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06 Feb 2019 on Branding and Marketing · 9 min read

Marketing strategy and content marketing 2019

9 min read

B2b companies top marketing challenges 2019

In B2B no matter what your online commercial activity is, if you desire to stay visible for your product users and customers, you definitely need to know how to optimize your website for SERP and generate qualified B2B leads through the traffic you generated.

We probably all agree that to make money in cyberspace, an outstanding online presence is absolutely number one on our checklist. Easy to say, it’s not that simple to execute, as the business environment has never before been so competitive and fast changing.

You are probably starting to ask yourself what B2B marketing has got to do with lead generation strategy?

Search engines are getting smarter every year. They don’t focus only on some primitive criteria anymore. All of them are looking for genuine results for their users’ queries, based on context and readers experience.


E-A-T, standing for expertise, authoritativeness, and trustworthiness, is nothing new in Google search quality evaluation policy but is getting more important each year

Prime yourself with a cup of coffee, sit comfortably and take a glimpse into the most important of B2B lead generation advice from CEO’s for 2019 & see what they might mean for your B2B marketing optimization and lead generation strategy.

If you don’t have enough time to read this big post, you can find the summed up infographics of this post at the end of the blog. 

Here’s what Paige Arnof-Fenn wants you to do!

Paige Arnof-Fenn b2b expert

Paige loves building great brands and is an amazing CEO of Mavens & Moguls, popular keynote speaker, and a proficient writer.

Catch Paige on LinkedIn to in-depth insights from her marketing expertise with business owners around the world!

Simplicity & Convenience

As the world becomes crazier and technology gets smaller, faster and more complicated, people will find new ways to simplify their lives more than ever — shorter workouts, fewer ingredients, less stuff, less is more.

More face to face interactions

Technology runs our lives more than ever but it is relationships that drive business and commerce so people will find more ways to connect in person to build trust and strengthen connections. Make sure you offer several ways to talk to them.

The rise of Micro Influencers

On the less is more theme, a targeted small audience can be more powerful and effective than blanketing the masses, getting to the right people gives you the best multiplier effect and going viral is still the goal.

More mobile

The world is moving to mobile only, fewer people accessing the web on big screens so tailor your message and content accordingly.

More video & rich content

In a mobile-first world, you have less time to grab people, attention spans are shorter than ever so the video will be used, even more, show them. Stop telling. This creates maximum impact meaning rich content drives engagement.

Content rules, quality over quantity

Peers command higher trust, original content is at a premium, consumers continue to trust content more than ads.

Thought Leadership

It is also a great way to build your brand, increase visibility more broadly, raise your profile and attract more customers. Activities like speaking at a conference, writing articles, building the following on social media all contribute increasing awareness with potential customers and building credibility with a larger community.

Quick tips

Before trying to start your own blog or newsletter, try contributing regularly to existing well-trafficked blogs in your industry or newsletters of like-minded organizations reaching the same target audience as you.

Make sure you put your URL or contact info on it so they can find you and follow up. When your articles or talks become available online, make sure to send them out via social media to all your friends, followers and contacts.


Optimize your website to make it easy for people to find you too. Start small and build as you go

For me, I started speaking at local events and then submitted proposals to speak at industry conferences and trade shows nationally and eventually global events too.

The same advice goes for writing started with small publications then move up the food chain to reach bigger audiences.

These ideas do not require big budgets but they do take time. It is a smart investment to get this right.

Authenticity is the key, it has to be and feel real for it to work I think. This has helped me grow my business.

Sam Hurley gives you his #1 rule for 2019:

Sam Hurley b2b expert

Sam is a lateral-thinking, people-focused digital marketer — holding solid experience in both agency and client-side settings. He now runs his own global personal branding and influencer marketing business: OPTIM-EYEZ

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Promote your content to the right audience

Aside from the right CTAs at the right time, ensure you are syncing topics and distribution — aligning them both with the right people.

How else are conversions going to occur?

For example, did you know B2B customers are becoming ever more aligned with the habits of B2C consumers?

This means your marketing/content strategy must accommodate these people.


Know your audience like you know your friends, and the rest will fall into place

To generate leads that are ripe to convert into prospects and eventually sales, your content needs to provide ultimate value to your visitors.

I break this down into three key points:

  1. Education: What they learn?
  2. Evidence: Why they should trust it?
  3. Action: How they apply it?

Above all — Keep your target audience firmly in mind.

Brain Carter tells you to pipeline your goals

Brain Carter best selling author

Brian is a keynote speaker and the bestselling author of The Like Economy, LinkedIn for Business, and Facebook Marketing. His 18 years of business success guide The Carter Group, a consultancy with world-class expertise using digital and social marketing and advertising to help their clients drive engagement, traffic, leads and sales.

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Number #1 tip for marketing B2B brands in 2019

Most B2B brands are working on lead generation and e-commerce and hopefully have made social advertising work for that already, too, but the #1 thing B2B brands can do is to add some of the strengths of B2C branding, marketing and sales to what they already do.

Wherever possible, treat customers and future customers empathetically, which means creating marketing and communications that focus not just on the products and services but also on the customer’s feelings about their problems and your solutions. That can become a powerful differentiator for you.


the #1 thing B2B brands can do is to add some of the strengths of B2C branding, marketing and sales to what they already do

My #1 advice for lead generation in B2B

Successful lead requires a scientific approach to ads, content and landing pages. Test and be objective.

If you take that approach, you can get affordable, high-quality leads from both Google and Facebook ads. Build yourself a powerful lead generation pipeline through testing.

Lilach Bullock quotes that content will continue to be the king:

Lilach Bullock content expert

Lilach Bullock is a content creation expert, speaker, author, trainer & consultant owning her own brand online. Popularly known for getting more visitors to your website and then to convert them into leads and repeat customers.

Catch Lilach on Twitter to more know more about her secrets on blog promotions!

Content marketing will continue to be one of the best marketing strategies for B2B brands in 2019.

However, with so much content being created, brands need to spend more time researching their audience and their interests and needs, in order to create more content that provides actual value to the reader.


Create amazing resources that provide real value to your audience, resources that they’d want to download for themselves

Once again, content marketing

Create amazing resources that provide real value to your audience, resources that they’d want to download for themselves, as well as share them with their friends, followers, and coworkers.

Ryan Biddulph shares the buzzword

Ryan Biddulph best blogger

Ryan Biddulph is an Amazon best selling author, blogger and world traveller. his blogging from paradise books has been endorsed by new york times best-selling author Chris Brogan.

Catch Ryan on Twitter to know how to retire to a life of island hopping through smart blogging!

For both marketing and lead generation in 2019, the buzzword is “content“. Useful, helpful content builds a business.

Helpful videos, blog posts and podcasts inspire prospective customers to trust businesses.

Create helpful content daily to build your business on a rock solid foundation.


Googlebot uses the mobile – not the desktop – version of your site for indexing and ranking to help internauts find what they are looking for.

By 2020 at least 30% of searches will be voice-based brush your site for a massive shift from typing to natural speech commands.

84% of internauts expect informative and engaging content. Which means search engines truly don’t want clickbait headlines and impersonal keywords anymore.

By 2021 video will reach 82% of all consumer online traffic. Your website needs it badly like oxygen to stay alive and attract the attention of your potential customers.

What might you do to stay on the surface and be competitive?

Pay attention to user experience and try to understand your user’s behaviour and search queries. If you’re acting like a robot. It’s already late, stop now!

Build natural and fresh content not just SEO friendly ones.

Take a deep breath and prepare yourself for great results for your website and business in 2019.

Establish your goals and define the way you want to achieve them by following the CEO’s advice.

Most of all

When it comes to planning your strategy there are no shortcuts.


Invest your time in firm research, engage your readers, show them your hard work, add keywords recounted to the topic and give yourself a chance to create a place on the internet full of comprehensive and in-depth content

Prove to people you really care.

They’ll come back or even praise your website on social media. (Heard about the brand advocated role in WOMM, right?)

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B2B lead generation advice for 2019 CEO - Roundup

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