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How to Revamp your business to thrive in the COVID-19 pandemic

Kala samayapuri

21 Jul 2020 on Insights for Entrepreneurs · 10 min read

Steps to revamp your business to thrive in the COVID-19 pandemic

10 min read

Right now in this pandemic situation, people across the globe are stuck in their homes, checking their emails, scrolling the social media sites, and remotely working from their personal spaces. So, with social distancing and no other option of going out frequently, and only with the computers and smartphones always close at hand, the amount of time we spend online has been drastically increased in this crisis condition.

This is because, in this lockdown time of spending our days at home, we look for ways to get connected with our loved ones, seek out entertainment on streaming services like YouTube, Netflix, and so on, stay up to date with the virus spread, make our purchase online, etc. Therefore, it is of no surprise that the online activity has spiked up in this COVID-19 outbreak time.

Increased online usage among people during this pandemic

A recent report also says that during this lockdown, people spend 20 % more time in apps. And, eventually, online shopping has taken a massive hit. This is because many people wish to make a safe purchase from their homes.

Impact on businesses

The ongoing COVID-19 pandemic is having a profound effect on the businesses, both big and small. It has also changed the consumer’s buying behavior around the world. It has almost upended many businesses worldwide that depend on offline operations mainly. And, has ramifications on various industries such as advertising, ecommerce, entertainment, travel, communication, and so on.

Businesses without a powerful online presence and that are slow to adapt to digital marketing and sales are facing a complete halt in operations. Whereas the businesses that are utilizing the online space actively for sales, customer bonds, and marketing have started to optimize their digital presence in order to grow their businesses in this Coronavirus crisis.

So, many businesses are currently in a position to handle the operational and financial challenges of COVID-19. They need to address the requirements of their prospective and potential customers instantly. They also need to align their business operations with the growing demand and identify a smart route to stabilize their revenues.

Are you one among those entrepreneurs trying hard to run your business smoothly in this pandemic situation? Then, continue to read the blog.

In this blog, we are going to see how consumer habits have changed in this pandemic; how a strong digital presence can help your business from falling down; how you can make your business survive this global crisis.

Change in consumer behavior in this pandemic

The COVID-19 lockdown led to a drastic change in consumer behavior. People now completely shifted their buying process to many popular online channels. This is due to the complete shutdown of stores and only a few people willing to go out for work. They show a keen interest in shopping online for a variety of product categories like home appliances, medicines, clothes, etc.

Consumers who were once hesitant to make their purchase online have now started to enjoy a convenient and personalized online shopping experience. This global lockdown has also impacted the online grocery shopping of the people. It has been reported that more than 50 percent of the shoppers are now buying groceries online.

According to a recent report, about 46 % of the businesses that sell online have experienced tremendous growth in this situation. Due to this, nearly 60% of the businesses have planned to invest more on mobile applications and websites. And, 46 % of them have decided to spend on the online marketplaces

User engagement on online platforms

There is also increased usage of streaming platforms in this quarantine time. Because with no theatre availability and without an option for leaving the homes, people search online for entertainment and look for ways to fill their leisure time. They search for some new and fresh information and entertaining content online.

From the online classes for students to the online workout sessions, lots of activities have been changed. And, it also became easier with better digital service from the businesses

User engagement on online platforms

Similarly, the online video chat industry has taken a hit in this CORONA lockdown. Because many people find it as the only best option to get connected with their dear ones.

This increased online usage is likely to last longer even after the quarantine. This is due to the social distancing measures and the safety concerns until the last trace of virus spread. So, it is obvious that many prospective customers will be receptive to attractive advertisements and marketing campaigns on online platforms.

With these emerging new consumer behaviors, there is a great opportunity for businesses to boost their brand popularity. They can satisfy the needs of their potential consumers online and deliver them useful, interesting content and services.

Now we can see how an online presence can help businesses in handling consumer needs

Need for a strong digital presence for the businesses in this pandemic

As said earlier, due to this Coronavirus pandemic, people are always available online. And so, businesses are in a position to make the operational adjustments to meet the needs of their consumers.

They must immediately focus on serving their potential customers through digital channels. And, must also lay out the marketing plans to implement. Communication is one of the main marketing strategies that businesses should use at this time.

It is very essential for businesses to connect with their customers and keep them updated. They must ensure their customers a rich experience and intensify the bond with them in this lockdown situation. For this, businesses can provide the option for their customers to chat via instant messaging platforms.

They can also utilize video chatting platforms to facilitate face to face interaction with the customers. They can also provide instant customer service through streaming platforms, and so on.

Business communicating effectively to its customers

Only through these activities, businesses can reach their customers and can accelerate their reputation to become a recognizable brand.

Key to survive this pandemic

You must realize that only the businesses that are flexible enough to the consumers’ growing requirements can thrive and can grab the growth opportunities in this COVID-19 outbreak.

Businesses without any online presence will suffer the most during this outbreak. Therefore, digital presence is important to get through this pandemic situation and to remain successful even during post-COVID-19.

So, an online presence for the businesses is no longer an optional one, it became a necessity.

Understanding this, many businesses have now started to strengthen their online presence. They want to engage the customers and open the door for making revenue to keep the business alive.

Also, you must realize that being a little bit creative in taking your business digital can boost your business growth. Such as starting live streaming sessions to promote your business, educating customers about your products through online classes, etc.

Online business promotional activities

I hope now you can understand why businesses need a digital presence right now in this lockdown time.

But, as an entrepreneur, you may also need to know about some key measures that must be taken to run your business smoothly during this virus outbreak. So, now we can see those methods to protect your business in this global lockdown and also during the post- COVID-19

Steps to follow in order to maintain your business

Streamline your business operations

In the current situation, it is very important to have a smooth functioning online platform. So that you can handle the demands and potential needs of valuable customers. So, based on your business model, have a robust online platform to cater to the needs of your consumers.

Keep them informed about any changes in the services or products that you offer via your business profiles and website. Also, enhance the security measures to protect your online platform from malicious attacks. Thereby, you can also boost the reliability of your site.

Listen to your customers

Listening to the voice of your consumers will help you in knowing what your users want from you. So, look for the most possible ways to get valid feedback from your customers. Find how your users perceive your brand and then take further steps to promote your business.

Boost online sales

As online shopping became a necessity in this situation, there is no doubt that the businesses which act proactively and handle the online sales effectively by leveraging the cutting-edge technologies will have exponential growth and will prosper in this pandemic.

Online platform with best shopping options

So, whatever may be the size of your business, follow strategic planning steps. And, decide on how you can provide best-in-class online shopping options on your platform. Thereby, enhance the shopping experience of your customers and drive more sales

Instant service

Pay more attention to provide quick customer service. So that you can meet the growing demands of your consumers in this quarantine time. This will increase the confidence in the minds of your users to use your online platform again and again. Because they can get rapid service for their products that they mostly rely on.

Prepare to scale up

As the online business may spike up in this global lockdown, your online platform should include scalable technologies. And also, it must be flexible enough to face the rapidly changing and increasing traffic demands. Only then your online store will not disappoint your users at any time.

Multi-channel presence and offerings

As the customers wish to get their desired products and services readily during this lockdown, it is essential for your business to support multi-channel offerings. With this, your customers will be able to reach you through your website, mobile apps, online marketplaces, and so on. This, in turn, will give a personalized experience to your customers and kindle interest in their minds to come back again for your products and services

Engage your audience

To run your online business in the long term even after this COVID-19, continue to engage your target audience on your online platform and on other digital channels.

Online business engaging users on the platform

You can also update your users about new offerings, about any new product release, etc.

What you can do now…

From the above sections, I hope you can now understand that establishing your business online and perfecting your digital presence are the only ways to face the challenges and remain profitable in this pandemic situation. But, what can you do to build an effective online space for your business?

My suggestion would be to check the online business ideas and approach a renowned online solution providing company that is delivering optimal clone solutions for years. This is because, with an apt online solution, you can build a feature-rich online platform for your business within a short time span and within your budget.

Whatever maybe your area of focus in the online industry; you can approach us to materialize your online business dreams. Discuss your fresh online business concepts with us and build a robust online platform with the help of our remarkable clone scripts. Therefore, get ready to rebuild your business to retain a competitive edge during this pandemic situation.

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