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How to Choose The Best Classifieds Ads Script?

Glory Simmons

02 Jan 2023 on Insights for Entrepreneurs · 9 min read

best classifieds ads script

9 min read

The best classifieds ads script has become the need of the hour. There is a wide search to find ways to build a classified platform and to make money with classified websites. This is mainly because of the stunning growth that the industry has encountered in recent years.

A few decades back, classified ads are a significant revenue source for any newspaper. But today, the revenue has shrunk and we can even consider that print classifieds have come to an end. As per the Newspaper Association of America’s report, the classified advertisement revenue in the US has drastically reduced from $20 billion in 2000 to $5 billion in 2020.

Printing media has taken a digital evolution and have understood what readers expect and has identified which is the proper source to reach. Then came the online classified era where all classified ads are posted online and the reach and response were overwhelming.

The online classified platform is projected to reach $16.1 billion by 2026. Mobile classified advertisements have become the key driver that supports the online classified market. This massive growth and guaranteed revenue have made many entrepreneurs step into this market.

If you are in search of the best classifieds ads script, then this article is only for you. We will guide you in choosing the best solution for your classified business.

Ways to build a classified platform

Once you decide to start your business with a classified market, the first thing that would come to mind is how to build a classified platform. There are two common ways to develop a classified platform.

From scratch

Building a classified platform from scratch requires IT and development resources to employ. Building from scratch is a long-term process that requires more patience and also a heavy budget. You need to hire a platform developing agency and should share your requirement with them.

The team will develop and will show you a demo. You can do modifications and can include any features that are essential for the platform to function. Once the entire development process is over the platform will be hosted online.


  • Better customization and flexibility can be gained.
  • Can have more integrations.


  • More time-consuming and deployment takes time.
  • Very costly and not recommended for start-ups or small businesses.

Readymade classified script

Classifieds ads Script

People who seek instant solutions for their online classified business journey can go for ready-to-use classifieds ads scripts. The best classifieds ads script will have all essential features and functionality that will easily promote the business in the market.

No development time or error correcting time is required as the script is already developed without any error. You can test drive your idea by choosing the readymade business solution and can start generating revenue by instantly launching the platform.


  • Low cost and less time are required to start your online business.
  • The best classified website script will meet industry standards.
  • The platform will be highly configured to the individual’s requirements.
  • The best classified website script will assure a user-friendly platform.


  • Less customization can be supported.
  • No-code platform development is the most trending way to take the business online. Even established brands prefer
  • ready-to-use classified website scripts and want to take control of the market. We would suggest you go for a classified website script
  • for your online classified business. The only thing you need to focus on is finding the best classified website script.

How to choose the best classifieds ads script?

The classified industry is fast growing and the market is huge. So, the competition is also high. If you want to stand alone in the industry then you need to find the best classifieds ads script. The below-mentioned aspects are very crucial for classified platforms.

Customization and scalability

Finding all features in one platform is not possible. Requirements vary for each user. You may need to add non-critical and convenient features that will simplify your business operations. Before selecting the classified website script, you need to make sure that the provider supports customization. Only then it can be considered the best classifieds ads script.

Must-have features

Features determine the success of the classified platform. If you plan to make money with classified websites then you should have a keen focus on the features the script support. Features should satisfy both the admin and the user of the platform.

Admin features

  • A user-friendly dashboard that gives clear insights about the overall functioning of the platform.
  • Membership management to manage free and premium users.
  • Payment gateway integration is a very crucial aspect that will let the admin integrate multiple currencies.
  • Advanced security features protect user data from any cyber-attack and offer better authentication during login.
  • Social media login has to be mandatory in any classifieds website script as users feel comfortable signing into the platform.
  • The communication channel is very essential in the classifieds ads website script as it will allow users to communicate within the platform easily.
  • Advanced analytics is necessary for an admin to understand how well the classified platform is performing and to study customers buying and selling behavior.

User-centric features

  • Mobile responsive design is the basic feature that any user would expect in any classified platform.
  • An advanced search option with location-based search has to be provided that will simplify the search process.
  • An SEO-posting page is needed for users to post their ads and get easy page visibility.
  • Simplified navigation and account management is mostly needed by every user.
  • Reviews and rating options are compulsory as they will let users share their feedback about the product or services offered through the classified platform.
  • Multiple payment options will let users pay instantly and buy products or services.
  • A dedicated mobile app will add an advantage for the business as users prefer to buy or sell through their mobile phones.

Integrated add-ons

Many add-ons are available in the market and when they are integrated with the classifieds ads script it will enhance the functioning of the platform and will simplify your business and get better conversion. You need to make sure that the best classifieds ads script you have selected will support the add-ons. A few important add-ons are listed below.

Language translator – to enhance communication between the user and the provider, your script should contain an advanced language translator that will translate all users’ conversations.

Anti-spam add-on – spams are the real headache and this has to be controlled. Any best classifieds ads script will support an anti-spam add-on.

Ad control – each user should be controlled or restricted with the number of ads they post on the platform. So, the classifieds ads script needs an ad control program.

Full-screen ad display – for better reach and customer engagement, the classifieds ads script should let users view full-screen advertisements.

Geographic restriction – admins should be allowed to restrict their audience as per their geographical limits.

Supported revenue model

The main objective of going for the best classifieds ads script is to make money with classified websites. This mainly depends on the revenue model you select. The classifieds ads script should support all the below-mentioned revenue channels to assure you of better ROI.

Google Ads – best classifieds ads website script will support placing Google AdSense on product or service pages. This will increase your website traffic and for each click on the Ad, you will be paid.

Featured Ads – when you have multiple sellers, you can let them be visible on the top of the page by making them pay for featured ads. Their ads will be featured to their target audience directly and will assure them to get more orders.

Banner Ads – the classifieds ads website script should support banner ads by allocating space for banners and letting sellers place their ads and earn through them.

Transaction Fee – this is a profitable model as the admin can earn on each transaction that happens within the platform. This model is widely accepted by users as they have to pay a commission only when their product is sold.

Pay-Per-Ad – for each ad posted, the seller needs to pay and this will benefit the admin as a seller can post several ads and the admin can get huge ad fees.

Secured payment integration

The best classifieds ads website script will have multiple payment gateways integrated and will support the admin to get payment from the customer from different payment sources. The platform should support all credit and debit cards, online bank transactions, and all leading UPIs. This will make users feel comfortable as they are provided with multiple payment options.

Performance tracking

Many of us think our business is moving forward on the right track, but the reality may differ. So, it is very important to keep track of customer data. With advanced analytics, the admin can get insights on multiple metrics like most searched items, the highest selling product, the device that is highly used to purchase online, and many more. By analyzing these metrics, the admin can get alarmed about aspects that need special attention.

Customer support

The entire classified business is customer-centric. If you fail to satisfy your customers then you can never retain them with your platform. Users may need assistance in many cases and your support will satisfy them. Your classifieds ads website script should have multiple communication channels like live chat, email support, and many more. This will increase your brand reputation and platform credibility.

Get a mobile-friendly solution with our enterprise-grade classifieds ads script

Hope you have gained enough knowledge about the best classified script. There are thousands of ready-to-use, classified ads website script available online. You may get confused to choose the most reliable script for your classified business.

To make you come from the dilemma, we would suggest you to go Appkode’s top-priced best classifieds website script. The tailor-made classifieds ads website script will let you own a perfect and customizable classified website.

With our multifaceted classifieds ads script, you can build multiple online classified businesses like auto classified script, Real estate classified script, Job classified script, online auction script, pet classified script, and many more.

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