Video Chat

Our Azar clone app will allow your users to spend their gems for video calling other users who are online. We help you manage your entire video calling using swipe up, swipe down simultaneously. Your users can video chat with their followers/followings without having to search them randomly.



Free Gems

Once registered with your app every user will receive a particular amount of gems. After watching promotional video users get free gems and can make in-app purchases using these gems.

Gems store

AppKodes Randou GEMS can be redeemed/purchased using credit or debit cards, further these are spent on video calls and that lets users gain access to additional features in the random video app script.



Gifts store

Users can send gifts to their preferred matches during a live chat, a video call from the gifts store. Here users will have to spend their gems to purchase the gifts.

Convert gifts to gems

If any of your users are having more gifts that they want to convert as gems to spend on video calls or for any other purpose it can also be done using this feature.

Withdraw money

Your users can withdraw money from the gifts they have received from their matches. Our app can be also integrated with any payment gateway of your preferred choice to make the payment operations more convenient.



Live Chat

Users can send and view instant text messages on our video chat dating app like Azar. We have created easy-to-use tools like chat screens and My chats option, which gives your transparency over whom they’ve chatted recently.

Image sharing

Users can make their conversation more interesting by sharing images. Unlimited private photo sharing. Tap on the icon, select the image, click send. That easy.

Online status

Users can view the last active status of their previously connected chats. ‘Online’ and ‘last seen’ simply tell you if your contacts are online, or the last time they were using the random video chat app.


Users can block unwanted and other annoying users from their profile for security purpose. Your user can no longer see a contact's last seen or online in the chat window. Any calls your user attempts to make will not go through.


Prime Members


Prime membership allows your user to match faster and can get ultimate discounts on the gems and other In-app purchases. Discounts features give you control over your monetization features that are right for you, and for the type of promotion you want to run to boost your sale by using our Azar clone.

Privacy controls

AppKodes Randou provides powerful privacy controls like Hiding age, activity Controls and ad settings, which allow your users to switch the collection and turn on or off the message setting to decide if other users can chat with them or not.

Camera swap

Users can also reverse the camera from front view to back view and vice versa which is not possible for general users. You can change use these Camera SWAP option as often as you want without sacrificing your privacy.

Search priority

Users can set preferences so that they are connected first randomly to other people online. This is the central place where your PRIME users will be shown to every other user on their search, views, and watch using our AppKodes Randou.


Video moderation


This feature is to ensure that the entire random video chat app is safe for your users. If any user tries to undergo any explicit activity during the video call, the app will block the user automatically for the next 24 Hours.


This is one another cool feature. While chatting if any user REPORTS the other person, the app will automatically capture screenshots of both the users and will send it to the Admin. Admin can review it block the respective user.


Referral programs

Invite friends

Your users can invite their friends using this option to earn FREE GEMS for every new invite they achieve. This will make users refer more friends and subsequently, the user-base of the app will increase.


For every ad and new invites, users will earn a particular amount of GEMS that they can use to spend on additional features and also while purchasing GIFTS from the Gift Store.

Admin announcements

Admin announcements

Admin of the app can notify your users about important information, app updates, security updated instantly with the app’s latest notification technologies. This helps you to engage with your users without delay.




Users can view and manage who are the other people following them. They can allow other users to follow them or remove any user at any desired time.


Users can see who they are following and remove their followings at any time if needed. Simple add/remove controls that let your users followings.



Notification controls

Here users can control the notification settings like chat notifications from followers and can block notification from people who follow them.

Profile Controls

Your users can go to their profile and can control what they want to share with other users around the online world.


Exciting features and more

One hand feature

One hand SWIPES are what AppKodes Randou is made of. Your users really don’t need to stretch their hand so much while using this random video chat app.


Your users can easily create an account in your random video chat app using their Facebook login credentials, or by using their phone number with an OTP.

Recent History

Your users can view and clear all the recent video chats they’ve been as a part of this option. And also can select another user to re-connect again either on a video call or live chat.


AppKodes Randou is not just a simple text-to-text random video chat app. Users can send stickers as a rescue from a cliched filled emoji chat.


Web application

Attractive landing page

AppKodes Randou comes with an attractive landing page which has only one objective: prompting visitors to do the one action you want them to do and convert. No distraction. Simply elegant with engaging visuals.

Bootstrap responsive

Consistent and responsive with your overall look so your users can instantly recognize and associate it with your brand. We have minimized the “Keep scrolling” part and used the space in a clear way to give your business an instant PRO look.


Instant Dashboard

The instant dashboard gets updated every second automatically. Meaning you don’t have to refresh or reload the Admin app to check the statistical information of the dashboard.


Analytics from AppKodes Randou is designed in an eye-catchy pleasing way using graphical charts. And that charts provide key metrics to keep your business fresh and live.

Security and Reliability

Security is essential for your online business because it deals with personal, privacy and financial information of your customers. All these features are taken care of with our hosted solution.

No-fuss Admin platform

Easy To set up and use. Admin can capture and manage all the app users, their purchases, commissions, app usage reports in one place. Responsive. Excellent third-party app integrations and maintenance.