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How to Make An Uber Like App – A Beginner’s Guide

Glory Simmons

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How to make an uber like app a beginner's guide

12 min read

The ride-sharing market is witnessing a huge surge in recent years. As per the survey of Research and Markets, it has been predicted that the on-demand market segment will increase by $4.75 billion from 2022 to 2026.

The high demand has given way too much on-demand transportation apps to enter the industry. One such example is Uber, a taxi-hailing company, which has turned out to be a multi-million business.

The success of Uber has attracted many entrepreneurs who desire to make genuine businesses with good profits. This has resulted in a wide search for Uber clone. Here we will give you a clear picture of Uber and its working patterns and finally steps involved to make an uber like app.

How popular is Uber?

Some of you may be unfamiliar with Uber. We would like to bring to your notice how popular Uber is in the market. Here are a few key stats that will show you the demand that Uber has created in the ride-sharing industry.

  • Uber’s revenue reached billion in 2020 which was around $60 million in 2011.
  • In 2021, Uber has 93 million riders and around 3.5 million drivers.
  • 30% of Americans have used Uber once a month.
  • Per Uber ride costs $16.16 on average.
  • Uber holds more than 70% of the ride-sharing market in the US alone.
  • Uber is operated in more than 65 countries and 52% of its revenue comes outside the US.
  • As of 2020, more than 22,200 employees are working with Uber.
  • Uber has 95 million downloads on Android and iOS devices and is considered to be the most downloaded travel app in the world.

How does the Uber platform work?

If you are seriously planning for uber like app development then you should familiar with how the platform works. Here we will provide a step-by-step process that will clearly explain the working pattern of the uber app.

How does the uber platform work

Step 1: customers will use the Uber app and will send a request for a vehicle.

Step 2: The platform will receive the request and find the nearby available driver and will share the request with the driver. The driver can either accept or reject the request. If rejected, the same step is repeated by the platform.

Step 3: once the driver accepts the request, his details will be displayed in the app along with the tracking. Customers can track the driver and know the status.

Step 4: the app is integrated with multiple payment gateways that will let customers pay through the app easily.

Step 5: once the customer reaches his destination, the driver can inform his availability in the app. Customers are allowed to share their feedback and reviews.

You need to keep all these steps in mind when you develop uber like app.

Steps involved in developing an uber like app

Before we get into the number of apps involved in this business, we need to identify the basic and common steps involved in uber like app development. Let us have a quick look at the prerequisites for building an uber like app.

  • First, you need to analyze the market for which you need to do extensive market research. This will help you to decide on the business model that will suit your market.
  • Understand customers’ buying behavior as it keeps changing period over period. You need to build your app with features that will meet the demands of your customers.
  • Set a Unique Selling point to promote your brand and business in the market. This will make compete well with your competitors.
  • Determine all necessary features that are to be present in your uber like app. For this, you need to get your hands on all Uber features.
  • You need to find a perfect and reliable software development agency where you can develop an uber like app from scratch or even many Uber clone scripts that will let you start your online ride-sharing business instantly.
  • Finally, make sure your app has a rating and feedback system that will customers to share their feedback about your service. This will help you to enhance your business and satisfy your customers.

Focusing on each user group in uber like app development

There are three main users involved in uber like apps. One is the admin, then the driver, and finally the passenger. Each user will have different requirements from the app. With a single app, it is not possible to meet all users’ demands.
In this case, you need to focus on each user group separately and need to build an uber like app that will separate feature sets. Let us find out what features are needed by each user.

Features to be in passengers’ app

Features to be in Passengers App

This is the app that every user is going to use. So, more attention is needed as it will have a major impact on user experience. To retain your customers, make sure you include all the below-mentioned features while developing an uber like app.

Book a ride

The first thing that any passenger would do is book a ride. The process should be carried out seamlessly. Passengers should be allowed to enter the pick-up and drop location, the type of vehicle they want to ride, and also the time they want the vehicle.

Tracking driver in real-time

Once they book a ride, the app will allocate a nearby driver. The passenger should be able to track the driver’s current location which will let them know the estimated time to reach their place.

Ride-sharing tracking

Safety should be the foremost priority in ride-sharing apps. Uber allows users to share their driver’s real-time location tracking which will assure their safe ride with the driver. This feature is essential while developing an uber like app.

Multiple drop locations

Passengers may take a ride with their friends and wish to drop them off at different locations. In this case, the uber like app should allow them to choose different locations for dropping their friends.

Multiple payment options

This has a crucial role in offering the best user experience to passengers. The more payment options you provide, the better the user experience can be delivered. This will help you to retain your customers with your platform.

SOS button

Anything can happen while riding the vehicle. In this case, passengers should be allowed to alert their friends or families about their ride. This is mainly for their safety and passengers would appreciate it if your uber like app development included this feature in the app.

In-app chatting option

Although everything will be streamlined and systemized, there are cases where passengers may not get in touch with the driver. In this case, he may need the app support. For this, the app should support a chat feature that will help the passenger to communicate with the admin and get support.

Review and rating

Once the passenger has reached his destination, he after paying for the trip should be allowed to share his experience with the service offered by the driver and the app. They should be able to rate the driver and his driving skills. This will help you to understand how good the driver is and can make sure that all your passengers are satisfied by riding with your app.

Features to be in the driver’s app

Features to be in Drivers App

Drivers’ requirements will be entirely different when compared with passengers’ demands. So we need to fix features accordingly that will satisfy drivers and will let them stay with your business.

Profile management

Each driver should be able to manage their profile that will hold their details and other important documents like their driving license. They can set passwords and can change passwords whenever needed.

Earning reports

Drivers will make better earnings out of your app. So they should get proper earning reports that will give them a detailed view of their earning history. The app should let drivers view all reports on a daily, weekly, monthly, and yearly basis.

Offline mode

Drivers cannot be available all the time as they may need some breaks. In that case, they should be able to go offline and then whenever needed they can come online and show their availability. When you build an uber like app you need to keep this feature in mind and design the application.

Map integration

Better navigation tools will let drivers reach the customer’s place on time. For this, your app needs to be integrated with Google maps which will help them to find the location easily. The real-time route directions shown by the map will never mislead drivers.

Accept/reject trip

There is no compulsion that drivers who have enrolled with the app should accept all trips allocated by the admin of the app. The driver should be allowed to accept or reject the trip on his own.

Working hours limitation

To support a healthy working environment for drivers there should be monitoring for the working hours that drivers spend driving. Uber has more drivers and all of them are satisfied with the platform mainly because of its consideration towards drivers’ well-being. So, this feature is unavoidable while creating an uber like app.

Rating and reviews

This facility is not only required for passengers, even drivers need this option to share their experience after each ride. This will help other drivers to know about particular users and they can accept or reject the trip by going through the review.

Features to be in the admin panel

Features to be in Admin Panel

Admin is the key person who needs complete control over the platform. The admin needs to have all superior features that will let them have overall authority on the app.

Request management

Admin has to manage all requests given by passengers some may get accepted by drivers and some may not. Rejected requests should be directed to other drivers and passengers need to be intimated.

Driver management

The uber like app will contain hundreds of drivers and the admin should be given the right to accept or remove any driver. All driver details need to be maintained along with their driving license documents. Their working time is to be calculated and should keep monitoring when they are active and idle.

Passenger management

Admin should be able to add or remove passengers. Also, should keep monitoring their satisfaction level. Passengers’ preferences should be analyzed and should announce offers and discounts accordingly.

GPS tracking

This is a very essential feature as the admin needs to know where his drivers are currently and this will help to allocate them to the nearby requests. This tracking will keep track of the entire day’s trip and all routes covered by the driver.

Advanced analytics

Every business needs to know how well it is performing in the market. This is possible only with the help of analytics where you will get reports regarding no. of trips per day, income generated, top drivers, poor performing drivers, customers’ satisfaction status, and many more.

Push notification

Only through this feature, the admin will be able to communicate with passengers and drivers regarding their trip. Passengers will be informed about the status of the driver and the estimated time to reach the pick-up spot.

Multiple communication channels

If you want to survive in the market, there is no doubt that you need to be more attentive to your passengers. If they can’t reach you when needed, you will lose your credibility. For this, your ride-sharing app should be embedded with multiple communication channels like live chat, messengers, and many more.

Is it cheap to build an uber like app?

Before we think about how to make an uber like app, we will start thinking about how much will it cost. Costing is the key factor that is highly focused on any app development. Finding the cost for uber like app development becomes simple once you plot down your requirements.

Requirements differ from business to business and user to user. You need to analyze how your application needs to be and first write down your demands as listed below.

  • UI and UX
  • Technology stack
  • Type of Platform
  • Number of users
  • Mobile app development for passengers and drivers
  • Payment gateway integration
  • Hosting server

Once you analyze all these factors we can easily identify the cost of developing the uber like app from scratch.
There is also another option if you find the above one to be tedious. You can choose uber clone scripts that are readily available in the market. It will be a minimum variable product that can let you have all the essential features for any startup.

Initially, you can choose this option, and later after developing your business you can add more features and customize the platform as per your demands. Going for Uber clones is a very cost-effective solution and you can have a budget-friendly uber like app and can instantly start your ride-sharing business.

Want to develop an uber like app?

Are you still in a dilemma about choosing the right platform for your on-demand transportation app development? We, Appkode, can be the right choice to give life to your dream. We have skilled technical experts, who have the deep industry knowledge and can build uber like apps and can make your run your business effectively in the market.

With serious market research, our team has developed Uber clone that will exactly replicate the uber app and will contain all features that the world-leading on-demand transportation application holds. Just schedule a meeting with our team and get instant solutions to reach your business goals.


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