Airbnb script is a community marketplace for people to list, discover and book unique spaces around the world through mobile phones or the internet. Whether an apartment for a night, a castle for a week, or a villa for a month, Airbnb clone script connects people to unique travel experiences at any price point.

The app which offered travelers the ability to book restaurant reservations and city tours, has since been pulled down by the company following news reports detailing it’s availability and feature set.

Airbnb clone script helps in find, save, and share the perfect place to stay, all from your phone. Books a listing using the same secure payment platform as adaptive PayPal. Check your itinerary, communicate with your host, and locate your listing on the go.

airbnbHow to Get Airbnb Acquainted?

Airbnb clone script get to know your guests before you say yes, all from your phone. Review upcoming reservations, update your calendar, and send messages from Host Home. Our host groups and new Hospitality Center put great advice at your fingertips.

What Airbnb offers their Guests?

  • The app allows users to explore Airbnb script inventory. Those looking for accommodation can save and share their favorite listings, making it easy to tag those that standout for future stays.
  • For users lacking inspiration, the app suggests popular destinations to explore.
  • Airbnb’s wishlists, like ‘Homes of Famous Authors’ and ‘Handmade Homes’ make it easy for guests to review exceptional listings.
  • Hi-res photos enhance the visual experience.
  • Read other guests’ reviews to help select the best rental.

Airbnb Advantages to the Entrepreneur :

Transparent Security Deposits: Airbnb clone script is different though. Before you make a booking, you’re told quite plainly how much your room will cost, from the deposit and cleaning fee, to the cost for additional occupants.

Consistency – There are so many variables on the road—but travelers can take comfort in knowing exactly what to expect when they walk into a hotel room. From cleanliness to room size to service to quality, there are no surprises, whether you’re in New York or Copenhagen.

Safety – Security measures vary widely among online rentals, and there have been horror stories of guests being harassed by hosts with hidden agendas—or even with hidden cameras in the bookcase. Hotels, on the other hand, have trained staff, surveillance systems, security guards, emergency response plans, and connections with local law enforcement to help keep you safe.

Amenities – Amenities vary from hotel to hotel, but typically they include housekeeping, WiFi, pools and fitness centers, restaurants and room service, laundry service and in-room toiletries.

Service – TV not working? Forgot your hair dryer or the plug for your iPhone? Have a terrible toothache? Did you lose your key or lock yourself out of the room? When you’re staying in a hotel, any issue can be solved with a call to the concierge—who can also book your transportation, dinner, concert, or theater reservations.

Expertise – Concierges are also experts of their destination. They know the ins and outs of the city, and can offer advice on where to eat and what to see in keeping with your interests and your budget.

Loyalty programs – Major hoteliers offer loyalty programs, where points can be redeemed for free nights, upgrades, or other gifts.

More Locations – With AirBnB script, you can be much more precise with where you stay. That’s because you’re staying in someone’s house, whereas hotels tend to be clustered around city centers and transportation hubs.


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