dines at your most loved restaurant or goes at an indistinguishable rec center from you. In straightforward, the application discovers individuals who you’ve effectively run into each other within this present reality and enables you to speak with them through this feature.

On the off chance that you intend to make your very own dating application, recall that this element utilizes geolocation information to decide the convergence focuses with other app users and furthermore computes various circumstances two users have crossed the way to give a customized experience.

“Place Suggestions” Feature

Place suggestions are yet another advanced dating app feature. What’s more, our best mobile app developers can build up your dating application with this element effortlessly for your users to choose the right place for your first date. To accomplish this, our designers will gather information from third-party services to distinguish and suggest the right place as indicated by user’s partner’s preferences.

Furthermore, we can likewise make this feature all the more fascinating by analyzing a user and his possible partner’s hobbies, interests, and temperament to recommend the best place to spend the night. For example, your app can naturally recommend a Sports bar in the event that your both users are the sports fan.

“Edit Sent Messages” Feature

In the event that you’ve at any point utilized Telegram of Skype, at that point you may definitely realize that message editing feature can in some cases be life-saving something aside for every one of us. Furthermore, with regards to establishing the first impression, particularly before possible life partner, no one needs to get into “covfefe” situation. To ensure your users don’t face such circumstances.

“In-App Shopping” Feature

With regards to connections, particularly in the good ‘old days, giving each other little gifts, for example, cakes, chocolates, and flowers indicate a caring relationship. Also, indeed, this is pretty much applicable to couples all around the globe.

Final Thoughts

Dating application industry is very new and taking off. Furthermore, we can think of considering all the more fascinating plans to make a dating application if you get in touch with us on this issue. What’s more, if you would like to make a dating application an idea of your own or make a Tinder clone.


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