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How to Build an App Similar to WhatsApp Effectively?

Kala samayapuri

10 Jan 2022 on Chat app · 11 min read

WhatsApp clone app development

11 min read

Nowadays, instant messaging apps serve as the preferred communication tool. Seeing the popularity of Whatsapp, entrepreneurs show interest in building their own unique chat app similar to Whatsapp. But, it becomes essential to get acquainted with some key technical components of a unique whatsapp clone script that can be used efficaciously for building chat app like whatsapp.

In this blog, I am going to explain the technical aspects of a meticulously built whatsapp clone, Appkodes Hiddy. Delve into the topic to have a clear-cut understanding of this optimal online solution.

Technologies used in Appkodes Hiddy



Node.js is an open-source, single-threaded, cross-platform runtime environment utilized to develop fast and scalable real-time, networking, and server-side apps. It works well with a large amount of data and makes use of non-blocking and event-driven I/O architecture. This makes it suitable for handling multiple clients simultaneously (a large number of connections at the same time and with high throughput) and makes it effective for real-time apps.

In our product, Node.js is used for backend development and so the chat app developed will show relatively higher performance and speed for bi-directional real-time connections.



The Javascript and full-fledged responsive web design framework, Angular6 is used for building web apps and applications in html, Javascript, and Typescript. This strongly typed language helps developers to keep their code understandable and clean. It provides built-in features for HTTP service, animation, and materials that have features such as navigation, auto-complete, toolbar, menus, and so on.

The Admin panel and landing page of our application will be built with Angular6. So, with this framework, you can enhance the performance, speed, and quality of the chat app


The best encryption protocol, Advanced encryption standard (AES encryption) is a symmetric block cipher that protects the data transfer online. It combines security and speed and uses the same key to encrypt and decrypt data. The main benefit of using AES encryption is that it enables easy implementation, fast encryption, and decryption times.

So, to ensure the complete security of chat messages on the instant messaging platform, Appkodes Hiddy uses AES encryption. With this robust security algorithm, users will experience a safe messaging environment on the platform.



Web Real-Time Communication (WebRTC) is a technology that enables real-time communication (RTC) between browsers. And, there is no need for installing additional plugins in this technology. Therefore, for devices like smartphones, computers, etc with an installed browser, it is easy to perform peer-to-peer RTC, such as voice and video calls, instant messaging or chatting, screen sharing, and file sharing.

Hiddy uses WebRTC technology that builds RTC in mobile applications and web browsers. Therefore, enabling high-quality audio/video calls for enhanced user experience on the messaging platform will be just a piece of cake

Amazon S3 bucket

AmazonS3 Bucket

The most powerful and reliable storage service, Amazon Simple storage service (AWS S3) is used for storing and retrieving any amount of data over the Internet. It can store any type of object that includes disaster recovery, storing of data archives, hybrid cloud storage, backup, and recovery, etc. Amazon S3 allows its users to scale their storage with just a mouse click, compatible with both mobile-based and web-based apps, and doesn’t show unexpected delays.

So, we make use of AWS S3 to allow the users on the platform to store and recover any data anytime effortlessly. This simple, flexible, and secured storage and retrieval of data will surely grab more eyeballs on the platform enables full-duplex communication between server and client. It makes use of the WebSocket protocol in order to provide the interface and broadcasts multiple sockets at the same time and handles the connections clearly. It works well on all platforms, devices, or servers and at the same time ensures reliability, equality, and speed.

The primary protocol used in Appkodes Hiddy is to facilitate low-latency, bi-directional communication in the chat app.


Mongo DB

MongoDB, a simple, scalable, and dynamic NoSQL database is used to store structured and unstructured data. In contrast to relational databases like Oracle and MySQL, MongoDB is designed for modern architectures like cloud where you need to scale up, reach audiences across the globe, and maintain sovereignty within a cluster.

MongoDB is also best known for its high performance and easy accessibility than any other relational database. It also excels at handling large data through vertical and horizontal scaling and requires comparatively less upfront design. Therefore, in Appkodes Hiddy, we have included MongoDB for primary data storage.



Remote Dictionary server (Redis) is a fast, in-memory, open-source, key-value, and persistent data structure store. It supports asynchronous replication and employs primary-replica architecture and so data will be replicated to multiple replica servers which pave the way for improved read performance.

Redis enables hundreds and thousands of requests per second for real-time apps in various sectors like ad-tech, gaming, financial services, IoT, and healthcare. It enables high throughput and low latency data access and due to its fast performance, it is the best option for session management, real-time analytics, chat/messaging, geospatial, etc. Appkodes Hiddy uses Redis for offline storage.



SQLite is a self-contained, open-source, zero-configuration, stand-alone, relational database engine that can directly access its storage files. It is the widely deployed database engine and used by several browsers, embedded systems like Android phones, iPhones, and also in operating systems.

It lets us store data in a structured manner and also has a higher performance and a robust data retrieval process. SQLite also allows a single database connection for accessing many database files at the same time. In our whatsapp clone, SQLite is used as a local storage DB in Android and iOS.



The push notification service OneSignal is now used widely for web push, mobile push, in-app messages, and email. For facilitating a seamless messaging experience, businesses are making use of this service. OneSignal comes with a robust free plan that allows messaging up to 10,000 push notification subscribers.

And, for availing this service further, it includes some paid plans. Businesses can subscribe to an apt plan based on their business size and subscriber counts. In Hiddy, we make use of this best push notification service for Android platforms

Notification service extension

We use the Notification service extension for iOS apps. This extension was introduced from iOS10 and it can change the notification content before they are shown on the operating system. It is also used to download the required content and for storing the notification data when inactive or in background mode.



Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) is a technology that allows the transmission of multimedia content and voice communication over an Internet connection. This technology enables users to make voice calls from smartphones, computers, other mobile devices and WebRTC enabled browsers. It also includes many special features like voicemail to email, call recording, customer caller ID, etc. In our whatsapp clone, we use VoIP to trigger seamless Audio/video calls in the iOS platform

I hope you are now clear with the framework of Appkodes Hiddy. Next, we can see how some essential functions are carried out in this online solution.

How Appkodes Hiddy is working technically

Registration process

Registration Process

Appkodes Hiddy uses Firebase phone number Authentication for the registration process on the instant messaging platform. So, building a secure authentication system for improving the user sign-up process will never be a tough job. The user can easily register with the phone number and an OTP will be sent to the entered phone number for verification. On the successful verification, the user will be directed immediately to the chat screen.

Data storage

Data Storage

Efficient data management is essential for smooth data processing. MongoDB is the primary storage in Appkodes Hiddy. All the chat messages and multimedia message content such as images, audio, and video files on the app will be saved in MongoDB. Redis DB is used for offline storage.

Message transfer

Message Transfer

Data will be queued on the server till the recipient connects to receive the message. When the user on the platform triggers a message, a request will be sent to the server. The server will then check for the availability of the recipient. In case the recipient is available, a delivery request will be sent to the recipient server and then the message will be delivered.

If the recipient is offline, the data will be moved to the Redis server. When the receiver is available, the message stored in the Redis server will be moved to the API server and then will be delivered to the recipient.



On the successful delivery of the message, the sender will be notified instantly by a double checkmark near the sent message. The message will be deleted from the server memory after the delivery of messages.

Appkodes Hiddy comes with many notable features. To make you understand better, here I have listed down some of its important functions and so have a quick look at those impressive features.

Features of Appkodes Hiddy

Quick search

Quick Search

With this interesting option, users on the messaging platform can search for a friend or any contact. They can also search for a particular channel or a chat, group instantly without any hassles.


This option enables users to share public content with the contacts by posting images, texts, videos, etc. The uploaded content will be visible to other users for 24 hours

Instant chat

Instant Chat

This feature allows users to have a personalized and secured chat experience on the platform by sending and receiving videos, texts, images, etc


Users on the platform can use public channels where other users can have a look at the posts and with private channels, they can hide their posts from the visibility of other users

To know more about its other significant features, you can also have a look at the Appkodes Hiddy page.

Final words

I hope you now have a clear understanding of the technical aspects of our unique Whatsapp clone, Appkodes Hiddy. With this readily customizable Whatsapp clone, turning your fresh online communication business ideas will be just a piece of cake. Therefore, without any delay make use of this phenomenal Whatsapp clone and materialize your online communication business dreams.

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