Beginner’s Guide on Customer Relationship: Importance, and Way to Build Customer Relationship

Glory Simmons

13 Feb 2023 on Business · 8 min read

customer relation

8 min read

Positive customer relation is a key to the long-term success of any business. Building a reliable connection based on trust and genuine communication will make customers feel secure and leads to customer retention.

All of us have been a customer of any brand or service. So, we all know how bad we will feel when we are not guided properly by any company and when we buy a worthless product and waste our money.

We would leave those businesses feeling unsatisfied and frustrated. Being an entrepreneur, you should be more particular about satisfying your customers and maintaining your reputation among your audience. This is where customer relation works. You need to learn how to impress, acquire and retain customers in simple and efficient ways.

What is customer relation?

Customer relations are the overall activities and efforts made by the company to engage its customers and assure a better customer experience. Every engagement you make with your customer is a golden opportunity to build customer relationships positively.

The post-purchase service you offer your customers determines your customer relations. Many companies think that their business goal is reached once they acquire new customers. But that is not true. The real business starts after you start getting customers.

It all depends on the quality of service your offer them after sales and the experience you provide your customers. In short, you need to build customer relationships with an effective marketing strategy.

What are the benefits of building customer relationships?

When you offer your customer consistency in their shopping experience every time they visit your store or website, then it directly means you are maintaining a good customer relationship. Why building a strong relationship with customers is so important? It has multiple benefits that will leverage your business to the next level. Let us find out those benefits.

Retains customers

76% of customers have admitted that they will continue to buy with the same brand mainly because the service they get from the company is of high satisfaction. Every business struggles more in retaining their existing customers as they know acquiring new customers is more expensive and they can easily sell their new products to their old customers. If you are good enough at maintaining rapport with your customers then you may not worry about retaining them with your business.

Stay ahead of your competitors

Every competitor will find ways to grab customers from your company. They always want to give better prices and quality than you provide and gain their attention. This is one of the most challenging parts of the business. Despite all distractions your competitors make, you can get hold of your customer with the strong customer relationship you have built.

Repeated sales happen

You may not need much time to explain your new arrivals to your existing customer as they will be aware of your brand. Usually, to make a customer buy your product, you will spend more time explaining your brand and will try to build trust value. But with your existing customers, there is no need to spend time on building trust as they already have with your company. Just explain your new product and features and if they need it, they will buy it.

Expand your network and connections

Building a strong customer relationship will support you in expanding your business. Although there are multiple marketing strategies to promote your brand, word-of-mouth still has its power in promoting the brand. You can use your customers as your brand ambassadors and can easily expand your network through them.

Prevents business failure

67% of start-ups end up early in the market mainly because they fail to satisfy their customers. You need to understand that your customers have already used popular brands and they are trying yours for the first time. So more attention is needed in satisfying them. If you fail in this part then you are going to lose your business battle easily.

Increases brand reputation

You may spend more to promote your brand. But one of the cheapest marketing tools to increase your brand reputation is building a customer relationship. When you impress your customers then in turn you will get a better brand reputation in the market as all online portals will be filled with positive reviews about your products and services.

customer relation

How to build customer relationships?

So far we have discussed the benefits of building a customer relationship, now you will be curious to know the ways to make your customer happy and want to avail yourself of the benefits. We have come out with a few ideas to build a customer relationship that will be useful for your business.

Train your employees

Your employees are the face of your brand. If they know how to deal with customers, then half of your work gets over. Customers will always have direct contact with your employees and if they fail to address them properly, there your business ends.

How do make your employees build customer relationships?

  • First, you need to train them about your product and service as they should be able to explain them to your customers well.
  • Have a one-to-one meeting with each employee and listen to their grievances as it will comfort them and will make them work with loyalty.
  • Keep monitoring your employee’s performance and also other metrics like attendance and make sure they are working in perfect condition.
  • Make sure you provide a perfect working environment for your employee that will not make them churn about their job.

Personalize customer relationships

When you want to build customer relationships, then you need to be genuine in your approach. There should not be a common way of addressing them as 89% of customers like to have a personalized experience with the brand to continue. You should have direct contact with your customers and make them feel special.

How to personalize customer relationships?

  • You need to match your tone with your customers’ style of expression. Some may prefer to have a lengthy conversation and some the short one. You need to match accordingly.
  • Make sure your website has live chat support that will address the customer on a one-to-one basis and will listen to their queries in person.
  • Track customer preferences through analytics and insights and make sure what they prefer and suggest products as per their interest.

Prioritize customer experience

We put more effort into bringing customers to our business but we will not bother about how they feel after partnering with us. This is where many businesses fail today. Superior customer experience will bring 5 times higher revenue to our business. So, more focus is needed on providing a better customer experience.

How to prioritize customer experience?

  • You can announce more offers and discounts that will save customers money.
  • Make sure you have a perfect website that has an intuitive user interface and a mobile responsive design.
  • Work more on providing suggestions and product recommendations to your customers.
  • Get their feedback after every purchase they make with your brand.
customer relation

Enhance customer service

62% of customers have left their previous brand or company that offered poor customer service. Always make sure that you deliver superior customer service. It is very essential to serve quality products with affordable pricing. People will not accept a product with poor quality. You need to keep tracking their feedback often.

How to improve customer service?

  • Offer gratitude to your customers after every purchase that will create a positive thought about your company.
  • Show empathy while explaining your product or service and this will make your customers feel special.
  • Listen to your customers’ queries and use polite and pleasing words that will make customers know that they are treated well.

Offer a multichannel communication approach

Customers always want to reach the brand easily. They always seek multiple communication channels so that they can find several ways to reach out to the team. This will let them share their feedback or complaints about the product and they will get immediate solutions from the company.

How to offer the best communication support to customers?

  • Your website should contain live chat, email support, and also messenger chat.
  • Try to offer 24/7 customer care service that will let customers get in touch with you any day, any time.
  • Make the content that you use in multiple channels to be more aggressive.

Utilize CRM tools

Automation is a perfect solution to enhance customer relationships. With the help of a reliable CRM tool, you can easily understand your customers and can deliver service and products accordingly. This will in return builds customer relationship.

Benefits of CRM tool

  • You can get detailed analytics about your business and also about your customer preferences.
  • Better communication with prospective leads.
  • Centralized database of the entire company’s information.
  • Improved customer segmentation.


Understand the importance of building customer relationships and set the path to success by streamlining your business operations that will meet customers’ needs. Beat your competitors by utilizing your customers who are your unfailing assets. Learn more on customer satisfying etiquette and stay in your customers’ minds forever.

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