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Significance of Mobile Application for Grocery Store

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grocery mobile app

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The retail industry is facing an appreciable transformation with the emergence of mobile applications. Among all retail businesses, the grocery business has faced unbelievable growth in the industry.

To get along with the grocery trends, many start-ups and SMEs have migrated their brick-and-mortar grocery store to grocery eCommerce platforms with the help of a dedicated on-demand grocery mobile app. Grocers have clearly understood the benefits of digital transformation and opted for the same.

Grocery mobile apps are gaining an overwhelming response from consumers as they have enjoyed the convenience of using them for their regular grocery shopping. If you are still running a physical grocery store then it is the right time to go for online grocery business migration.

Interesting stats about grocery mobile apps

  • Every consumer spends 28 minutes on average on grocery mobile apps on daily basis.
  • More than 39 million users in the US are using on-demand grocery mobile apps for grocery shopping.
  • Instacart, the best grocery mobile application, has faced 218% downloads in the Play Store and App store after Covid-19. Walmart takes the next position with a 160% download rate.
  • The estimated revenue of online grocery delivery business done through grocery mobile apps is $630 million by 2024.
  • 64% of consumers in the US are using grocery mobile apps to order grocery items.
grocery mobile app

How can a grocery mobile app benefit your grocery business?

If you are still in a dilemma about building a dedicated grocery mobile app for your grocery business, then you need to check out the true benefits that an online grocery mobile application can bring to your business.

Excellent inventory and order management

The real success of any grocery business lies in how well it handles its order and inventory. Proper inventory maintenance will lead to effective order management. The grocer should be well aware of the inventory position that will give him confidence in accepting more orders.

By using the best grocery mobile application, you can have complete control over your inventory as you will be able to see the stock details through an intuitive dashboard. With the help of a user-friendly control panel, you can maintain the stock figures easily.

How do grocery mobile apps handle your inventory and order management?

  • Grocers can improve the accuracy of the inventory orders
  • The warehouse can be well-organized.
  • Can improve warehouse productivity.
  • Through proper order management, grocers can reduce inventory costs.
  • Can easily connect all sales channels with a single grocery mobile platform.
  • Grocers can get customized reporting and documents related to inventory and orders.
  • Can avoid stockouts by keeping all sales channels updated
  • Through a cloud-based grocery mobile application, grocers can make data-driven decisions.

Analyze customer behavior and offer personalized services

Customer behavior keeps changing often and every grocer needs to keep a track of it regularly to stay in this competitive market. You need to know the significance of customer data and should know how to use those data to build your business efficiently.

Analytics and insights will be supported by your grocery mobile app. You can get to know the order count, fast-moving grocery items, slow-moving grocery items, how much revenue is generated in a particular month, which customer has purchased often, and more from your online grocery store.

Essentials of analytics in your grocery mobile app

  • Support in driving better ROI.
  • Can gather accurate data that will help in serving your consumers better.
  • Can plan more on customer-focused marketing strategies
  • Track the achievements of all your marketing goals that are initiated.
  • Get data-driven insights on all grocery business issues.

Enhance customer loyalty

Any business needs to focus more on customer loyalty. This is how you can retain your customers and get repeated orders from them without spending much on marketing. The primary objective of developing a grocery mobile app is to frame a perfect customer loyalty program.

Offering an excellent and highly-intuitive user experience is one of the reasons to gain customer loyalty. With the help of an on-demand grocery mobile application, you can include reward points, bonuses, and exclusive offers to your customers.

Benefits of customer loyalty programs

  • Can overcome slow down of sales on slow seasons as your loyalty program will encourage customers to buy more groceries through your platform.
  • The best customer loyalty program can improve brand reputation.
  • Grocers can stay ahead of their competitors through a unique customer loyalty program.
  • Grocers can easily build metrics through loyalty programs and can keep track of their customer’s purchases.
  • Can liquidate customer acquisition costs as your loyalty program would impress your customers and through word-of-mouth, you can start getting new customers.

Order tracking

The on-demand grocery shopping mobile application will have this feature that will facilitate customers as well as the grocers to know the current status of the order. Once the order is placed by a customer, the grocer will receive information and will arrange the products, and opt for delivery.

Once the product is handed over to the delivery partner, the customer will be able to track his order through the grocery mobile app. This will enhance user experience and will keep customers at ease about their orders. They will know at what time they receive their groceries and they can plan their schedule accordingly.

How order-tracking is useful with a grocery mobile app?

  • Delivery partners can optimize their route to customer places and can easily reach the destination with less time.
  • Full transparency is offered to customers and also grocers as they can view the current location of their orders.
  • Reminders and alerts can be sent to customers regarding their grocery orders.
  • Increases the accountability of the delivery partner.

Multiple payment options

Every grocery mobile app is integrated with multiple payment gateways that will facilitate customers to choose their comfortable payment options and pay for groceries online. Grocers can offer a contactless transaction, especially during a pandemic period when people are aware of the spread of the virus.

Multiple payment options can be net banking, credit and debit cards, and other leading payment gateways like PayPal, Stripe can also be integrated. Grocery mobile applications assure secured payment processing as they strictly adhere to all standard security protocols while integrating any third-party payment gateways.

How do multiple payment options support grocery businesses?

  • An increase in conversion rate is the greatest advantage of offering multiple payment options to customers.
  • Cart abandonment can be reduced as customers find their convenient payment mode and that will make them proceed with checkout without abandoning the cart.
  • Brand credibility will be increased as customers will be satisfied with the ease of use they experience with your grocery mobile application.
  • Hassle-free checkout is guaranteed as customers can instantly pay and proceed with checkout without any confusion.

Customer benefits of using a grocery mobile app

So far, we were analyzing how a grocer would benefit from using an on-demand grocery mobile application. But the fact is not only the grocer but also customers are getting more benefits through a grocery mobile app.

  • Convenience is the advantageous aspect for consumers that they get through on-demand grocery mobile applications.
  • Customers can instantly order grocery products through the app and can track their orders in real-time.
  • Can have a wide range of products, all in one grocery store app.
  • Customers can have contactless delivery that will protect them from all infectious viruses.
  • Grocery mobile apps will offer more discounts and better loyalty programs that will save money.
  • Multiple payment options are an added advantage as they will let customers have their convenient payment mode to buy grocery products.
  • A grocery mobile app will have a social sharing option that will let customers share their experiences through social media platforms.
  • A dedicated feedback option will be provided which will help customers to share their issues with the team, even if they can share their positive experience by rating their services.
  • The in-app chat option is the best customer support that the best grocery shopping mobile application can offer. Customers can directly chat with the team and can get instant support.
grocery mobile app

How to build a grocery mobile app?

Finally, it is good to know that you have decided on building an on-demand grocery mobile app for your grocery business. You can create a grocery shopping app in two ways.

Build it from scratch

This is a traditional method that initially corporate organizations were adopting this process. It is quite time-consuming and also costly to build it from scratch. But users can get full customization and they can share their exact requirements with the developer and can make the team build it as per your requirements.

You can make corrections during the development process. Many mobile app developing companies use Agile methodology that will let users have periodic checks on their product and any alterations can be made then and there.

Readymade grocery mobile app

This is another way of getting an on-demand grocery mobile app for your business. This is the most cost-effective solution that will let you have a mobile app with unbelievable pricing. Minimum customization is allowed.

Users can check with the trial version and can understand all in-built features. If satisfied with the app, functionalities can purchase them and can launch them instantly. Users who want an immediate mobile solution can go for readymade grocery mobile apps.

Remember getting a mobile app for your grocery business needs better market understanding and also the app should be more customer-centric which will assure you a better business. It is highly recommended to go with a genuine, top-notch mobile app developing company like Appkodes.

We, Appkodes, have a better market understanding and have a wide application knowledge for more than a decade. Our team can efficiently handle clients’ demands and can assure delivery of a multifaceted grocery mobile app that will escalate your business.

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