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Ways to build and grow a lucrative online restaurant business in 2022

Kala samayapuri

25 Oct 2021 on Our Products · 8 min read

Building a lucrative online restaurant business in 2021

8 min read

Gone are the days when people used to wait in long queues or make phone calls to get tables in their favorite restaurants. Obviously, this will be a tiresome process for the customers as they have to wait for hours to get the tables in their most desired dining spots.

It will also be extremely frustrating for restaurant owners when they know that a group of customers find nearby restaurants after waiting for a long time.

Traditional restaurant booking process

Undeniably, allowing those people to book a table in advance will stop them from looking for alternate restaurant choices. These hassles of restaurant owners and people came to an end with the introduction of online restaurant reservation applications.

Restaurant reservation apps for owners and diners

Both owners and people can get some awesome benefits from these restaurant reservation systems. The online restaurant table booking platforms serve as the perfect space for diners. They can browse and book tables in the restaurants based on several criteria like budget, location, cuisine, ratings, etc.

Restaurant owners will be able to take reservations 24/7 without any inconvenience, can manage reservations with waitlists simultaneously. They can facilitate daily table booking operations with a minimal workload for their staffs. They can maximize their overall sales with enhanced customer service, and so on.

Benefits of using restaurant reservation apps

Therefore, it is of no surprise that there is a great demand for restaurant booking apps among people these days. And, plunging into the online restaurant reservation business will be surely a perfect choice for many aspiring entrepreneurs. Especially for those who are striving hard to set a strong footprint in the online industry.

But, as one among those ambitious proprietors, you cannot be victorious in this highly competitive sector unless you are familiar with some key concepts and factors that are essential to reach entrepreneurial goals in the online restaurant industry. Also, people in restaurant circles need to be aware of certain significant things to run their restaurant business online.

So, stay with me till the end of this blog to know the core concepts to be focused on while developing your online restaurant reservation platform, some popular restaurant reservations apps in 2022, steps to develop an impressive restaurant reservation app.

Without any delay, let’s delve into the sections.

Factors to ponder while building your online restaurant reservation platform

Here, I have listed down some key aspects that are essential to build an online restaurant table booking platform. These features can flawlessly align with your restaurant business and can become an instant hit among your customers.

Ease of use

Ensuring the simplicity of the online restaurant table booking platform is a big deal. Because it goes a long way in deciding the profit and the process of the restaurant. If users wish to make a reservation and find the process complicated, they will find alternate reservation apps to dine.

So, it is a must to ensure that the customers have a seamless reservation experience with safe and secured multiple payment options on the online restaurant platform because people will not have patience in dealing with a complicated interface


This is the most important factor that should be given thought of while designing the restaurant table booking platform. This is because just imagine your online system crashes on the busy day of the service. Then, you will surely miss valuable customers and reservations

Also, there are high chances of receiving complaints from the users. So, it becomes essential to build a reliable restaurant reservation platform.

Support for innovative inclusions

As one among people using restaurant reservation platforms, I am damn sure that only the platforms with several impressive inclusions and functions like highly advanced search filters, restaurant insights, push notifications, etc will amaze users in the long run.

An attractive restaurant reservation app

These inclusions will also help restaurants to market and up-sell easily. Therefore, it is important to arrive at an online restaurant reservation platform that completely supports including innovative features. And, also the functions depending on the customer’s needs.

Focus on Customer retention additions

It is important to consider the above-mentioned aspects to grab the users’ attention on the restaurant reservation platform. In addition to those, the app you develop must be customizable to make additions for customer retention.

Also, include the trendiest technologies that will be beneficial for your restaurant business then and there. Such as location-based services, chatbots, taxi ordering options, gamification, social media integration, loyalty programs, etc

I hope you are now clear with the areas to be focused on to design a unique restaurant reservation platform. You also need to know some famous restaurant reservation apps and the reasons behind their success. Let’s gain that knowledge now.

Some popular online restaurant reservation platforms that are successful in 2022

I have listed down some renowned online restaurant reservation apps that met the dining needs of global users.  Because they provide perfect space for convenient restaurant table bookings and enhanced customer service


Opentable is a well-known and most popular restaurant table booking app. It provides a complete restaurant reservation service for users worldwide. This platform is intuitively designed and includes certain significant tools. Such inclusions enable restaurant owners to better understand their customers. And, also made them provide a smooth customer experience.

Opentable restaurant reservation platform

Some of its remarkable features include capacity management, automatic confirmation mails, personalized reservation service, effective reservation management, etc. It also allows owners to automate reservation reminders, organize shift summaries, optimize turn times, and so on.

Eat app

It is a simple to use and cross-platform restaurant reservation platform that connects diners and restaurants globally. The app integrates with social media platforms and so users can directly book from those sites.

It includes a robust guest database, table management, cross-restaurant data sync, etc to handle restaurant reservation operations efficaciously.

The app also supports takeaway, delivery, and contactless dining for restaurants. But, the email confirmations and SMS are free only for some initial count of messages.


This is a user-friendly restaurant table booking app that provides convenient space for both users and restaurants. The app offers a 24/7 table booking service and includes automatic mail messaging for reminders and confirmations.

TableIn restaurant reservation platform

But, tablein is a newer platform with only 10 million users to date. And, allows only 150 monthly bookings with the standard package. It also does not offer POS integration or waitlist management.


Eveve is an advanced online restaurant reservation platform serving more than 40,000 diners every week with their client’s restaurants. The app almost includes all key, attention-grabbing features. Such as 24/7 reservation availability, automatic notifications and confirmations to customers. It also includes options for complete control over table timing and availability. And, option for alternative date choices in case the restaurant is booked fully.

You will be now clear with some well-known restaurant reservation platforms and their popularity among global users. And, also about certain pitfalls of these popular platforms. A question will cross your mind now

How to build one such full-fledged online restaurant reservation platform without any shortcomings?

Going for a readymade clone solution of a popular restaurant reservation platform like Opentable will be the best choice.

This is because a readymade Opentable clone solution will include key functions to build a comprehensive restaurant table booking platform. And that too within a short span of time and within the budget.

Using Opentable clone in building online restaurant reservation platform

So, to say in a nutshell, making use of a reliable and dynamically adaptable opentable will be the apt choice to build a feature-rich restaurant table booking platform fulfilling your business needs.

But, you should be also clear that building an online restaurant reservation platform includes different stages that need to be followed carefully to come off with flying colors in your online restaurant business venture.

So, have a quick look at those steps

Steps to build a full-fledged restaurant reservation app

Final thoughts

As I have said earlier, the online restaurant business has caught the eye of many ambitious entrepreneurs and they have a very great desire to set foot in this booming sector. If you are among those proprietors and wish to see accelerated growth in your online restaurant business like SeatMe, Opentable, etc, then the wisest way is to make use of a readymade and uniquely crafted Opentable clone script that fulfills your online restaurant business requirements

But, you cannot find such remarkable opentable clone scripts everywhere and Appkodes is the one-stop where you can find optimal online solutions for diverse online business models. Here, you can get an apt opentable clone meeting your online restaurant business ideas

So, don’t make any further delay in materializing your online restaurant business dreams. Reach Appkodes and build a comprehensive restaurant reservation platform by getting an impeccable opentable clone script.

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