Is it tricky to choose the best white label NFT marketplace development for your business?


14 May 2022 on Business · 12 min read

NFT White Label Marketplace Development for your business

12 min read

When the first-ever NFT called ‘Quantum’ was launched in 2014, people had no idea that NFT marriage would happen in the future. Crazy right? But it’s the reality today. In just 8 years, NFTs have gone through impeccable growth.

The couples can create their very own NFT marriage certificate and register their love on the blockchain forever. They have made the “forever” literally true. Isn’t it?

So, obviously, when something gets so much global attention, it comes with major revenue benefits. As NFT marketplaces are favored by artists and art lovers, the NFTs make way for a good passive income for the creators through royalty. This brings in a pretty good profit for the NFT marketplace itself.

Like the saying goes “make hay while the sun shines”, many crypto enthusiasts are looking for an ideal way to launch a successful NFT marketplace to make the most out of the hype. But, I almost hear you asking “ How to launch an NFT marketplace in such a short duration, when the hype is still on?”. This is where the white label NFT marketplace solution comes in. So, let’s find the answer to this most basic question, Shall we?

What is the White label NFT marketplace?

Time is a luxury that we cannot afford in this fast pacing world. Do you agree with this? If yes, then do you think that it will be a better option to build the product from scratch?
Obviously no, right?

Here comes the part of the White label solution that serves as a smart way to develop that desired product in a very short time span. I hope you are now very eager to know more about this. I will tell you what exactly a White label product is in simpler terms.

White label product is a completely developed, ready-to-use solution that can be bought and sold under your brand name. You can also get the needed support from the manufacturer

Similarly, a White label NFT marketplace is a ready-to-use and customizable NFT marketplace built with blockchain technology. It can be used to mint, sell, trade, and bid NFTs

Any product to be made readily available needs to be developed meticulously, and the same goes with the White Label NFT marketplace as well.

So, you need to understand the steps involved in the Whitelabel NFT marketplace development process.

NFT White Label Marketplace

White label NFT marketplace development process

Usually, before owning a product, we would analyze the way a product is developed. In the same way, looking at the step-by-step process by which a white-label NFT marketplace is developed by the developers will give us the perfect understanding we need before possessing it.

Analyzing the Requirements

Now imagine yourself in the developer’s shoes. What would you do, before starting a project?

Obviously, you would analyze the needs which should be fulfilled by your platform. You would have a look at your competitors, consider the expectations of your target audience, and use the latest technology in the network.

Similarly, the main criteria developers consider before drawing a conclusion are

  • The intended customers
  • The blockchain technology to use for tokenization
  • Features to enhance the user experience
  • User expectations

UI/UX design

After deciding on the plan, we must start on the looks. Always the presentation matters the most right? For a user to return to your platform, he/she must find it appealing and easy to use.

Therefore, paying attention to developing an attention-grabbing UI is a must for arriving at an outstanding NFT marketplace So, the developers try to create a unique and stunning look for the platform.

First, they develop a wireframe to determine the structure of the platform. Then they give a visual representation of the UI elements of the marketplace using a style guide.

Smart contracts development

You know the fact that no one’s watching over the transactions in the NFT marketplace, as the smart contracts are used to ensure fair trading. But, do you have any clue how smart contracts are created?

Solidity programming language is used in implementing smart contracts on the blockchain network and these contracts can be used for minting NFTs in the marketplace.

Way to go automation!

Features of the NFT marketplace

Over with the look and math, next comes the keys for usage. Giving the users an ease of access to your marketplace is really important, as this has the highest chances of making yourself their favorite.

Come on! Who wouldn’t like an attractive marketplace with all the key features?

The eight such important features of an NFT marketplace are Storefront, Token search, Filters, Listings, Status of listing, Bidding option, wallet, and ratings.

Technical implementation

The technical part binds all the other parts together. Let’s see about the programming languages used for the white label NFT marketplace development.

NFT Standard – Token standards like ERC721 or ERC1155 are used for token development in the marketplace. This token standard will determine the blockchain network for your white label NFT marketplace.

Storage platform – After minting, we apparently need to store these tokens. A storage platform like IPFS ( Interplanetary File System) can be used for this purpose.

Backend and Frontend Technology – Tech stack like Node.js, React.js, and MongoDB is used to create the robust white label NFT marketplace.

Testing and Launching

After the technical part is done and the platform is complete, the testing begins. Testing makes sure that the marketplace is free from bugs and functional defects. It’s nothing but a bunch of tests running on the products to test their perfection.

Once the developers know that the marketplace is flawless, they deploy it on the client’s server and make it live for the users.

This whole process creates a reliable white label NFT marketplace development solution. Such a huge process, right?

But, there are many white label NFT marketplace development solutions available in the market. How to find out if the solution has gone through all these steps? How to know if it is a reliable solution or not? And, that is the trickiest part.

Things to consider before you choose the white label NFT marketplace solution

When it comes to white label products, there are too many available in the market, making it difficult for us to choose. They all have this awesome demo that would sweep you off your feet. But, does it really work like their demo? That’s the real question.

Let’s have a look at the factors to consider while picking up a white label NFT marketplace for their business.

Coding Architecture

Coding architecture is the statistical method used to design software. To have a flexible and customizable marketplace, the coding architecture must allow us to add or remove any components to our marketplace in the future.

If it’s not adaptable, then it won’t be of greater use in the long run.

No Third-party dependencies

A white label NFT marketplace is a decentralized platform that eliminates intermediaries. Thus, the white label NFT marketplace development should stay clear of any third-party dependencies.

Genuine platform

Anyone can sell a white label NFT marketplace platform. But, how many are developing it on their own? How can a company serve you post-buying when the company itself doesn’t have the absolute knowledge of its product?

I hope you can see the problem here if you pick the wrong company that just sells a solution that they got from other sites. They won’t even deliver it properly, only will customize it. So, try to know the roots of the organization that you are going to trust your business with.

Cheap price traps

When you create something, you would know the effort you put in and it’s true value. Will you ever give such a thing up for a price that is nearly free? I know you can guess where I am going with this.

Yes, You won’t sell months and months of your team effort for an unreasonable price. Because a good craftsman can never settle for anything less. So if the cost is cheaper, then obviously the seller didn’t put much effort into the product. Such products bear more harm than good. So, stay clear of cheap solutions.

If these are the things to avoid, then what are the things to look for in the whitelabel NFT marketplace development solution? And, who offers such a solution? Let’s get it sorted.

Which is the best white label NFT marketplace development company?

The best company is the one that satisfies its client with its best solution. So, what does a solution from the best white label NFT marketplace development company offers you?

Take a quick look at the below aspects to know the benefits of using the best white label NFT marketplace solution.

  • Plug and Play – This feature helps you to launch an NFT marketplace script effortlessly.
  • Customizable marketplace – Giving a personal touch to your marketplace is also important. So, the white label NFT marketplace development solution must be customizable to make it happen.
  • Security features – Security is a major concern in decentralized platforms. In the case of the best white label NFT marketplace platform, it is carefully developed with multiple security features to avoid invasive hacking.
  • User-friendly Platform – Designing a simple and clear platform is definitely a winning move when it comes to a user website. Make a good first impression on your users with the best white label NFT marketplace solution.
  • NFT Wallet – Keep your users hooked to your marketplace by providing all the features they might need for NFT trading including NFT wallets for storage. The best white label NFT marketplace platform will allow you to integrate the NFT wallet of your choice.
  • Cross-chain connectivity – The higher the visibility of NFTs, the greater it attracts users. The cross-chain connectivity helps in the better exposure of NFTs by creating and listing their NFTs in various networks.

Where can I get the best white label NFT Marketplace Development Services?

Choosing a company to trust with your business needs is an important matter and it requires utmost awareness. One wrong step can knock down the entire process. So, find someone who can analyze your client’s needs with proper clarity and develop the NFT platform in a way that suits you.

The best white label NFT marketplace development company like Appkodes can help you to arrive at the splendid NFT marketplace of your choice. Their team of experts will help you to launch your NFT marketplace platform in a short period and support you thereafter.

Do you wonder how I claim that Appkodes is the best in the market? Take a quick look at the immense benefits they offer.

Flexible Wallet integration

Integrating the wallet of your choice will allow your users to access their NFTs with ease. Keeping this in mind, appkodes offers multiple options for wallet integration in their white label NFT marketplace solution.

You can integrate popular wallets like Metamask, coinbase, walletconnect, etc into your NFT marketplace to attract users to your platform.

Top-notch security standards

People are mostly paranoid when it comes to online transactions. Therefore security is always a major concern in decentralized platforms.

So appkodes has developed its white label NFT marketplace solution with high-security standards and its smart contract is programmed in an unerring manner to make hacking impossible. They develop an unshakable platform with the inclusion of DDOS, CSRF, SSRF, and other security features.

CDN – SEO friendly

How good is a platform, if it consumes time even to load completely? Who has much patience in the 5G world?

Thus, appkodes have used Content Delivery Network (CDN) for a brisk platform. A CDN is a distributed group of servers around the world that makes your website load faster everywhere.

By employing CDN, they have made sure that their white label NFT marketplace loads quickly no matter where it is used.

And the cool thing is, CDN helps in the SEO of the platform as well with the page speed optimization techniques.

Exemplary Performance

To stay unique in the overcrowded market, you need a distinctive platform. Their white label NFT marketplace solution makes it easy with its outstanding performance.

They ensure that the platform is suitable for future upgrades and fit to evolve with the new trends.

White label NFT marketplace cost

Now we have come to the cost part. You have two cost options in owning a robust NFT marketplace.

The first is the conventional way. It means building an NFT marketplace from scratch which would take from 9 to 12 months. The more time it takes, the more expensive it becomes.

The other one is opting for the best whitelabel NFT marketplace development solution. It would only take a few weeks to launch your NFT marketplace completely if you choose a well-established white label NFT marketplace service provider like Appkodes. This method can help you save so much time and money.

As a white label NFT marketplace is a fully developed platform, it is easy to launch a feature-rich and rigorously tested NFT marketplace platform in a cost-efficient way.

Final Thoughts

Ultimately the market is so big and the competition is growing. It’s time to act up and invest your money in the right white label NFT marketplace development solution that fits your customer expectations.

Appkodes not only just provide you with a meticulously crafted solution for your business, but their team has devoted themselves to keeping up with the evolving trends in the network.

Get on the move, Join hands with the experts to launch your splendid white label NFT marketplace and amaze your users with a flawless trading experience.

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