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How To Launch A Successful Grocery Delivery App Like Instacart?

Sri Varshini

22 Apr 2022 on Insights for Entrepreneurs · 6 min read

Grocery App Development

6 min read

The biggest part of digital transformation is the change in the way people perform their regular tasks. In the era of digitalization, if you are not making an online presence in your business, then you’ll never win the war of competition. In this fierce competition, it is hard to succeed if you run a business just for the almighty dollars. So, your business must make a difference. So, being an entrepreneur, you have to bridge the gap of opportunity between where you are and what your customers want. Like every industry transforming its operations in recent years, the online grocery business plays an indispensable role in reshaping its business operation. That’s why many entrepreneurs show interest in opting for Instacart like app development.

Although the grocery industry has come a long way with brick-and-mortar setup, the incessant growth of grocery delivery apps has enhanced the grocery shopping experience of users. Grocery apps like grofers, instacart, shipt, and big basket have become popular due to their effective grocery delivery service at users’ doorstep. Moreover, the online grocery business is growing by leaps and bounds in the economy. Hence, if you own an offline grocery store, then this is the exact time to build a superlative grocery delivery app like Instacart. And, to achieve this, you have to know the common FAQs of Instacart like app development.

So, hold your horses throughout this blog to get the answer for how to prosper in your business with grocery delivery app development. But, before getting into the topic there are certain things you should know like, How does Instacart work and its profitable revenue-generating models.

How does the Instacart app work?

Instacart is an on-demand grocery delivery platform that helps users get their grocery items on time. Instacart gives same-day delivery service and provides doorstep delivery for full-service shoppers. Here are simple steps that list the working of Instacart.

Working Of Instacart App For Users

  • Users have to Sign up to the app or website.
  • They can browse grocery items of their choice from local grocery stores
  • Users can add necessary grocery items to the virtual shopping cart
  • They have to add the address and other details and can make the payment
  • The shopper will be notified, once the order is received.

Working Of Instacart App For Shoppers

Instacart is classified for two kinds of shoppers such as full-time shoppers and in-store shoppers.

  • Full-time shoppers and in-store shoppers must have to create a profile on the app or website.
  • They will receive their orders via smartphone notifications.
  • Both shoppers will pick up their ordered items from the store.
  • Full-time shoppers will deliver the items to the customer, whereas the in-store shopper will not deliver
  • the items to the customer. But, they ensure that the item is ready to pick up, as they are in-store employees only.
  • Once their work is completed, the admin of the app/website will offer payment to both shoppers.

Working Of Instacart App For Stores

  • Grocery store owners will make a partnership contract with Instacart
  • Store owners will list their groceries and can sell them on the app
  • They can also promote and advertise their business on the platform regularly

How Does Instacart App Make Money?

Instacart makes money mainly through commission, Instacart express, delivery fees, and In-app advertising. To gain an in-depth understanding of the revenue-making factors, let’s have a look at all four of them individually.


Instacart receives a commission whenever a product is sold through its app/website. The company does it through a revenue-sharing agreement that it has with its retailers. The company then gets a percentage of the price for the sold item.

Instacart Express

Subscriptions can be a highly lucrative revenue source for any online platform. It is not only a predictable source of income but also an incentive for customers to make them use it more often.
Instacart Express offers a subscription service for regular Instacart customers where they can enjoy unlimited free deliveries for an annual or monthly fee.

Delivery Fees

Instacart charges service and delivery fees when the order is placed by the user. The delivery fee will be ranging from $3.99 to $9.99. Similar to other platforms like Uber and Lyst, Instacart charges high prices during times of high demands or hard times like rain.

In-app Advertising

Instacart allows third-party sellers or brands to advertise on their platform. These ads let advertisers have additional visibility on the platform for making a sale. The price for the ads depends on the type of categories and search terms that the advertisers target.

FAQs About Instacart Like App Development

How do you make an app for grocery delivery?

For building a grocery delivery app like Instacart you can either build it from scratch or can opt for a readymade Instacart clone script. Developing an app right from scratch is not preferred by many due to its increased cost and time. With a readily available Instacart clone, you can build a feature-packed grocery delivery app with key features of Instacart. Also, you can customize the features of the app based on your grocery business model.

How much does it cost to develop an app like Instacart?

The total cost for developing an app similar to Instacart ranges between $5000 and $10,000. It also depends on various factors like the technology used, platforms used for the app (Android, iOS), features, and functionalities you wish to include, and so on. However, the cost for developing a grocery delivery app ranges between $1000 and $3000 when you opt for a readymade and customizable Instacart clone script.

How much time does it take to build an Instacart-like app?

The time for developing an app similar to Instacart depends on the functionalities and features of the app. However, in the case of building from scratch, it takes at least four to six months. On the other hand, by making use of a meticulously built Instacart app clone, you can arrive at a robust grocery delivery app in double-quick time.

How to Build an App Like Instacart?

As mentioned above, to develop an Instacart-like app, you can consider going for an Instacart clone that is pre-built with several astonishing features. By opting for the best Instacart clone, you can build a top-class grocery delivery app with pioneering technology, engaging features, user-responsive design, and the latest functionalities.

So, having read some FAQs of Instacart-like app development, those answers would have cleared your misconceptions about developing an app like Instacart with the Instacart app clone.

Bottom Line

The best conclusion resonates because it echoes a word, phrase, or solution that the reader is prompted to think back for the reference. In essence, how do you ensure about choosing the right Instacart clone for your online grocery business? Well, you can get a perfect Instacart clone app by reaching a distinguished online solution providing company. Opting for a ready-made Instacart clone script from Appkodes will save an ample amount of time and effort, giving you an exceptional Instacart clone that is pre-built with the coolest features, user-friendly design, and smartest technologies. Start your online business journey by building an astonishing grocery delivery app!

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