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How to build the best dating app by yourself?

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22 Feb 2018 on Our Products · 8 min read

build the best dating app

8 min read

Hands-semi-straight holding the mobile, head down and almost inside the display, eyes rolling over that display for minutes in many hours is all about the effect of social dating apps.

Well aware of all this? And are you planning to start your online dating business?

Then this post could well guide you towards your plan.

Down here you can know about some of the successful matchmaking websites each with different matchmaking algorithms. If you feel anyone technique that can engross your community then you can set up a matchmaking platform the way you prefer using the best dating script.

Users on social media once felt happy for enrolling their status as “in a relationship” has now changed to mention “as a single”, is clearly behind the scene effect of a dating app.

Online dating is all about setting the preference and finding the right matches according to the preferences. So on the first hand, you should know what are all the different ways you can generate the match according to the various user interests.

So here is the list for you about some best online dating apps, each with the different techniques.

dating app clone

Match group

Match group an American company with their own dating website Match.com then acquired and numerous leading dating sites like OkCupid, POF, Tinder, etc.

And it generated revenue on 2017- 1.28 billion.

Ok Cupid

Year Launched- 2004

Matchmaking technique followed- Multiple choice questions.


Year Launched- 1995

Matchmaking technique followed- Matches people based on the location of the photo.


Year Launched- 2012

Matchmaking technique followed- Matches users based on mutual right swipes.

Plenty Of Fish

Year Launched- 2003

Matchmaking technique followed- Matches with compatible singles according to the questions answered on the user profile.


Year Launched- 2014

Matchmaking technique followed- Location-based dating site as Tinder, Suggests its users a match from the peoples whom they crossed paths in their day to day life. And if any users swipe to like on each others profile then there is a match.


Year Launched- 2011

Matchmaking technique followed- Suggests matches according to the user likes, location, the college where he studied and interests. Where female users have to take the first initiative on chat with the matched users, whereas on same-gender matches either of one can take the initiative.


Year Launched- 2011

Matchmaking technique followed- Look out for other user profiles if interested hit the heart symbol over their profile. And if that same user hits heart over his liked user profile then there will be a match.


Year Launched- 2011

Matchmaking technique followed- Match suggestions only will be based on facebook mutual friends. On swipes, users will be provided with some questions to answer, based on that it will suggest the matches.

Coffee Meets Bagel

Year Launched- 2012

Matchmaking technique followed- Suggest matches based on the information in the user Facebook account. And to chat with each other both users should have liked each other’s profile, as on Tinder.


Year Launched- 2010

Matchmaking technique followed- Will suggest matches based on the music preference.


Year Launched- 2009

Matchmaking technique followed- It uses the geolocation feature of the smartphone and suggests matches to users ranging from nearest to farthest to them. If interested in any profile users can tap on that picture to chat and know complete details about them.

These all are some best, successful dating apps prevail in the market. So go with one that will best suit your ideas. There is nothing impossible with the kind of technology we have, so spell out your unique thoughts and ideas and rack up your best dating sites using the best dating script available in the market.

Don’t forget to include all these in your dating app.

So once you have set your sight firm on a technique that is going to generate a match on your dating website, then the other thing you have to ponder about is

dating app checklist

What could provide the best UX?

So come down to know about some good and intriguing features suggested by a recent study on 2017 among the users in the U.S to know what all you will require and you shouldn’t miss on your dating website,

Provide an easy way to log in

Almost every online user will be a user of at least anyone social media apps. So the ‘social’ dating apps should have got the sign-up option for the users with their existing social account instead of creating a separate account to get logged into your app.

Using social account or easy sign-up page

So adding the social media API for sign up and login could be the best solution. But in some case, for someone trying to signup and login to your app with a new account, sign up form should be short and simple with minimal questions.

High-quality images

Images are the ones which talk first on dating sites. So users will expect some filter functionalities to make their profile pic look fascinating to garner more like and so the possibility of more match.

Data privacy

A user would have provided some of his personal details and have enrolled his interests and preferences. Also, he would have his personal chat conversations., the 70% of online users select the dating apps based on the security for their data.

Fast and easy profile creation

The same study reveals that 43% prefer for apps which have got the fast and easy profile creation.
Free registration and use of basic features

53% in the UK and 50% in the U.S prefer for sites that provide free registration and free for the use of basic features.


As there are a plethora of matchmaking websites prevail, for peoples to turn for them as their users they are expecting something new/different. What is the point if your site is as same as Tinder or POF!!!. So 25% of users in the U.S are looking out for exclusivity.

User-friendly website/app

When a user opens a site all he will view is the design of your site. Though you have got all bases covered with the right and some exclusive features, you should be able to place them at right places. So an attractive UI plays a major role. The website which has got the right features placed at right places and friendly in use are preferred by the 39% of Americans.

Pros of the location-based system on a dating website

Activities of a person better reveal about him than own words on his profile. So a user visiting multiple places in his daily life might better reveal how he is in reality.

location based finder

So the dating websites like Tinder and Grindr have incorporated the location-based system on their app. This not only helps to tell about the user. On the flip side, it can also help with the match by making users know about other users who are frequent visitors to any place.

And some may not feel comfortable with sharing the info of what are the places they are visiting each day and so it has got the risk of users getting out of the app. So to counter these the leading apps have kept the privacy option with which a user can disable the certain places they have visited.

An Example- A person sitting in a coffee shop and logging into his account on dating app which has got location feature on it. Then on display, it shows him the connections in real time that are available around him in that shop. So the location-based feature can help in making connections in real time too.

According to the statista.com, the Grindr app which is one among the leading player in the online dating business industry has got the best user engagement as of December 2017. The reason for it is, it is a pure location-based-dating app and has also got the feature to view real-time connections. But at the same dated period, Tinder leads the chart for the audience size with 8.2 million users. Though Grindr has got something new yet it is not near to the Tinder users count and it has got 1.9 million users. Some other big players like POF, Match.com, OkCupid fall in between both of them.

With topping the list for the best user engagement recently the search for apps like Grindr has got increased and many are planning to build a location-based dating app. That’s why you can consider opting for a readymade Grindr clone.

One Best Readymade Script

Guess now you would have made your list of features and the technique with which your dating platform is going to generate matches. If so make it smart with availing one best readymade dating script– Howzu.

The one last thing is, but one very essential factor for you is the revenue generating features on this business,
It has got the freemium business model, that generates revenue through


revenue generation model


Premium account subscription

Free to use for basic features and if users need to enjoy some added benefits then they have to subscribe for the premium account.
This isn’t the only revenue-generating feature then Tinder introduced the revenue model from ads.

Ad banners

when a website has got good traffic with a good user base then advertising there could be effective. So users will make use of the ad banners and will promote their products.

So share your ideas with us and so we will make a tinder clone as per your liking in a matter of time and help you launch your business with native mobile apps on online stores instantly. We don’t end with just launching your business also we assist and provide support on all your business requirements.

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