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Until the ban of Tiktok in India, my usage time of TikTok would far exceed than any other app in my phone comparatively. It would be like I am using the app for only a couple of minutes but when I look at the clock, an hour would have already flown by.

Because of this addiction and my craving, many times I have tried to uninstall the app. But it will not last for even two days and I would again download the app again and again shamelessly.

People out there would have also had relatable experiences. So, I clearly know that many people like me are missing this short video app badly that paved the way for expressing themselves by creating, sharing, and discovering short videos.

As a person with an addiction to Tiktok, I am very much interested in knowing more about this app and the short video app industry. I also believe that you will be also very eager to know about this social media giant. Am I right?

Here are some quick bites for you

  • Tiktok was the most downloaded video app globally in 2021 with 796.7 million downloads from the App Store and play store
  • Tiktok has been downloaded over billion times
  • Monthly active users of Tiktok is expected to reach 1.5 billion by the end of 2022
  • MX TakaTak, the Indian short video app was the third most downloaded video app in 2021 with around 182 million downloads worldwide.
  • In 2021 there is an 84% increase in the time spent on short video platforms. These platforms have seen a 300% % jump in monthly active users (MAUs)

Really interesting facts these are, right?

Stick with me till the end of this blog to know more about the short video app market and Tiktok.

Short video platform market

What is the short video app?

I hope you will definitely have an idea about this.

Short video apps are video applications that enable users to create, edit and share short-form videos. These videos are more likely to snatch the users’ attention quickly.

These apps also help businesses to expand their reach within a short time span.

Why are short video apps so popular?

We all love spending time or binge-watching shorter videos which ultimately brings us joy. These videos provide a unique viewing experience than the traditional longer-form videos

Short video app also serves as a perfect space to interact with users and also as a powerful advertising platform. So, short video apps have grown exponentially worldwide nowadays.

Which is the best platform for short videos?

Undoubtedly Tiktok tops the list. Have a look at the other alternative and best platforms for short videos

  • Instagram reels
  • Youtube shorts
  • Snapchat
  • Triller
  • Vimeo
  • Hippo video
  • Magsito
  • Dubsmash
  • Byte

Which short video app has more downloads?

Any guess?

According to Statista, with 796.7 million downloads, Tiktok was the most downloaded short video app worldwide in 2021.

Short video app downloads in 2021

Short video app revenue models and future growth

How does short video app make money?

Here I have listed down some notable business models of short video platforms

Subscription video on demand

Users will have to pay the amount monthly, quarterly, or yearly. They can view limitless content on the platform along with the recent content

Transactional video on demand

Users will pay a one-time fee to watch live events and videos. It is generally known as pay per view.

To say in other words, users can choose videos that they wish to watch and will pay for the content they need

Ad-supported video on demand

Users can view the content for free but they will receive ads in between the content from which the platform makes major revenue

Different rates will be charged from the advertisers depending on the time that they wish to run ads on the platforms.

Hybrid model

It is a combo of the above models and is normally adopted by the companies that wish to intensify their reach

Customers will be later converted into the transactional or subscription model which they can choose based on their preferences or budget

Short video apps also make money through brand promotions, sponsorship, and collaboration

Benefits of creating short video apps in 2022

Is there anyone who doesn’t want to monetize their videos? Definitely no, right?

Making short and creative videos on short video platforms will help people gain brand awareness which will eventually boost their revenue

Also short videos will entertain people and delivers the message effectively and memorably. So, obviously, there is and there will always be a great demand for short video apps among people.

Therefore, you can be the one reaping benefits by creating short video apps and kick-starting your venture in this blooming short form video industry in 2022

What is the future of short video apps?

Many Short form videos will emerge for niche audiences and will become more competitive. People will get high-quality videos from professional content creators on a regular basis

Businesses that capitalize on the short video app industry trends will be well-positioned for success in the coming years too!

What you need to know about the Tiktok app?

What is Tiktok actually used for?

I hope there is no need for any elaborate definition for this as we are all very well familiar with Tiktok

It is a short form, video sharing application used to create, share and discover short videos. Users can create and share 15-sec videos on any topic

Young people use this app as an outlet to express themselves by dancing, singing, lip-syncing, etc

When did TikTok become so popular?

It became popular in October 2018.

Especially after merging with musical.ly, Tiktok downloads skyrocketed and it became the most highly downloaded app in the US in October 2018

Tiktok along with Douyin hit one billion downloads globally in February 2019

This clearly shows Tiktok growth, right?

Tik tok Growth Statistics

Why is Tiktok so popular?

A recent study shows that

  • 64% of users say that they can be their real selves on Tiktok
  • 56% of Tiktok users say that they post videos on Tiktok that they wouldn’t post elsewhere
  • 31% of Tiktok users specified the reason for using Tiktok again and again as ‘Lifting my spirits”
  • 52 % of users say that they search or shop for products on Tiktok and 60% of users say that they follow brands on Tiktok

You can also refer to businessofapps to know more about some interesting Tiktok Statistics and Tiktok users by country details

Users also perceive Tiktok content as authentic, unfiltered and trendsetting ones. The same applies to Tiktok advertising as well.

So, to say it on the whole users are delighted by the content on Tiktok, feel safe with their own content, and feel comparatively positive towards content from brands and businesses on Tiktok.

Do all these Tiktok statistics show the reasons behind the popularity of Tiktok?

What is the business model of TikTok?

Tiktok makes money through

Advertising: In-feed ads, Top view ads, Brand takeover ads, branded effect ads, branded hashtags

In-app purchases: Users buying virtual in-app coins

Ecommerce offerings: From acting as an affiliate

How many people use Tiktok statistics?

Available in 150 countries with over 1 Billion monthly active users as of 2021

ie, 22.32% of the 4.48 billion social media users are Tiktok users on a monthly basis

Downloaded over 200 million times in US alone. To know more about the Tiktok facts, refer to whatisthebusinessmodelof

How much revenue does Tiktok generate?

Year Annual revenue

  • 2018 – $150 million
  • 2019 – $350 million
  • 2020 – $1.9 billion
  • 2021 – $4.6 billion
Tiktok Revenue Statistics

Short form video app development

How can I make my short video app like TikTok?

To develop an app like Tiktok,

  • Do enough research and find out more about your target market
    Select your monetization model
  • Reach an app development team. Fix your app design, features and future concept
  • Make use of the readymade Tiktok clone script of. You may wonder why I suggest going for a readymade script. I will explain this in detail later
  • Launch your Tiktok like app on the Play store and app store

How much does it cost to make a TikTok like app?

The cost to create an app like Tiktok depends on various factors like the features you want to include in your app, platforms across which you need to build your app, the app development team you choose, and so on

Role of Ready Made TikTok like app in short video app development

As you may already know, be it any app, building it from scratch will surely cost you more and will take all of your time and resources.

This is because it will need in-depth research and development time to build your own robust entertainment video app.

So, what you can do is reach a renowned app development company and get a suitable app for building your own impressive short form video app like Tiktok within your budget and a short span of time.

But be cautious while choosing an apt clone script provider as it will play a major role in the success of your venture in the short video app industry

Final thoughts

This blog would have given you enough insights on short video apps and Tiktok growth. So, as the blog says the competition is very high in the short form video industry

This is clearly unavoidable and as an entrepreneur, you need to face challenges to come off with flying colors in your venture

So, have a strong belief in your concepts and follow a smart and cost-effective path to make your short video app a big hit worldwide

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