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The Impact of Short Videos on the Automotive Industry

Glory Simmons

Insights for Entrepreneurs · 7 min read

Impact of Short Video in automotive Industry

7 min read

Customer expectations have given tremendous pressure on the Automotive industry. The entire industry is urged to change the way of their operations and planning for better digital transformation.

The automotive market has understood the benefits of digital transformation and has started tuning its marketing strategies by putting more focus on digital marketing. Already the industry has started using technologies for production and manufacturing. But now they need to include digital tools to meet customer demands.

Among all other digital marketing strategies, video marketing has gained a massive response from the audience. When we say video marketing, it includes both short videos and long videos. Currently, short videos are getting an overwhelming response and are also generating better results.

This is the right time to create short videos and get a hold of the market with fewer marketing expenses. To understand more about short videos, first, you need to know their popularity in the market.

The popularity of short videos

  • Short-form videos have guaranteed the 30% highest ROI to any brand that is promoted through any of the social media channels.
  • To learn about a product or service, 75% of consumers prefer short videos to text explanations.
  • In 2022, 90% of internet traffic are made because of short videos.
  • 1.6 million people have used short videos to communicate in 2022.
  • Out of all videos that are currently present on all social media platforms, 40% of them are short videos.
  • The revenue generated through short videos has exceeded $10 billion in 2022.
  • More than 70% of video marketers are using short-form videos to get better branding and reach among their target audience.

What are short videos?

Short videos are shareable content specifically created for social media engagement. Any videos that will run less than 60 seconds are termed to be short videos. Platforms like TikTok, Instagram, and YouTube, have made this format to be more popular.

Now short videos can run between 60 seconds to 2 minutes and can create maximum customer engagement. Many budding businesses have planned to create short videos and have taken this tool to reach their audience and planned for higher branding.

How can short videos gear up auto sales?

Many compelling reasons will inspire any entrepreneur to invest in short videos to promote auto sales. A few of those reasons are listed below.

Reaching the right audience and making them familiar with the new launch

Many prospective buyers are completely unaware of the newly launched vehicle. Though you would have spent more on promoting the launch still your promotional activities are not so attractive as it doesn’t involve video marketing.

As per a Google survey, more than 40% of prospects discovered the new launch of a vehicle only through short video promotions. With the help of short videos, you can clearly explain the new vehicle features and can create an urge among your audience, and can make them book the vehicle.

Allowing end-users to compare features

Through short videos, users can put different models and can compare the contrasting features among different vehicle models. Buyers who are planning to check with new models will get deep insights through short videos.

Buyers can easily narrow down their search as they can get all details through the video and can come to a conclusion about buying the new vehicle after going through a proper comparison of features and prices.

If you create short videos on popular social platforms like YouTube, you will start getting comments from viewers, and buyers can go through the comment and can know more about the product.

Urge the prospective buyers to visit the showroom

Once the buyer has explored enough about the new vehicle, he will be urged to visit the showroom to have a touch-and-feel experience. This will be the final stage for deciding to buy the product. If the buyer is convinced with the quality and impressed with your marketing skills then you can get the order from that buyer easily.

If leveraged strategically, short videos can bring unbelievable footfall to your showroom. You can even measure with metrics and check the footfall count in your showroom after posting a short video on any of your social platforms.

Showcase your product with multiple options

Short videos for the automotive industry are a real boon as you can showcase your product with different video modes. You can easily drive engagement by presenting an eye-pleasing short video that will explain the product in different aspects as listed below.

  • You can have a video tour that will show the interior and exterior of the automobile
  • Can focus on specific buyer groups and can create short videos that will meet their expectations.
  • Virtual test drive videos can be posted that will enable buyers to get the real thrill of driving the vehicle.
  • Customer-sharing experience can be posted through short videos that will increase the brand’s reputation.
  • Vehicle servicing videos will explain how your technicians skillfully handle the vehicle and do the maintenance and repair.
  • Vehicle maintenance tips can be given through short videos where you can let your technician give ideas on maintaining the vehicle.

Increase organic traffic to your website

When you post your short videos by embedding your website link with it, your viewers will start visiting your website as they will be eager to collect more details about the vehicle. This will simultaneously increase the website traffic.

Increasing the website traffic will result in getting a higher rank on the search engine result page (SERP). In addition, if you follow a proper SEO strategy you will start getting genuine leads that can be converted to orders and revenue.

Influence prospects with customer reviews and testimonials

Though you can share more features and functionalities of your vehicle, a customer will always look for reviews and testimonials of other customers who have already bought and experienced the product.

You can make short videos with customers’ testimonials that can easily grab the attention of buyers and will give a positive review about your vehicle. Buyers will decide between buying the product instantly.

Few aspects to consider to make a successful short video

Now you would be more curious to know how to make short videos for your product. Short videos for the automotive industry have become mandatory and every automobile dealer is finding ways to make short videos.
Here we will guide you in making promotional videos by letting you know a few aspects that are pre-requisite to creating short videos.

Defining your goal

You should first find the goal or the purpose of going for a video marketing strategy. Some may need videos for branding alone. Some may prefer conversions. You should identify what is the main objective of making short videos and accordingly the video content should be prepared and posted. Only then short video marketing strategy will be fruitful.

Understand the market and your target audience

Customer-first approach will always work than putting your product or service first. The entire market is surrounded by customers’ demands and expectations. If you find ways to satisfy them then you can win the market race. For this, you need to first identify who your target audiences are. Then frame a video content strategy that will meet the market needs and customers’ demands.

Learn to create short videos

Creating short videos is easy if you are just creating them for entertainment purposes. You can directly visit any social channel and can start posting your videos that will run for 60 seconds to 2 minutes. But the real challenge is to create short videos for business purposes. You need to have proper strategy and planning. You can get help from any digital marketing company like Appkodes, which can guide you in making a perfect customer-centric short video that will get you better engagement and returns.

Be more creative and unique

To survive in this competitive market, you need to be more creative and also unique. You should differentiate your brand from others. Find the USP of your product and focus on promoting it through your short videos. Make sure you get connected with your audience which will result in better engagement.

How can Appkodes help?

Appkodes plays a crucial role in converting prospective buyers to paying customers. We can guide you in every stage of the sales funnel which includes creating brand awareness, generating interest among the audience, and finally resulting in order conversion.

We understand your business and know what the automotive industry requires in this serious market. We have worked with several automobile clients and have a better experience with customer demands.

Get our short video presentation and escalate your automobile business to the next level and strategically beat the competition.

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