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Every time you come across the word auction, your mind will immediately conquer up a picture of a baton and a fast-talking bidder. And, what about the millennials? Do you think they’ll imagine the same? If I were you, I would not be sure. Are you eager to know why? Because the traditional auction is being substituted by the online auction platforms.

In other words, the covid pandemic made people familiar with the entire selling and buying process online and thus an online auction can’t be expected to be awed anymore. Undeniably, online auctions have numerous advantages over traditional auctions. Don’t believe me?

Well, as per the statistics, companies are forced to shut down their traditional brick and motor auction locations. So, they are opting for dynamic and reliable digital platforms to carry out their auction businesses. There’s expected to be a fast-paced growth in the online auction market with a growth rate of 7.2% CAGR between 2018 and 2022.

A person scrolling through the auction app to bid on a product

This is a positive sign for an ambitious entrepreneur like you. It is the exact opportunity you must grab to set foot into the online business sector. And, to achieve great success in this online auction field you must create an enriched platform similar to Tophatter. You need to be well informed to achieve this.

You must have a clear understanding of What is Tophatter and how it came into existence? How will you elucidate the scope for the online auction business in the near future? What are the benefits of an online auction platform? How can you easily arrive at your desired auction platform? and How much does it cost to arrive at a unique auction platform like the Tophatter?

Therefore, to know it, all you need is to trust me and stick with me until the end of this blog.

What is Tophatter and how did it come into existence?

Just half a decade ago, the Tophatter auction app was started in Palo, Alto. The prime reason that made Ashvin Kumar materialize his idea into such a useful app is to make people feel like shopping is just a game. This thought led him to arrive at the new buying format i.e. around a 90-second auction.

I know what’s popping up in your mind now. Let me explain what a 90-second auction is. It is when an item available goes up for auction and then you can bid on it for 90 seconds. So, are you now able to guess what could be their key strategy?

online auctions are safe as one can bid on without leaving their comfort zone.

Let me keep it simple. They were interested only in things that you never know you wanted. For example, while using Amazon you’ll discover everything you are looking for. Whereas in Tophattter you’ll end up shopping for an item you never knew you wanted.

Thus, the Tophatter app can be rightly described as discovery-driven shopping rather than efficiency-driven shopping like Ebay and Amazon. This way the Tophatter auction app that came into existence, started influencing people and winning more bids with the pace of time.

Having known about the origin and existence of the famous Tophatter app, next you must know about the benefits of an auction platform like Tophatter.

What are the benefits of an auction platform like the Tophatter?

Today, it’s hard to pick at least one who hasn’t done their online purchase yet. Can you guess the reason behind this? There isn’t just one reason but a lot more you have to know.
Let’s see a few benefits of having an Online Auction below:

Access available 24/7 and convenient to use

In popular sites like Tophatter, your online auction will always be available for bidders irrespective of time. All you need to do is just schedule the start and end dates and times and the rest will be taken care of by the technology.

It doesn’t matter if you choose to be hands-off or you choose to be active and monitor your event, bidders will have 24/7 access to your auction. Another major benefit of online auctions is that you don’t have to leave your comfort zone. You can bid on items even while doing the everyday chores.

Reduces Your Expense

The expense is for sure a main constraint for the sellers while conducting traditional aution. I’m saying so because it reduces much of the travel time that a normal traditional brick and motor auction would require. In addition to this, there isn’t any need to book an expensive venue and spend money on decor and product transporting services too. Your online auction platform does all of it for you. What else can we expect?

How will you elucidate the scope for the online auction business in the future?

As mentioned earlier, buyers and sellers will not face much trouble as they are now familiar with online buying and selling. And, one can’t deny the fact that despite the Corona pandemic there is an increase in the number of virtual auctions held across the globe.

This doesn’t mean that the increase in popularity of online auction businesses like Tophatter is only due to the contribution of the buyers and sellers in sales. Yet, there is much more.

We are now forced to live in a world where safety only matters the most. Thus, this serves as the main reason for the increase in the popularity of online auction businesses. This is because an online auction can happen in the absence of geographic boundaries. So, the bidders need not leave their comfort zone.

There is also another major reason for its popularity. Buyers and sellers can seek flexible deals following their schedules.

Thus, the influence of technology has provided you with an excellent opportunity to kick start your online auction business. So, never let a good crisis get wasted and get set to build your platform similar to the Tophatter.

Develop a unique platform to stay ahead of your competitors

How can you easily arrive at your desired auction platform?

The mentioned facts and data would have convinced you about setting up your online business. And, in particular, if you are aspiring to create an online auction platform then there is only one smart way of doing it. Opt for an auction script instead of building an app from scratch.

This may sound odd but has got a lot of benefits and its time saving too. While you think about building an app from scratch you must be ready to invest a lot of your time and your hard-earned money. Whereas opting for an eminent auction script. Because perfect auction scripts will be readily available and affordable.

And, the next prime factor is such auction scripts will be flexible too. This means you can modify a pre-built auction script to fit in your online auction business plan easily. Undoubtedly this is not quite easy if you are building an app from scratch. You can’t assure your end product to be as you expected. Later you would be left with no other choice but to put up with what you have created, for sure it is a herculean task.

A unique auction platform is built with a customizable auction clone script.

Therefore, you can get your dream auction platform developed quickly if and only if you opt for a Tophatter clone script. So, you must be free of doubts about what to do and how to do it. Yet, there must be one thing that bothers you; the cost.

How much does it cost to arrive at a unique auction platform?

As the well-known saying goes,
Nothing in life is free, you have to pay in the end

You have decided to set foot into an online auction business. And, by now you are convinced that creating your desired auction platform using the best Tophatter clone script is the smartest move.

Yet,  the cost of developing your auction platform using clone scripts must be something that bothers you. When you opt for an authentic auction script from a notable clone script provider you can get it at an affordable price. Check out this link to get an idea about the cost of an authentic Tophatter clone script.

A successfully built auction platform using the Tophatter clone solution.

And above all, create your auction platform within your budget using an all-inclusive and top-notch clone script. So, you needn’t worry anymore about the cost. All you need to do is choose the right clone script from a reputed provider. And, by the way, do you know where to look for an eminent clone script?

Wrapping Up

I’m grateful that you’ve trusted my words and have stuck till the end of this blog. And, now you are pondering about where to look for an eminent Tophatter clone script. Appkodes is the exact place where you can find the right clone products that could make the dreams of ambitious entrepreneurs come true.

The one-stop that many aspiring young minds got benefited from is Appkodes. Their awesome developing team has been meticulously designing clone scripts as per the business requirements of the customers for more than a decade.

The craftsmanship of the Appkodes team has always been regarded and their wide range of clone products prove to be the epitome of their innovation and smart work. So, what’s holding you back? Develop your most awaited auction platform with ease and within a short while by getting in touch with their team.

My best wishes for outwitting your competitors and consistently staying ahead of them in the online auction industry.

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