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Instant Messaging Apps: The Future of Online Communication Business

Kala samayapuri

27 Sep 2021 on Our Products · 10 min read

image depicting the future scope of instant messaging apps

10 min read

Only through communication, human life can hold meaning
I, the one who compiled this blog and you the one who is reading it now have managed to survive the covid curfew physically and mentally. This way we both prove to be the living examples of the quote stated above.

Of course, the coronavirus pandemic aimed at keeping people away from staying close to each other. And, even the lockdown confined people indoors. Yet, none of these could stop people from staying in touch with their friends, families, and the rest.

Meanwhile, this became quite possible as people had effective and reliable instant messaging applications. It was these instant messaging applications that helped them to stay in touch with friends, families, co-workers, and customers.

In addition to this, even the companies started relying on instant messaging apps. They have become dependent on instant messaging apps like Whatsapp and Telegram to connect with their customers. This way, slowly, the massively popular instant messaging apps have won the hearts of people in business.

This gif picturizes how people across the globe stay connected through a single instant messaging app

Therefore, to put it in a nutshell, Instant messaging apps like Telegram or Whatapp were the only notable solutions that prevented many businesses from shutting during pandemic times and have soared high above the crisis when most of the other businesses got trampled down.

Taking into consideration the above-stated covid and post covid scenario, one thing becomes clear. So, building such an excellent instant messaging app platform will be the wisest move any aspiring entrepreneur should take.

The first and foremost criteria you must be aware of is how WhatsApp became the common language that connects people. Secondly, you need to find out the demand for instant messaging apps in the upcoming days.

Apart from this, you need insights on how to arrive at your desired instant messaging app and the striking features of an instant messaging platform that’ll help people deal with any crisis that awaits.

How Whatsapp became the common language that connects people?

We all know that the founder of Whatsapp, Jan Koum is now a billionaire. What we don’t know is he is now a billionaire with a net worth of 9.9 billion. The same building in which he used to pick up food stamps for himself and his mother is where he resides now.

The negative effects he encountered as a child made  Jan Koum arrive at such an eminent yet simple instant messaging app. Everything he did was eavesdropped on, recorded, and snitched on in the communist regime in which he grew up.

As a result, those constraints had a deep influence on him and it became the spark that ignited his strong commitment to privacy protection.

This gif is about the privacy protection of instant messaging app

Thus, he was adamant about one thing that was, nobody should own the right to eavesdrop. Therefore, he is still so serious about securing the privacy of WhatsApp users. This anecdote is Whatsapp’s testimony of trust. This way, to this day, Whatsapp is the safest communicating platform with end-to-end encryption.

Consequently, this serves as the only reason for the people around the globe to be dependent on it. The privacy policy made people trust this instant messaging app in the first place for communication.

To sum up, for an ambitious entrepreneur like you, the best way to debut into an online business is by developing an instant messaging platform similar to Whatsapp or Telegram. Are you still hesitant about the popularity of the app? Then, keep scrolling.

Statistics of Whatsapp usage during Covid-19 crisis

Most of the online businesses are optimistic and some even foresee their success in 2021. On average, more than half of the online businesses are well prepared to deal with another lockdown. The same goes for instant messaging apps too.

Despite the limitations brought on by Covid-19, these online communication businesses saw so much scope for the future. WhatsApp has the greatest gains among other social media apps even during the spread of the monstrous virus.

It saw about a 40 percent increase in usage. In a survey conducted by a reputed firm on more than 25,000 consumers in 30 markets. The following results were inferred from the survey. Initially, the usage of the renowned instant messaging app increased 27% in the early phase of Covid-19.

During the mid Phase of Covid-19, there was about a 40% increase in usage of WhatsApp. WhatsApp usage grew by 51% in countries that were in the later stage of the Covid-19 outbreak. The report also highlighted the 76% increase in time spent on the app during the pandemic.

The graph shows an increase in the number of monthly users of instant messaging apps per month during covid-19.

This graph is illustrates the increase in number of WhatsApp users each month

Just as good wine needs no bush, nothing more than these sorted facts and statistics could convince you. Now, you are ready to set foot into the online communication business and all set to develop your instant messaging platform similar to Whatsapp.

How to arrive at an astounding instant messaging platform must be what you are intrigued to know at this juncture. Continue to read this blog to know about it.

How to arrive at your desired online platform similar to Whatsapp

I understand that you’re determined about starting an online communication business because that’s the reason you have been redirected to this page. So, without much further ado let me zoom in to the step-by-step overview of the operational aspects for setting up your online business.

This image showcases the various steps involved to arrive at an instant messaging platform

Research and find about your online communication business framework

You may know what you want to do but you must be clear about how you are going to do it. Therefore, you need to devise a perfect plan. This is possible only when you do enough research on everything from how the platform you want to develop should look to the features and functionalities you wish to include.

This would provide better insights and aid you in arriving at a successful instant messaging platform.

Build an attractive instant messaging platform

Once you come up with a clear plan on how your instant messaging platform should look like, you must try to come up with user-attractive features. This move can help you sustain your business in the long run.

Thus, to develop your desired platform, you need to find out what features your target audience will look for. To know that, you need to seek answers to the questions are given below,

  1. What else is the requirement of people despite the existing features of Whatsapp?
  2. How will the instant messaging platform you build stand out from the plethora of instant messaging apps available online?
  3. Can you satisfy the needs and expectations of people in an affordable way?

To choose an eminent Whatsapp clone script

This is the prime requirement that you need to opt to plunge into your suitable online business. There are umpteen online solutions available. Yet, you need to look for a readily available and all-inclusive Whatsapp clone script.

Only when you choose one such clone script, you can build a unique instant messaging platform. This would help you to show your worth to your contemporaries in that field.

To stand out of the clutter

To be frank, What I’ve explained so far is just a good start. Are you taken aback? Relax! To experience consistent success and stay ahead of your competitors, you need to customize your Whatsapp clone script as your online business plan.

So, now you would have realized that building an instant messaging platform isn’t a tough task but a big responsibility. And, to carry out it effectively, opting for a perfect Whatsapp clone script is the ideal way.

Though clone solutions are all-inclusive and readily available, you need to be familiar with the striking features of an instant messaging app. Only this will help you with customizing your ready-to-use Whatsapp clone.

Striking features that make an instant messaging platform like Whatsapp advance in the near future

The major reason that made me suggest you choose a Whatsapp clone script is the exuberant features that the existing renowned instant messaging app owns. There are many striking features instant messaging apps like Whatsapp possess.

These features that are mentioned below played a vital role in bringing people together even when the deadly viruses kept us all apart. So, undoubtedly these features would make any instant messaging platform reliable in the days to come. Some of them are,

Instant chat and Group chat features

This feature provides your users the pleasure of personalizing their chat experience quickly. It was this feature that kept people bound to their mobile phones during a crisis. And, the group chat option allows users especially business people to create more than one group and to have an instant chat with their members during the curfew period.

This gif picturizes the audio and video calling features of the instant messaging app

Audio call and video call features

Apart from the chat options, the features that allow you to make audio calls and high-quality
video calls are much useful too. This feature connected people across the world with their dear ones even if they were quarantined.

End-to-end encryption

The end-to-end encryption security mechanism ensures the security of any data sent between two individuals. Be it photos, videos, messages, voice messages, documents, etc. This feature gives users the assurance that the data they share will never fall into wrong hands.

As mentioned earlier of all features, I’ve highlighted only a few prominent features that helped people to get connected easily, stay in touch despite the tough scenario, and feel secure. As imagination knows no horizon, you may find even more significant features and would think of including them in the platform you are about to develop.

Thus, a futuristic Whatsapp clone script is all that you need as it’s easily customizable.
This way you can bring a change and withstand in your online business in this rapidly evolving online communication industry.  Now, the only thing you must be thinking is about finding such a robust clone script.

This gif depicts how the entire globe communicates through an instant messaging app

Take Away

Anyways, you’ve made it to the end of the blog wondering where to look for a robust and comprehensive Whatsapp clone script. Appkodes is the exact place you are looking for. Appkodes has got a team of professional, intellectual, and skilled developers.

Along with more than a decade of experience, they are both technically and intellectually equipped. They have also mastered the art of shaping your dreams into reality. So, you can get an exact, handpicked Whatsapp clone script and get it deftly crafted to fit in your online business framework.

Therefore, get connected with the team without any further delay. It’s time to let the world know about your innovative online platform. Best wishes!

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