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Top B2B marketing channels in 2023

Glory Simmons

15 Feb 2023 on Branding and Marketing · 9 min read

B2B marketing channels

9 min read

Strategic planning is crucial for any B2B company. A business, building a long-term relationship with another business is quite a challenging one. Choosing the wise marketing channel that will be optimal to cater to the client will get you the expected result.

For this, you need to first know about the top B2B marketing channels, in 2023 and should learn to utilize them effectively. There are multiple result-driven marketing channels for B2B companies. Let us have a detailed view of all top B2B marketing channels and build strong business intelligence to escalate our market value.

What are B2B marketing channels?

This explanation is very essential for any budding B2B entrepreneur. B2B stands for Business-to-Business which means carrying out business transactions between two businesses. A B2B marketing channel is a group of marketing activities to establish a connection from one business to another business.

The competition is very fierce and one needs to choose the right and effective marketing channels for B2B and should get promoting their brands in the market. Depending on your industry, your target audiences and their preferences vary. Here we have listed all leading digital marketing channels for B2B that will suit all industries.

Why use digital B2B marketing channels?

There are many traditional offline marketing channels available but still, we prefer to go with digital marketing channels for B2B companies. It has several superior advantages over offline marketing as listed below.

  • Extremely cost-effective when compared with traditional marketing channels. Your spending can be easily monitored and you can be guaranteed to get better ROI.
  • Many tools like Google Analytics will support B2B marketers to track all their channels’ performance along with their conversion rate.
  • Marketers can easily increase their brand awareness in the market as all potential customers are available online and they get to see the brand campaign often on their social media pages.
  • Can earn genuine and qualified leads by focusing on the right target audience. You can spend wisely by making your brand visible only to your target audience and can save your marketing expense simultaneously.
  • Digital marketing channels for B2B can generate results quickly as you can reach your customers faster through any online platform.

What are the top B2B marketing channels in 2023?

Now we are going to discover all leading digital marketing channels for B2B that are going to attract more visitors and generate unbelievable revenue. You need to understand all the marketing channels and should learn to integrate them with your marketing strategy.

Search engine optimization (SEO)

This is the most recognized process of leading search engines like Google to optimise your business website and also the content so that the website will be listed in the top search engine ranking pages.

  • 62% of consumers use search engines to find products or services of any brand before they decide to buy.
  • 42% of buyers visit sites that are displayed at the top of SERP and finish their purchases.
  • 33% of buyers have admitted that they have not visited even the second page of the search engine page displays as they will finalize brands that are top listed on the first page.

With an excellent SEO strategy, you can make your website rank high in the SERP (Search Engine Result Page). Through SEO marketing channels you can get organic traffic to your website.

Tips to utilize SEO digital marketing channels for B2B

  • Learn keyword optimization as keywords are the crucial elements of the SEO process. Do some keyword research and find the best possible keyword that can target the website traffic.
  • You need to keep your content fresh always. Many B2B marketers will never care for the content as they will be focusing more on the website design and interface. High-quality content will support your website to be easily ranked in top page results.
  • Always make your website mobile-friendly. 87% of the audience use their mobile phones to search for products or services. If your site is not optimized for mobile search then it may face a huge bouncing rate that will affect your SEO ranking.

Content marketing

Content marketing channel is a customer-centric marketing channel that can develop and distribute effective and high-quality content in the form of blogs, videos, infographics, case studies, testimonials, reviews, and many more.

82% of B2B marketers have started to invest more in content marketing as it has a direct connection to every part of the buying journey of a customer. All you need is to build engaging content that will attract an audience to your website and assure you of better conversion.

Why do we need content marketing for our B2B?

  • To generate genuine leads.
  • Build brand value and create brand awareness
  • Retain customers and also acquire more of them.
  • Increase sales and revenue.
  • To provide pre- and post-sale information that any customer would need

Tips to utilize content marketing for our B2B

  • Create relevant content and don’t get keyword crazy. Many B2B marketers make this mistake by giving more focus to keywords and failing to deliver relevant content.
  • Do not keep posting text-based content alone. It will become boring for your audience. Make sure you include videos, infographics, charts, memes, and many more.
  • You need to prioritize the authenticity of your content as consumers show more interest in the authentic brand.
  • Share customer stories and testimonials that will gain the attention of the audience. Be transparent and never hide negative reviews.
B2B marketing channels

Email marketing

This is one of the oldest marketing strategies that still produce an effective result in the market. The worldwide email user count has reached 4.2 billion. The widespread email access is the main cause for b2b marketers preferring email marketing.

Email marketing can be used for brand building and to maintain a good relationship with customers even after sales. It can also connect prospects with the business and can acquire new customers.

Tips to utilize email marketing for B2B

  • Keep all your email short and engaging and make sure the content never exceeds 200 words as it would be boring for the receiver to read.
  • Include images and video presentations in your email as people love visuals.
  • You can also include social proof as the audience has more trust in social proof and your brand’s credibility will increase.
  • Have a clear CTA in your email that will let you have better conversion. People if are convinced with your email content then the next process would be buying the product. This is what your email has to do.
  • Always try to send personalized emails to your customers that will get them easily connected with your brand.

Social media marketing

Social media is the most valuable B2B marketing channel that holds 90% of the active audience of your business. Just keeping posting a few posts on your social media pages will keep you engaged with your prospects and assures better conversion.

Social media platform offers great brand awareness and helps in reaching the right audience with less marketing investment. Social media marketing involves paid campaigns that can be posted by filtering the audience.

Tips to utilize social media marketing for B2B

  • Figure out your target audience and segment them. You need to find out which social platform your audience prefers the most
  • Choose the social media platform wisely. If your audience is professionals then they can be available on the LinkedIn platform. Likewise, you need to select the right social platform.
  • Humanize your brand and plan to get an emotional connection with your audience.
  • Utilize all leading social media tools to empower your marketing strategy. There are many tools like scheduling tools, campaign automation tools, and many more. Make use of them to elevate your returns.
  • Optimize your post frequency and know how often you should post and what is the right to post. This will get you a perfect reach.
  • Share high-quality visual content as it has more engaging ratios when compared with other content types.

Influencer marketing

This is the most trending digital marketing channel for B2B. People who have high influence on social media platforms are used in influencer marketing. Typically, celebrities who promote a brand or service on social media become influencers of the product.

Any startup or SME that is struggling to gain brand recognition can intelligently use this B2B marketing channel and can get instant brand recognition from the audience. You can make influencers run campaigns with product reviews, sponsored content, product descriptions, and many more.

Tips to utilize influencer marketing for B2B

  • Make sure you choose an influencer who has huge followers. If the followers count is low then your brand will not gain a higher reach.
  • Have an influencer who perfectly fits into your brand. For eg. You cannot use a male influencer to promote ladies’ handbags which will be inappropriate.
  • You need to develop authentic influencer content that will let influencers get connected with their audience.
  • Try to create a long-term relationship with your influencer if the terms get worse then it will instantly damage your brand identity.
  • Have dedicated and reliable influencer marketing software that will measure all metrics and will give proper insights into the influencer’s performance.
B2B marketing channels

Go for the best B2B marketing channel that fits your brand and meets your goals

Although we have listed several digital marketing channels for B2B, it is not necessary to implement all the marketing channels for your business. You need to evaluate every channel and should find out which channels perfectly match your business requirements. You can make use of that particular source and can be benefited.

If you are a beginner then you can get help from experts. Many leading business solution providers like Appkodes have a team of experts who can easily identify your business pain points and can come out with a win-win solution.

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