Hourly/Nightly Booking


Hourly Booking

One of the more required feature that any airbnb clone needs and also a beneficial feature for guests where they may book the accommodation of their wish with flexible hourly booking. By this, the guests may book the room for only a short time.

Nightly Booking

As same as hourly booking except that the guests may book the accommodation of their interest at night. People who travel may benefit highly when this feature is present on your website developed based any airbnb clone script from the market.

airbnb clone - booking types

Instant/Request Booking


Instant Booking

Instant booking allows users to book an accommodation in a matter of seconds without requesting the proprietor/host, here the user may book the space on availability.

Request Booking

Request booking is to request for booking a space to the host by checking availability, bookings are done only after receiving an acknowledgment to book from the host.

airbnb clone script instant booking

Review and Ratings



As a Trustability factor, guests can provide positive/negative reviews based on their experience of their stay to the host and may entice more users and boost the business.


Including Ratings in an online space booking business brings both the attention to the host which means more bookings/business and an assurance to pull in more users.

airbnb clone script reviews and ratings

Instant Message


The Guests are now able to chat instantly with the hosts by using the instant messaging system integrated into the Airfinch script. Here, the travelers are able to sort out any issues regarding the booking.


The Hosts are also able to text the guests using the integrated messaging system. Here, the hosts may solve all the queries received from the guests regarding the bookings and may provide the guests with the right solution.

airbnb clone script - instant chat


Special Days

Guests are now able to view the availability of special days in the calendar with pricing details. This is possible by the host where he/she may allocate special days with special prices to generally earn more income.

Weekend Prices

To convey fairness and flexibility to the guests and the reservation system, prices of the weekends can be altered by the admins. This way the business proprietor may enjoy more income at the weekends.

Block Days

Online reservation for Hotels, Apartments, and Resorts can be blocked at any day the host wishes to. The block days are beneficial for hosts in which they may use it to block the bookings on the days they stamp as not necessary.

airbnb clone script - special days option

Currency & Language


Multiple Currency

Currency isn’t a barrier anymore while doing business in foreign countries as Airfinch has multiple currency options on it for easy and efficient money transactions.

Multi Language

The complete dynamic content of the website could be altered or translated into the language required by the business owner. The script supports multi-language.

airbnb clone script - multiple currency management

Payments and Policies

Payment Gateway

To enable even and impeccable payments, the payment gateway has been shifted from Paypal to Stripe in the recent update. Stripe payment processing is now the integral part of payment processing in the Airfinch script.

Transaction History

Transaction history page for every individual hosts, to manage all their past successful, future transactions and about their total gross earnings.

Cancellation Policies

To go abide by his laws admin can set the terms for the cancellation policies to the hosts and users based on his own wish.

airbnb clone script - stripe system

Wishlist & Verified Users


Value adding feature for a vacation rental script named as a pre-defined wishlist and an user-defined wishlist to make a list of places user wishes to travel.

Verified Users

To avoid fraudulent Airfinch avails two levels of verifications such as email & phone, at once it is verified the user may able to add his listing.

airbnb clone script - verified users

Search Filters


Airfinch contains numerous imperative filters to book their requirements like date/time for check-in and check-out, room type, property type, price range to help the guests.

Map search

Map search provides guests with an option called "search as I move the map" in the search page where guests are able to look for rental and book their space.

Location Based Search

Location-based search allows users to search for space or accommodations on their desired location, by viewing their convenient rental spaces on the map.

airbnb clone - location based search

Social Logins and Invite

Social login

Social Login feature serves as an added value to the users in Airfinch, where users will definitely find as the best and easy way to log in using their social accounts.


Easily set up automatic booking confirmations, reminders, safety guidelines, pickup and drop off details, and follow-ups so your guests are always in the know.


Customised messages can be sent between guests and hosts to have a regardless communication regarding any disputes on listing details or booking options.

Invite Friends

What's the fun when all is done alone? Invite your best buddies on the social network to get on board for enjoying the cool benefits of Airfinch with the social invite features.

airbnb clone script - social login


Guest Reservations

The guest reservation allows guest to interact with the host using messaging services to make a booking, to cancel any booking or to enquire his queries.

Host Reservations

Host reservations feature gives complete access for hosts to Approve, Reject and Manage the bookings of current reservations made by the guests.

airbnb clone script - reservations


Video Options

Instead of a banner image, the admin may now upload a video for the banners to attract more visitors to the website. This way the business owner is able to earn income by posting the video of rooms provided by hosts.

Host Progress

Admin may now view all the host progress and listings. The bookings of the past and upcoming to a particular host can be viewed using this feature. This section will also provide the admins with information about Bank accounts and transaction history.

Monthly Earnings

Admin may able to view all the monthly earnings of his website effectively by using the admin panel. At any time, it is easy to obtain the monthly report of earnings made through the website by the admin.

More Profile Options

The script additionally provides the admins of the website with highly beneficial profile options like profile information like name, number, email id, work, emergency contact number etc.

airbnb clone script - other features

Web Application

Attractive Design

Airfinch to provide a replica of Airbnb was built as it is with attractive design, yet it can be modified to your requirements like UI or custom design.


Our Travel booking software was developed like an Art by well-experienced coders though the speed and performance of the mobile app will be extremely powerful.


Our script is safe, well secured and error-free to use. Our Security options will protect your app from unwanted attacks. You will get 99% secured mobile app.

Bootstrap Responsive

Our Airbnb clone script has the ability to access your website in a responsive design and easily adjusts to any mobile phones, tablets, and desktops.

airbnb clone script - advanced security



Dashboard available in the Admin panel provides a complete overview and fine details of the business to be managed by the owner.


Earn commissions effortlessly by setting up flexible Commission percentage you'd like to take as your cut on every booking at your website.

Security Deposit

The host may avail an option of security deposit from the guests to book a space which can be refunded to the guest or charged in case of any damage occurred.


A brand new feature in Airfinch which allows the site admin to add sub-admins to maintain the website. The Admins may assign roles to the sub-admins and make privileges to access the website to perform certain tasks.

Feature Listings

One kind of a revenue feature which can benefit the business owners. Here, the hosts may request the admin to mark his listing as featured listing which can be done for free or a small fee by the admin resulting the listing to feature on top of the website.


In Airfinch, Google Webmaster tool has been integrated to set up the custom page titles, meta description, Meta keywords, using defined format tags for all your web pages.

airbnb clone script - seo friendly