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Here’s how to build an AWESOME dating app just like Tinder


27 Apr 2019 on Insights for Entrepreneurs · 9 min read

how much does it cost to develop an app like Tinder

9 min read

Today we hardly use written means of communication due to the profusion of electronic tools. More and more people are moving online to find a life partner. And that is why creating dating apps, chats, websites have become notably popular these days.

People can also get connected with the random matches quickly and find a perfect life partner through the Azar clone applications. Today, there are many Azar clone apps available in the market that pave the way for face-to-face interaction with the matches instantly and whenever needed. So, users are left with ample choices to find an ideal match online.

If you’re going to develop one you should positively pay consideration to one of the industries players of such services – Tinder app. This is a widely known mobile app that is allowing Android and IoS user who is ready to meet and communicate within their preferred location.

By which I mean if you’re interested in how to build an app like Tinder and how much it costs? Jump in and check the article below.

dating app UI

Approximately, the basic Android or iOS app will cost you $799 at average Indian UTC hourly rates of $13. If you want to build apps for both platforms simultaneously using ready-made tinder clone , your budget will strike $3999 to $4999.

Let me explain to you how.

The algorithm Tinder uses

First of all, Tinder clone features are really simple. BY the way, it prevails in swiping right and left for liking or skipping a person sequentially. In case the other person reflects the interest, The app creates a match.

Tinder is open to connecting the app with Instagram and Facebook. By which users can see if they have common friends, near to each other, their recent travelled locations, common interests and favourite places.

Techniques Tinder uses

Even though a user may find the Tinder simple. The app fairly functions on complex algorithms undetectable to its users. Consider the following characteristics when you create a Tinder-like app:

  1. Users can see only one person at a course but there are lakhs of users swiping left and right concurrently
  2. Each user (or, at least, particular groups of users) views people in a different order. Meaning the developer’s task is to structure the biographies into different combinations
  3. Attractive and unattractive people (regardless of the male and female profile) are intentionally jumbled and shown to various users with non-repeatable recurrence
  4. A specific algorithm is in charge of defining who, when, and to whom should be shown to formulate a match in the dating app
techniques Tinder uses and the algorithm

Important technology Tinder uses and the features

Algorithms are not the only the pinpoints which you should consider while calculating the cost of build an app like Tinder. Not just Tinder almost every dating app in the industry has many outstanding features and implementing them needs a certain amount of time and money. Some of them are as follows,

Number 1: Authorization and user profile

You’re supposed to use the Facebook app engine to gain login/sign up access using social media like FB. Which is usually executed using an open authorizations protocol, like OAuth.

The registration is done such a way that the app itself does not remember the login and password of the user’s social accounts.

Another way to sign in is by using the user’s phone number. You can use any of the existing kinds of user authorization.

After the user has authorized, it’s a good idea to preface your app’s functionality to them. And the best way to do it by giving them quickly illustrated slides of your app’s important features to make them understand.

dating app authorization and app workflow

Number 2: App settings and notifications

This setting is important for adjusting the app for the convenience of the user. Where a user can enable or disable the notifications for creating new matches, receiving messages, likes, super likes. They can also choose preferable units of measurement for displaying a distance (km or mi) to find within the desired location.

Receiving notifications can be developed by establishing an intercommunication of your app with Apple/Google servers.

The device gets registered on the appropriate OS server once your app is installed and gets a certain ID.

Afterward, the app server transfers the app with push notifications. To enable push notifications in your Android app your developers can use FCM (Firebase Cloud Messaging). For the iOS app, it is referred to as APN (Apple Push Notifications).

Along with usual settings, you can have more provisions for:

  1. Enable and disable profile visibility to find/not find others
  2. Desired curations like to show only men, only women, or both
  3. Specify the search distance and the age range of the match
dating app notifications and app setting UI for app like Tinder

Number 3: Geolocation and Communication

Geolocation is the heart of any dating app. Without it, the app would be useless since dating is all about finding somebody near your users. We can use Google/Apple Locations and Maps services to integrate with your Tinder Clone.

  1. For Android, we will manipulate the classes of android. location package and the MapView class
  2. For iOS – the CLLocationManager Class and Map Kit framework

In Tinder users can cat with anyone they like or made a match. If not the chat is disabled for privacy purpose. If you want to exercise the same then, as a rule, this option is developed using the RESTful API or through HTTP.

Permanent socket connections are not required to avoid overloading the server. The polling interval is set up based on the frequency of the messages being transferred.

dating app geolocation and communication in Tinder

Number 4: ROI factors: In-app purchases

Your users can buy a paid subscription and enjoy better benefits on your tinder clone, and that includes,

  1. Changing their location
  2. Rewind the last swipe
  3. Turn off ads

And this In-app purchase is bused using the In-app Billing API for Android applications and Store Kit framework for iOS apps.


Profile editing

This is the most crucial aspect when it comes to build an app like Tinder. Which is ignored many times. And this is implemented through the client-server side of the app.

  1. On the client side, the user enters/edits the information/data like gender, bio, photos.
  2. On the server side, these appropriate records are stored securely.

And this is where Tinder made a twist of taste in the online dating industry.

Tinder allows its users to create a Web profile so that it could be found even by the users beyond the app.

When someone clicks ‘Like me on Tinder’ button the user is redirected directly to the app or to the Google Play Market or Apple App Store in case the app is not installed. Allowing users to find matches even when the other person is not using Tinder. How neat is that!

The mechanism of this process is:

  1. The client-side sends a request to the server
  2. The server recognizes that the user wants his photo to be seen when clicking the link
  3. The server generates the link and shows the photo to everyone whoever clicking it

Now you have an overview of important features and the technologies used to develop an app like Tinder. However, do not forget that you should implement such important things as the database structure, data access object (DAO) layer, Rest API, etc.

How to create an app like Tinder:

This phase can be divided into two different portions:

  1. Development Team
  2. Hours spent by the team

You should actually pay close detail when it comes to locating your development team and the country they’re from.

If you are going to hire someone to build an app in the USA or Western Europe, be ready to double the costs of your project. However, Indian and Eastern Europe developers can do the same or even more for much less money.

For example, the average developer from TamilNadu charges less than 13 dollars.

And the project team will include:

  • 2 backend developers
  • 1 designer
  • 2 Android developers
  • 2 iOS developers
  • 1 project manager
  • 1-2 QA engineers

Considering this, let’s calculate how much it costs to create a dating script like Tinder.

What is the cost of the Tinder app made from?

All the features I have included above requires a certain time frame. So take a look at the table below to know how many hours iOS and Android developers need to deliver your Tinder-like dating app.

  1. Authorization – 22 hours
  2. GPS location – 7 hours
  3. Settings – 60 hours
  4. User profile – 85 hours
  5. Matching functionality – 90 hours
  6. Notifications – 25 hours
  7. Communication – 125 hours
  8. 3rd party services integration – 30 hours

The project delivery process covers the points that significantly top up the mobile app cost.

Below, I’ve estimated an approximate time required to build an app like Tinder. The total price is based on an average hourly rate in India (TamilNadu) — $13/h.

Type of workiOSAndroidiOS & Android
General65 hours67 hours132 hours
Development450 hours450 hours900 hours
Frameworks and libraries
27 hours30 hours57 hours
Non - development180 hours180 hours360 hours
Design135 hours135 hours270 hours
QA220 hours220 hours440 hours
Release20 hours20 hours40 hours
Total hours1097 hours1102 hours2199 hours
Total price (based on $12/h)$2,499$2,499$4,999

periscope clone
Note :

With in-depth market research and analysis, we have presented here the list of all beneficial inclusions that help your business to maintain a competitive edge. These above-mentioned features and functionalities may not be readily available in our versatile script. But, our scalable solution can be customized swiftly and effortlessly to include these additional features and thereby making your business stand out from the crowd. To know more about the cost and time frame for these inclusions in our script, you can contact our customer help desk.

To conclude this

When you want to create a Tinder-like app and learn the approximate budget required for its development, you should rely on the set of the features and the development partner you choose.

By the way, if you want to pick up your own features for the app and get them estimated try AppKodes Dating script cost calculator.

If you’re convinced with the tech-stack of our dating app like Tinder let’s start working on your online dating business.

I’d like to thank the development team from AppKodes for providing the data that made this study possible.

And for those that are interested to develop a dating script, here’s a link to our Tinder clone app.

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