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Face the fierce competition in the communication business with a perfect Whatsapp clone solution

Kala samayapuri

04 Mar 2020 on Insights for Entrepreneurs · 10 min read

Whatsapp clone app for online communication business

10 min read

Have you ever thought of how people used to pass messages to others when there was no Internet or mobile? It was really a tough job that we could not even imagine.

After the invention of mobile phones, text messages were the only form of communication in practice. Messages were sent through mobile SMS packs with a less deliverability rate and subjected to extra charges when the numbers of characters exceed a certain limit.

Traditional way of sending text messages

So, people were in search of a more convenient mode of communication. So that, they can instantly connect with their dear ones and friends. With the advancement in technology, instant messaging apps like Whatsapp came into the picture. These apps overcame the pitfalls in the dull and traditional way of SMS communication

Initially, Whatsapp served only as a one to one messaging app. But, soon it emerged as a multi-content sharing platform. Here, users can seamlessly share documents, photos, videos, audio files, etc with their friends and family. People can also have group chats in Whatsapp in order to interact with many people at the same time.

An appealing Whatsapp app

Nowadays, Whatsapp acts as a primary means of communication globally and it is the widely utilized social media app. Within a short span of time, this influential messaging application has gained widespread popularity and attained tremendous growth. This is mainly due to its user-friendly interface and cross-platform functionalities

Seeing this successful path of Whatsapp, many entrepreneurs show interest in developing Whatsapp clone apps for their communication businesses. The demand for creating communication apps like Whatsapp is always high although there are many other messaging apps.  Such applications include Wechat, Hike, Line, Facebook messenger, etc.

Are you one among those proprietors striving to build chat app script for your own online communication business? Then, you must be aware of some important concepts. So, in this blog, I am going to explain why Whatsapp clone is the future of communication services; what are all the things you must consider and how you can arrive at an outstanding instant messaging application

Why Whatsapp clone is the future of communication services?

The impact of instant messaging app in the communication industry is phenomenal. These days, the messaging app has a great usage in various platforms and fields. Let us now see its applications one by one in this section.

For Internal communication

Organizations can use messaging apps extensively for internal communication purposes.

Instant messaging app for internal communication

So, all employees can form groups and communicate easily and effortlessly with the management whenever needed. This is because Whatsapp communication is faster and much more efficient than email. This can ultimately enrich team conversations and can pave the way for better productivity.

As a tool for promoting services and products

Messaging apps can act as a direct communication platform to connect instantly with target audiences. There will be no restriction on sharing content as we face in SMS or emails. So, messaging app is the next big thing that can be used efficaciously as a strong marketing tool.

Instant messaging app for promoting products

Similarly, with Whatsapp clone apps, you can share any content with potential customers across the world. You can share short video clips, audio files, text messages, images and many more with your clients. You can also run ads through these apps to educate your customers about a new product. Thereby, you can grab millions of eyeballs and promote your products smartly.

For medical consultations

Doctors can make use of instant messaging apps to provide medical consultations for minor queries. It can offer a convenient way of communication between the doctors and patients and between doctors themselves.

Messaging app for communication between doctors and patients

With strong privacy control, the app can give complete security for patient data.

Now, you would have understood how Whatsapp clone apps can be employed as business solution in various fields. So, there is no doubt that these apps are going to shape the future of communication industry

Factors to be considered while developing a Whatsapp clone app

I hope now you would like to know the things that are essential for developing a Whatsapp clone app. So, let us see those incredible factors one by one in this section for your better understanding.

Multi-platform support

An app must be developed in such a way that it should have seamless accessibility from multiple platforms. This ease of use and convenience will attract users and kindle interest in them to use the application. So, the multi-platform support factor should be taken into account when you want to build Whatsapp clone app.

Data security

Nowadays, a lot of people are concerned about data security when they make use of any application. So, when you have an idea of building a Whatsapp clone app, it is important to ensure its reliability. So that you can earn the user’s confidence easily. You can assure secured communication by using enhanced encryption technologies in your app.

Incorporating additional functionalities

Gladden the app users by including some addtional functionalities in your application. You can allow the users to share their location instantly with their contacts. Also, make your instant messaging app to include a highly-advanced voice/video call feature. Thereby, the app can easily enliven the chat experience of the users. Today, many people like to share their thoughts in the form of videos, GIF images, stickers, etc. So, the app must incorporate the feature for transmitting multimedia files.

Instant messaging app with advanced features

Status/stories feature helps users to share their thoughts and memorable moments with others. Likewise, a push notification feature can greatly impress users by notifying them then and there. So, include some futuristic features to boost the popularity of your messaging application

Better messaging service

This is surely a key factor to make a messaging app an impressive one. Build your instant messaging app to support different communication formats such as private chats, group chats. Also, make your messaging app to store the chat history and allow users to delete those conversations if needed.

Chat translation and chat history

Similarly, chat translation feature can eliminate language barriers and grab more eyeballs. So, providing a better and easier way of communication on the messaging app is essential to attain success

Implement Timely strategies

Are you an aspiring entrepreneur striving hard to amaze millions of users with a messaging app? Then, it is essential for you to know the user’s personal and professional needs. When you understand their needs clearly, you can make timely strategies. You can also customize your app to capture the user’s attention.

I believe that you can now understand the crucial factors that can make an instant messaging app unique. By using these, you can also make your app successful than other normal applications.

How to build a Whatsapp clone app

To build a best messaging app, you need to take smart decisions on several aspects of the development process. So, have a quick look at the below points to build a best-in-class Whatsapp clone app

Determine your target audience

Before you plunge into the app development phase, you must determine your target audience. You can then focus on making necessary inclusions in the app that are needed by your target audience. Thereby, you can popularize your app among them.

Analyze the market

Study about your competitors in order to understand why their instant messaging apps are popular among the users. You must then decide on how to make your app much better than the other competitor apps

Make the app stand out

Does your app is similar to other instant messaging apps available in the market? Then, you cannot get benefit from creating such an uninteresting app. So, it is important to include something new in your app to make it unique and competitive.

Top-notch instant messaging app

In the above section, I have mentioned some significant functionalities to consider while developing a messaging app. So, you can implement those features in your app to succeed in your online communication business venture.

Decide on the platform to create the app

You must decide on the platform to build your Whatsapp clone app. It is wise to create a chat app that works fine on all platforms and all types of devices. So, develop the chat app to show smooth performance across Windows, iOS, Android, etc.

Multi-platform support

This will allow you to raise your future profits by expanding the target audience.

Decide who is going to develop such an effective app

As mentioned earlier, you must build an effective Whatsapp clone app for your communication business. So that it can create a strong impact on the minds of users. Only experienced developers know how to build such a successful app for your business. So, you must find professionals who can do the quality-oriented work at an affordable price. A smart entrepreneur will always search for a team of enthusiastic experts. With such a team, you can arrive at an app that can support innovations needed in the future

Wrapping up

From the above sections, I hope now you will have a clear-cut idea about the vital factors that must be taken into account before you start to develop a Whatsapp clone app. My advice is to approach a renowned web and mobile apps development company. It must have rich expertise in developing phenomenal clone solutions for online businesses over the years. It will be a smart move to utilize ready-to-use clone solution instead of developing the app from scratch.

In that way, our Appkodes Hiddy product will help you to get shine in your online communication business. It is a readymade Whatsapp clone solution that is pre-built with cutting-edge technologies and modern functionalities. It can be also readily customized to suit your online communication business model. So, arriving at an attention-grabbing instant messaging platform is no more a tough job.

Appkodes Hiddy product

Not every Whatsapp clone script available in the market can astonish your target audience fully. Only a reliable clone product like Appkodes Hiddy can serve as the right solution. So, without any delay, get an apt Whatsapp clone solution. And, thereby run a lucrative online communication business

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