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How to Build a Social Media App Like Instagram ?

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Despite the list of controversies and the people’s negative opinions about the different aspects of social media, the social media platforms are witnessing stellar growth with more than 4 billion global users. It has become a vital part of the life of people worldwide

Today, a lot of social network applications are out there. But, Instagram is outshining other social media giants like Facebook, Twitter, etc with its massive popularity among the people. You may wonder what would be the reason behind this high popularity of Instagram?

Market penetration, ease of use, and a ton of features to enjoy are the reasons behind this growth of Instagram.

Growth of Instagram like social media apps among global users

On the whole, people think that being on Instagram is a fad nowadays. And, also as a wonderful medium to share and connect with their near and dear ones

So, it is clear that there is a great demand for Instagram-like social network app these days. So, plunging into this online entertainment industry by developing a full-featured social media app will be surely a smart way for aspiring entrepreneurs like you to succeed in the online business ventures

But, getting success in this highly competitive industry is not an easy task as it seems to be. And, it will be extremely difficult unless you get acquainted with certain significant factors and concepts that are essential to building an outstanding social network app like Instagram

So, continue reading the blog to know more about the important things that you can learn from the social media giant in 2022. Also, the steps to follow while developing social media apps. And, the role of Instagram clone in developing a complete social media app.

Traits that make Instagram Unique

There are loads of reasons that make Instagram so popular among people. Some of those notable things are mentioned below for your quick view

Easy to share photos

Sharing photos, media is not only restricted to Instagram. Because other social media applications like Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr, etc also provide the users the same option. But, what makes Instagram unique in this section is that it makes photo sharing more intriguing with high quality. And, also with the allowance of managing pictures.

Diverse features of Instagram app

Instagram also includes filters that make even an ordinary picture likable and much more interesting. Users can also change the privacy settings for their images according to their comfort and likeness.

As a business channel

Apart from serving as a wonderful social network platform allowing people to follow, have friends, upload photos, like and comment on preferred images, etc, Instagram also acts as an excellent business channel for the entrepreneurs to promote their works with a vivid form of marketing and impress their online audience base.

Benefits of Instagram app for business people

So, proprietors can have a substantial scope of marketing success that can spike the brand’s reach exponentially.

Unique user experience

Instagram provides a convenient user experience right from moving between the app screens, checking newly updated stories, messaging the desired contacts to posting and uploading photos/videos.

So, users will not face any difficulties in locating its prominent features. Therefore, without any doubt, Instagram is a user-friendly application with a clutter-free user interface. Thereby ensuring better customer engagement

Keeps evolving

Instagram keeps improving with new, innovative inclusions to keep up the pace with the highly competitive social media market. Some of those exciting features are options to hide like and view counts from the posts in the feed, option to mute audio and turn off the video during the live sessions.

This feature minimizes the pressure of live interaction with the audience. It has also introduced the remix feature to grow the reach by recording a video responding to an existing reel.

Remixing another person’s video will be completely fun-filled. And, there are higher chances for those reactionary reels to go viral.

Latest features of Instagram in 2021

Instagram’s insight for live content and reels is another remarkable upgrade. It is targeted at businesses and professional users to estimate the impact of posts with demographic and peak activity data.

Another impressive feature is a cross-app messaging function. It enables users from one application to message other users across the platforms. Therefore, your friends can video chat, or can reshare the posts with you whether you are on Facebook or Instagram.

The new, updated in-app messaging functions allow users to reply to their message with a video or photo. So, instead of sending a GIF or sticker, users can record their reactions and send it as a response to the message they receive.

Automatic caption generation for stories is another enthralling inclusion. The above-mentioned additions make the social media giant, Instagram stand tall among the fierce competition.

These are the main reasons why Instagram is so popular and has a massive user base across the world. These are definitely the things that each and every ambitious entrepreneur must learn from Instagram to be successful in building an attention-grabbing social network app in 2022.

Listed below are some surprising features of Instagram that will greatly help in developing a world-class social media app:

  • Verified profiles
  • Active status tracker
  • Managing multiple accounts
  • Direct shopping from stories
  • Sharing feed posts in stories
  • Superzoom effects for stories
  • Uploading bulk videos/photos to stories

After seeing these mind-blowing facets of Instagram, you will have thought of creating a full-fledged app like Instagram. Now, let us delve into the steps to create an Instagram like app effectively

Significant steps to build social media app like Instagram

Steps to build a social media app like Instagram

Conducting Market research

Do complete market research and decide who your target audience is. Once you fix your audience, you will have an idea of what your social network application will be all about.

So, keep in mind that just having an idea for creating a social media app without enough understanding of the market will not help you to get started with your entertainment business venture.

Fix your strategy

Understand the competitive social media applications to know their user-attractive inclusions. After that fix your social network app concept and strategy. Define your strategy in terms of your goals with the timeline, budget, and technologies.

Finalize the features and functions in your social media app

Deciding on the features and functionality of the app is a little bit tricky battlefield. And so, you need to be cautious while planning on the features of your social media app. So, focus on including all key features of the social media app. Such as feed section, stories, notifications, security measures, geo-location option, etc.

Also, consider all the interesting inclusions mentioned in the previous section to make your app much more engaging.

Approach a renowned app development company

When you have taken a decision on the core functionality of your app, it will be the perfect time to start developing your social network application. As an entrepreneur, you must understand that the development process will be time-consuming and expensive if you plan to build your app from scratch.

So, it will be a smart option to opt for a readily available social media app solution like an Instagram clone.

Using Instagram clone for building social media app

This is because the Instagram clone script will be available with all the important features of the social media app. Also, when you make use of a customizable Instagram clone, you can modify it to suit your app concepts.

To put it all together, creating a social networking application with stellar features will be as easy as a pie when you go with a reliable and dynamically adaptable Instagram clone.

So, approach a well-known web and mobile app development company to get an apt Instagram clone and build your social media app matching your app ideas and requirements

Never stop evolving

After launching your social media platform it is essential to check out the success of your app. Keep track of the user engagement and take further actionable steps to boost your app growth.

Consider incorporating additional functionality into your app in order to impress your users in the long run and to stand out from your competitors. You can try including some trendsetting features like new photo editing options, the option to create themed photo albums, sharing photos between phones and devices without signing up, automated chatbots, ephemeral content, and so on.

You would have now got enough insights into the main steps involved in building a social media application like Instagram and the importance of using Instagram clone script in developing a feature-packed social media application within a short time frame and budget.


As you may have already known, there are many clone script providers available in the market but not all of them can help you in building an eye-grabbing social media app to grow your online entertainment business in this current market trend. So, reaching a renowned clone script provider with rich expertise in delivering top-notch clone scripts at the best prices will be the best way to succeed in your online entertainment business venture. Materializing your dream of building a unique social media application is not so far. Take your initial step now!

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