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5 Things to Know Before Choosing the Best Rank Tracker in 2022

Best Rank Tracker 2022

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The experts in the SEO and Digital marketing industries claim that keyword-based search engine optimization works will vanish in time. They also claim that traffic-based SEO will be booming in the recent marketing world. Do you agree with that?

I don’t agree with the statement above. For any business no matter b2b or b2c, the main backbone of marketing is organic traffic. One cannot keep spending money on traffic-based solutions all the time. Especially, those companies that try to bootstrap should always focus on organic traffic.

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So, me agreeing with the first statement is like propagating that there will be a new world without Google serp. And, this is something that’s never gonna happen for sure. Google is a giant and plays an integral part in the professional front of SEO experts by asking them for any possible keywords to get it linked with relevant websites. So, keywords are still and will always be the Important and primary factor of your digital marketing strategy.

Having used different rank tracking tools led me to find out one thing, most of them seem to be useful in one way and painful in another way. And the shortcomings that are prevalent amongst a typical SERP rank checker are listed below,

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5 Things to Know Before Choosing the Best Rank Tracker in 2022

1. Unstoppable Email Notifications

Once a user registers in any free rank tracker, he/ she will start getting emails about various activities like site audit report changes, keyword position changes, etc. One should understand that user retention is the most important factor for any SaaS, but at the same time, any SaaS should not exploit its customers’ privacy.

2. Scattered Metrics

Metrics, the most important thing is Organic traffic. Having analyzed various metrics on most rank trackers, it becomes clear that these rank trackers provide users with just the average rank position, individual keyword ranking positions, changes in times, etc.

But what is missing in most of the tools is, that there is no specific parameter to identify the user’s overall ranking performance. Let us say that the user has gained a few keywords in the first position and might have lost lots of keywords from their original positions too. In such cases, the tool should be able to intimate the overall performance.

3. Unmanageable Keywords Views

Grouping of Keywords! The user may target one keyword for multiple categories like desktop and mobile devices, in various countries. Apart from this, if the user wishes to let his team members know the newly added keywords then the best way is to categorize them in a group or grid based on the tags specified by the user. The fantastic phenomenon is something that is not available in most of the stranded tools.

4. Extremely Slow Process on New Project Addition

So far only a few tools allow users to add the keywords very quickly but the process of adding them seems to be hectic. In some tools adding 50 keywords takes around 5 minutes. More than that, the user needs to keep on refreshing as the positions of keywords appear one by one. Though crawling may take some time, delay in initiating the project with any tool doesn’t sound acceptable.

5. Unnecessary Metrics

Presenting the metrics is always a tough job. The metrics you see on the dashboard should be useful to all kinds of SEO experts. If not, it should be customizable in a way that they can select what they want to see.

Though keyword ranking is important, it would be great if the dashboard shows some added metrics like SERP features and a lot more.

For example, if a user is in a particular position for a keyword that uses the featured snippet the tool should intimate them. Thus these are the few common features that most typical rank trackers that are available online lack. Yet, as the best is always saved for the last, there is an eminent SERP checker tool that is engineered to be the solution to all these problems,

Therefore, it can be indisputably regarded as the best SERP rank tracker for 2022. Despite the fact that it has been just a few months old, the tool has almost all the features that solve the problems that have been listed above and has managed to entice SEO experts in a short while since its launch.

Which is the Best Rank Tracker in 2022?


Serpple is the best rank tracker in 2022 because it solves the major problems and also has in it some unique features such as,

  • Configuring your notifications. No other emails will be sent unless you enable it.
  • Keyword Cannibalization identifier & Type Error denotes
  • List and Grid view options and much more.

Apart from those listed few, there is one most envied feature of the serpple rank tracker, that is the “Serpple Score”

Serpple Score:

There is no point in giving users just the average positions of their keyword’s ranking positions. In addition to this data, there is a big necessity of knowing how to weigh your overall organic performance.

Thus, this is taken care of by the Serpple Score feature. It will alarm users with overall organic changes. Yes!. Sometimes, getting a few of the keywords on top will cheer up the users by overshadowing those few other keywords that may have declined from their positions.

Therefore, the Serpple score helps you eliminate this shortcoming. It is calculated based on the rankings of all the improved and declined keywords.

List or Grid

This is a sensible feature that lets users configure their keywords based on tags, countries, and devices. Users get to select their preferred view on keywords metrics. Each view has its unique value.

List view lets users get all the metrics in one column. And, they also let the users choose what should be on the list.

Grid view presents keywords grouped based on specified tags like regions, tags, devices, favorites, etc. It will also display the keyword’s performance by showing the Serpple score of each group.

Keyword Overview Page:

The keyword overview page lets users know everything from basic details of keyword attributes to vital details like the top competitors, google ads running at present, etc.

Search Volume History:

The overview page provides users with complete insights into one year’s search volume. Thus, users can wisely make use of it to make a complete study on which keywords need their attention the most.

Competitors and their ads:

The overview includes a list of SERP competitors who dominate and others who are on par with the user’s website. It also shows the competitors running Google ads campaigns to outwit the user.

Therefore, these are just a few enthralling features. The tool has a lot more and Its dashboard is said to be filled to its brim with deep metrics for each keyword. To put it in a nutshell, the tool is a complete package of all that an SEO expert requires and what each SEO analyst would have felt to be missing out from the other rank trackers available in the market.

And, SERPPLE is the best not just because it comprises all rare features an SEO expert wants. The tool is considered to be the best tool of 2022 by most SEO experts mainly due to the fact that it keeps evolving.

The SERPPLE team will always work to keep the tool on par with the change in trends. So, the tool is being consistently upgraded. So, in this online business world of changing trends become a trend setter by opting for this iconic tool.

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