Renting a car is something that many people do and make use of online car rental booking sites when they go on vacation. But most people don’t realise all the potential traps and pitfalls that can be avoided when renting a car.

Best Travel Deals

Most of the online car rental booking sites offers enormous best deals by booking through their sites.

Free from Fee

Online car rental booking sites offers free cancellation by viewing new offers. If you get attracted with new deals you can book the new deal and without charging cancellation fee, you cancel the previous booking. So, just before you leave, check the prices again. Just be sure you get a confirmation of the new booking before you cancel the old one.

Money saving

Most of the sites offer old and cheaper cars this ultimately save your money and you can utilise it some other way. Online car rental booking sites have many smaller suppliers because they don’t renew their fleet as often as the big boys. This saves money but at the same time, there are plenty of dodgy smaller suppliers, so check reviews before you book.

Insurance pay

Nowadays site owners offers complete details of drivers if users requested for sharing the driving with someone else, because in case if any accident is happened you can claim the insurance policies for any damage. Be sure that they are listed on your rental agreement. If an unlisted driver has an accident, the insurance will usually not cover the damage. Many suppliers don’t charge you any extra fees to list an additional driver, so it’s definitely worth doing even if you don’t think they’ll be driving much.

Reward points

Most of the users forget to use reward points and they think no use of that. Reward points offers some special deals but it’s worth only if your are frequent user on specified online car booking sites. So make use of reward points after earning more points. Don’t miss that.

Plan change

All Online car rental booking sites offer comparison sites. Booking through a supplier or comparison website that doesn’t require any payment up front. If you find a better deal somewhere else, or if something else comes up and you need to change your plans, at least you won’t be stung with a cancellation fee! It also means you can make a few bookings and choose the one that’s best for you as the date gets closer. By booking early you can lock in good prices, and just cancel the ones you don’t need before the date.

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