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Know the importance of a good landing page that can escalate your business

Glory Simmons

10 Feb 2023 on Insights for Entrepreneurs · 8 min read

good landing page

8 min read

In the world of digital marketing, your website is the key that drives leads and revenue to your business. Many entrepreneurs spend more on planning, streamlining business operations, framing marketing strategies, and many more that will leverage their business. But most of them ignore the importance of their website and having a good landing page.

Instead of putting more effort into the whole website, adding some additional effort on framing a good landing page will result in better. Every digital marketer builds a perfect website to bring visitors to the site. The next work of a digital marketer is to convert those visitors into leads and so he works on Landing pages.

What is a landing page?

A landing page is an effective web page that supports capturing visitors’ information through a call-to-action function. A good landing page will efficiently focus on the right target audience.

With a good landing page, you can make visitors download your offers, redeem discount coupons, book a demo session, and many more. These actions will let you easily convert them into customers by adding some marketing support.

Why do you need a good landing page?

Many marketers today put more importance on building a good landing page. There are several genuine reasons behind it which we need to understand before we decide to build our landing page.

Let us identify the real benefits of a good landing page in detail.

To generate leads

If you want to get instant lead generation, then immediately you can start designing a good landing page. The main objective of a landing page is to generate leads that will assure better conversions. With the help of a landing page, you can easily capture, nurture and streamline all leads and can distribute them to your sales team for the conversion process.

To display marketing offers

Landing pages go well with marketing offers. A good landing page should contain some offers and discounts that will benefit the visitor. Just think, your visitors need to share their valuable information. For this, in return, they need to get something. If it is an offer then they will share their information without hesitation.

Collect demographic information about prospects

Whenever a visitor enters the landing page and fills out a conversion form, he is sharing all his details and the marketing team is getting the most valuable information about his region and other contact details. With this data, marketers can identify the source region from where they are getting more leads.

To get insights about prospects categories that are highly engaged

The data that is collected through a good landing page is not only used for generating leads but it gives insights into visitors’ preferences. By using these analytics, marketers can identify what type of visitors are interested in the product and what are their age groups, and many more. You can also promote your other products according to these insights.

Support other marketing channels

Marketers can make use of their landing pages on multiple marketing platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and many more. Your landing page will be promoted on your social media pages and simultaneously your social media account will also gain attention from an audience that will help you get reach.

good landing page

What are the crucial elements of a good landing page?

Creating a good landing page is quite challenging and one needs complete knowledge and better market understanding to develop the same. By getting the intuition of customers’ expectations we have listed down the crucial elements that are mandatory for a good landing page.

Also, keep in mind there is no standard procedure to design a landing page. According to the target audience, the landing page design and components can vary. First, you need to identify your audience’s demands, and then you can proceed further.

Let us check out the most common elements that are required for a landing page.

The eye-catching headline and supporting headline

The headline of your landing page is the first thing that any visitor will notice. This is why it is very essential to give more importance to this section as the first impression you create will stay long in the minds of visitors.

Deliver your message with bold and effective content that can easily grab the attention of your audience. Provide a killer headline that promotes better understanding, gains attention, and increases the curiosity of the audience.

Take away

  • Make it short and more commendable which can get your audience easily.
  • Inform about your product or your service in a single headline.
  • The word limit should be a minimum of 10 words and a maximum of 20 words.

Clear unique selling proposition

A Unique Selling Proposition is commonly termed a USP, which is the core aspect that makes you unique from your competitors. The USP should be mentioned on your landing page.
You need to frame your USP as it will be a quick-answering solution for any prospects who reach your brand with an urgent query. You should make your audience feel that you are different from others through your USP.

How to write a USP for a brand?

  • First research the competition.
  • Compare your product with your target audience’s requirements.
  • Compile the data and come out with a strong USP

Compelling benefits

Whatever product or service you deliver will have multiple benefits to your audience. You need to be specific about the benefits that will attract needy people. Your offers should be explained clearly so that visitors may not get confused.

Make it short while presenting your benefits and if possible, place them as points with bullets and a numbering format that will be catchier for visitors. Make sure your benefits describe your product or service value.

Inspirational social proof

If you survey every online buyer, 85% of them would admit that they have gone through thousands of reviews online and have made their decision to buy. This clearly shows that buyers always seek online social proof.

The real fact is if you fail to provide positive social proof then visitors will get distracted by your competitors’ products and you may lose your would-be customers. You need to understand that social proof is a strong tool for persuasion.

What can you include in social proof?

  • You can display customer reviews.
  • Can show the count of customers you have
  • Trusted seals to assure the data security of your users.
  • Awards received from reputed organizations.
  • Testimonials from popular brands.

Add videos and images

Videos have the capacity of communicating complex concepts in a simple way to visitors. 75% of chances are there for converting your visitors to prospects by embedding videos and images in your landing pages.

Having videos and images on your landing page will reduce the bounce rate. You can use images to represent your product or service authentically. Make sure you use only high-resolution images. Poor image resolution will spoil the brand value.

Benefits of adding videos and images to your landing pages

  • Enhance conversion rate
  • Gives better reach
  • Boost time on page and accessibility
  • Increases brand credibility.

Commendable call-to-action

The main purpose of building a good landing page is to get conversions. Call-to-action is the perfect tactic that can help you in getting genuine leads that can later be converted to orders.

CTA can be presented as a stand-alone button or click-through links that will take you to the contact us page of the website. A good CTA will work along with your USP and understands what exactly the visitor wants in exchange for clicking the CTA button.

What are the best CTA practices?

  • Do not use generic terms like “Click here”.
  • Always try to keep your forms short else visitors get distracted and may leave the page.
  • You can use multiple CTAs but keep in mind that all should have one common conversion goal.
  • Be more user-centric and prioritize your visitors’ needs while framing your CTA.
good landing page

How to build a good landing page?

So far you have gained enough idea about what is a landing page, why we need it for our business, and also how a good landing page should be. All this theoretical knowledge cannot help you to design a 100% good landing page unless you are a technical person.

To build a good landing page, undoubtedly you need an expert’s support. We, Appkodes, can guide you in building a good landing page that can get you more business. We have more than a decade of experience in delivering digital solutions to our clients all over the world.

Stay connected with our team of experts and get your landing page in a very short time and start promoting your business to reach higher levels in the market.

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