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How Can a Startup Make a Social Media App Like Instagram?

Glory Simmons

21 Apr 2023 on Insights for Entrepreneurs · 8 min read

make an app like instagram

8 min read

Instagram has become a social media giant that is popular all over the world. It is very clear that people are behind photo-sharing apps and Instagram’s growth is solid proof. Now 500M+ users are actively using the platform.

The platform owns multiple features and the all-in-one mobile app has become the best communication tool for any business. So, many entrepreneurs are attracted to make an app like Instagram. They want to get connected to their target audience and promote their business easily.

This is why the internet is filled with queries on how to build an app like Instagram. Here we will guide you to understand the working pattern of Instagram and how to build the same for your business with a cost-effective method.

How is Instagram so popular and why is it so successful?

Before we try to learn about how to make an app like Instagram, we need to first understand why it is so popular than other social media platforms. It is good to analyze its success formula which will be helpful for us while developing the same.

Easy-to-interface: The undeniable fact about Instagram is its very user-friendly interface. Any non-technical user will be able to handle the platform on his own. The navigation support offered by the platform is also excellent.

Exciting filters: This is one of the crucial aspects that attracts more audiences as it will allow them to enhance their image quality through filtering options. Even animations can be added to the image with the help of the filter service.

Visual content: This is one of the secrets behind Instagram’s growth as the entire platform relies on visual content which is easy to grab the attention of the audience. The platform is recorded to have the highest user engagement rate which is 1.60% while Facebook holds 0.9%.

Influential Hashtags: This is the best option to expand the brand reach globally. All you need is to have relevant hashtags for your posts. You can add hashtags to public stores and can get instant reach to your brand.

Less intrusive ads: Just like any other social platform, Instagram also allows ads in between posts. The best part about Instagram ads is they are less intrusive and will not highly affect the users’ experience.

Cross-posting with other platforms: This is the best aspect of Instagram. This is the most reliable tool for content creators as they can post an image on Instagram and the same can be shared with other platforms like Twitter, Tumblr, etc.

Regular updation: The most inspiring aspect of Instagram is the platform offers regular updates. Users get excited to visit the platform as they can expect any new changes in its operations or its features that will simplify their experience with the app.

How to build an app like Instagram?

Now you have reached the right spot and you are going to get a perfect solution for your search. Follow all the below-mentioned steps to achieve your business goal by making an app like Instagram and start attracting audiences to your platform.


create an app like instagram

Analyze the market and your competitors

This is the initial stage in which you need to put in more effort. Understanding the market and its demand is essential for any business. Learn more about photo-sharing apps and check for similar applications that can be your competitors in this industry.

By analyzing in detail, you can clearly define your project and can find out what strategies your competitors are using to attract users to their platforms. Plan a unique strategy for your business to beat your competitors.

Tips on analyzing the market

  • Plan where to launch your application.
  • Learn about users’ likes and dislikes.
  • Mark the region within which your application will cover.
  • Study the features your competitors are offering.
  • Know about the way to monetize your platform.
  • Validate your idea to make an app like Instagram by conducting polls and surveys.

Create the Instagram app-like design

Design is a crucial aspect that is very essential for any platform. Only a good and attractive design can bring the audience to your platform. While creating the design for your app, you need to check for two main aspects which are user experience and user interface.

You need to define the flow of your app and how users will interact with your app features. Also, focus on the visual representation of your app that will explain all features and functionality to your users.

Tips to create better design

Make it eye-catching but not too contrasting which will irritate users while viewing your app.
The most important thing is the design should be mobile-friendly as most users use their mobile phones to access the app.

If you are planning to cover both Android and iOS operating system then make sure you follow the Human Interface Guidelines that is essential for Apple apps and Material Design Guidelines for Google apps.

Decide on features

Features make your app successful and become profitable. Instagram has millions of users mainly for the satisfying features it offers to its users. Initially, the app was designed with basic features and once it was launched and received tremendous response from users it started improvising the app by adding more new features.

Likewise, you need to first create an app like Instagram with MVP. You need to check how well your application is being accepted by your audience. Once you start getting a good response you can add-up more features to it.

Essential features that are mandatory

  • Registration and authorization
  • Profile editing
  • Uploading photos and videos.
  • Editing and managing photos
  • Linking with other social platforms.
  • Geo-location
  • Search and filtering option
  • Messaging and commenting
  • Push notification
  • Instagram feed and stories

Choose your revenue channels

Initially, when the Instagram platform is launched it does have any proper monetization strategies. Only when Facebook bought the company the monetization capabilities added. First, sponsored posts were added and later many more revenue channels were added to the platform.

Without proper revenue channels, you will get to earn through your platform and also there is no point in making an app like Instagram. You need to learn all possible ways that Instagram is using to increase its revenue.

How does Instagram make money?

Sponsored posts – Most revenue on Instagram comes from sponsored ads. Every ad will contain a CTA that will lead to the ad page and on each click to the ad the platform gets paid.

Carousel Ads – A post with several images is termed a carousel ad. This is a new trend in advertising a brand and companies prefer to post carousel ads on the platform.
Stories – ads are developed through stories and influencers can use those stories with ads that their followers will view them.

Social eCommerce – Instagram posts and stories will carry a link that will lead to the product site and customers can buy from that site using the link.

Facebook Ads – This is also a part of the Instagram revenue-generating channel. Through Facebook, Instagram gets ads from advertisers and they will pay the platform for offering them space.

Initiate the development process

Now you are ready with your design, features, and also revenue channels. The next part will be the development part where you can build the platform on your own if you are technically strong or you can prefer a development company that can create an app like Instagram effectively.

Discuss your requirements with the technical team and they will take care of the platform to choose to develop the app. Initially, you can start building with MVP and later you can expand your platform to suit users’ requirements.

Tips to find the best app-developing company

  • Check for their years of experience in the app development field.
  • Know more about their technical team and their skill set.
  • Ask for their completed project details and get customer feedback
  • Check online reviews about the company’s customer service.
  • Go for a demo before you purchase the product.

Launch and promote your app

This is the final stage to make an app like Instagram. You have made much effort in building the Instagram-like app and now it’s time to launch the platform online and reach your audience. To deploy your platform, you need to find a perfect hosting provider.

While choosing the hosting provider, you need to look for the best plans that offer backup and maintenance, good speed, better user experience, and affordable pricing. Soon after launching the platform, you need to market your app with multiple marketing strategies.

Tips to promote your app

  • Use Paid Ads
  • SEO and content marketing
  • Social media marketing and search engine marketing
  • Email marketing and influencer marketing

How much time does it take to create an app like Instagram?

To create an app like Instagram users can have two methods. One is to build it from the scratch and the other is to go for a ready-to-launch Instagram clone or video-sharing script. The first method is quite time-consuming and also very costly. It is recommended only for corporates and also users who can wait for several months to get the app.

The second method needs just a few days to launch the platform and is also very cost-effective. The Instagram clone will contain all essential features and it is highly recommended for all startups and beginners.

Appkodes: The perfect partner for Instagram-like app development

With a decade of experience, Appkodes can build an app like Instagram with customization and scalability. Your app will be user-friendly, SEO-friendly, and finally budget-friendly. The technical developers are well-experienced with wider industry knowledge.

You can have your choice of development either from scratch or a readymade Instagram clone. Appkodes can assure you to let your app has all possible revenue streams for making a better profit. You can ask for a free demo and then decide on your purchase.

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