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Buy-Sell Classified Mobile App Development: Features, Cost, and Benefits

Glory Simmons

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buy-sell classified mobile app development

12 min read

Are you looking for buy-sell classified mobile app development? You need to first understand what is the objective of building a buy-sell classified app and what are the things to be considered in a buy-sell classified mobile app development. This article will guide you on each process and will let you have a clear knowledge of the buy-sell classified mobile app development.

The demand for online marketplaces stays high all the time as people find it cool to buy and sell online. When we talk about the online marketplace, an eCommerce website and a classified website are both defined as an online marketplace. But both vary in their functions and features which major audiences fail to understand. In the process of buy-sell classified mobile app development, we need to first understand what a buy-sell classified app is.

What is buy-sell classified mobile app development?

The buy-sell classified mobile app enables users to buy, sell, and rent products that include properties, gadgets, furniture, pets, and many more. The entire buying and selling happen within the platform with just a few clicks.

The classified buy-sell app has a huge reach when compared with any other eCommerce business model. These platforms cover B2B, B2C, and also C2C business platforms. OLX and Craigslist are a few examples of buy-sell classified platforms.

Hope you have understood what a buy-sell classified mobile app is about. Now we need to have a firm reason for preferring buy-sell classified mobile app development. Let us find out the genuine reasons for investing in this platform.

Why do you need to invest in buy-sell classified mobile app development?

Better user engagement – Reaching a wider audience through a mobile app will support you in getting user engagement with your classified business which in turn will increase the conversions.

Enhanced user experience – The easy-to-use buy-sell classified app will offer more convenience to users to buy and sell goods. Multiple features like location-based search, real-time notification, and map integration will boost user experience.

Increases revenue – The buy-sell classified app will be integrated with multiple revenue streams that will let the admin get more income from multiple channels.

Competitive advantage – The competition is fierce and you need to stand alone in the market which is possible only by building a mobile app for your buy-sell classified business. Many of your competitors are still using the website alone.

Interesting stats about online buy-sell classified business

  • The online classified ads market is expected to have 9.5% growth every year from 2020 to 2026.
  • The classified ads market evaluation in India has reached Rs. 7200 crores in 2020 which was just 2900 crores in 2015.
  • Craigslist is listed to be the top buy-sell classified platform as it has crossed $1 billion despite there is huge competition in the market.
  • In India, OLX is the most popular online classified app that holds more than 350 million active users and has crossed $1.2 billion in revenue.

Things to consider in buy-sell classified mobile app development.

Classified mobile app development is a challenging process that needs more market understanding. Several factors need to be considered if you are serious about buy-sell classified mobile app development. Let us identify those crucial factors for better understanding.

User-friendly interface – This is the most crucial aspect that every classified app needs to have. This will attract a larger audience. A simple and intuitive design will gain the attention of visitors and help to have better conversion.

Customization – Every business has its demands and goals. Customers’ buying journeys keep changing along with technological advancement. The platform needs customization and should keep it fit for all user groups.

Revenue models – The main objective of building a classified app is to make revenue. You need to have multiple revenue streams integrated with your platform. You can be clear with all revenue channels that are to be present with the platform.

Platform security – Online buying and selling have a major threat to security. People may not risk entering their personal and credit card details if they find the platform to be unsafe. You need to make sure that your platform is secured with SSL certification and strictly follows all security standards.

Multilingual support – If you are focusing on a global audience then your platform should support multiple languages that will let users from any part of the world access your platform at ease and also increase user experience.

Benefits experienced through buy-sell classified mobile app development

Every online classified business experience has a list of benefits that will make them move further with their business. You should get to know those benefits that will motivate you in buy-sell classified mobile app development.

Cost-effective approach

Building a buy-sell classified mobile app can be very affordable if you go for a ready-to-deploy classified script. There are also options like you can define the app development company about which classified platform you prefer for your business. According to your preference, you can select OLX clone, Craigslist Clone, job classified script, or any classified script. You can instantly launch your classified clone app with all similar features with less spending.

Enlarge your customer base

The world has become a global village with the help of Internet services. Communication has become easier and people can visit the classified websites and can post their products. Others can view products and order, pay for them online and get them delivered. This convenience that your buy-sell classified mobile app gives customers will help you to acquire more new customers and increase your customer base.

Easy to manage

Every classified business owner once had a tough time managing their traditional classified ads business. They need to check on each seller who is making a profit out of their business. Also, many customers may visit the business and would have left without leaving their details.

Understanding their preferences has always been a challenge. But today, with the help of an effective online classified app, the owner can track all sellers and buyers and also can have insights about visitors who have entered the platform even though they haven’t purchased anything with the platform.


The buy-sell classified mobile app is available round the clock for sellers to post their ads and buyers to buy their products. It is not necessary that the admin to be awake to handle every sale that is carried out in non-business hours. All major operations are automated and without any manual support, the ordering process is easily carried out.

Limitless sales

The classified business owner may not worry about product maintenance as he will provide service alone to connect buyers with sellers. There is no burden about inventory maintenance and so he can have limitless sellers and buyers and can also be assured to have limitless sales.

Monetization opportunities gained through buy-sell classified mobile app development

While planning for buy-sell classified mobile app development, you need to set the monetization strategies that will get you better returns. Now let us find out what are the common ways of monetizing your buy-sell classified mobile app in detail.

buy-sell classified mobile app development


The platform can let sellers sell their products through the classified mobile app and can charge a commission on each seller who makes sales. The commission value can be set by the admin with the consent of the seller. It can be either a fixed commission rate or can vary according to the value of the product sold through the platform. This benefits sellers as they need to pay only when they make business.

Featured listing

This is another important monetization strategy where we can charge sellers who want to list their products on the top of the home page. This will enhance the seller’s brand and he may get more audience on his platform and can make good deals.


You can let users to subscribe the channel and become a member of your platform. By becoming a member, users can get to access all advanced features of the platform without any restrictions. Also, they can buy or sell products without paying commissions or service charges to the platform.

Third-party Ads

The classified app owner can make use of the platform space and can place any third-party advertisers on its home page. Visitors who enter the platform may find relevant ads and when they click those ads they will be directed to that brand’s page. For each click, the admin will be paid by the advertisers.

Crucial features to be integrated into the buy-sell classified mobile app development

We have analyzed the revenue models that are possible with a buy-sell classified app. Now we need to know what are the must-have features of the classified app that will beat the competition and make your brand stay unique in the market. While framing the features you need to focus on the buyer/seller and the admin separately.

Buy-sell classified mobile app development – buyer/seller features

RegistrationUsers need to enter all their personal information like name, contact number, email id, and many more for the registration process and can sign-up for the platform.
Profile settingUsers are allowed to set their profile by having their profile image. They can edit their details like name, contact number, and email id.
Product categoryTo make searching easier, you need to organise all products listed on the platform under several categories. This will help buyers quickly find their products and sellers streamline their products.
Advanced search and filterUsers can find their required product among thousands of products with the help of advanced search and filter features. Users can give their requirements and can filter them further to easily get onto the product page.
GeolocationUsers need to buy or sell with another user who is staying nearby to their location. Geolocation mapping will help them to find a person who is very close to their area.
WishlistUsers are allowed to store their favorite products on their wishlist and can buy them later whenever needed.
NotificationsThis is a very crucial feature that will keep informing users about order status, delivery, recent arrivals, deals and offers, and many more.
Multiple payment optionsThe platform should offer multiple payment options like credit/debit cards, UPI, net banking, and more.
In-app chatThis is the most essential communication channel that your buy-sell classified app should have. This will let the buyer have direct communication with the concerned seller.
Order StatusUsers should be able to check their order status and view their order history through the app.
Social sharingThis feature will support your platform to gain more visibility as it will allow users to share the product, they have purchased from your app on their social media pages.

Buy-sell classified mobile app development – admin features

User-friendly dashboardThis will be a centralized place where the admin will be able to handle all his business operations like payment, users, products, and many more.
User managementThe admin will have complete control over the classified app and he will be allowed to manage users like adding or removing them from the platform.
Product managementAlthough the seller needs to maintain products and his inventory, the admin has the right to approve or reject any product being displayed on the platform.
Pricing managementThe seller can set a price for his product. But the admin can monitor the pricing and make sure that the price is quite reasonable.
Order trackingAdmin can check the status of each order and can track all orders to make sure the orders are delivered to the customers on time.
Content managementContent has the most crucial role in attracting an audience to the platform and making them buy products. The content needs to be updated often and the admin will take this role
Commission managementIf your platform has a commission revenue model, then the app needs to have commission management where the admin will deduct the commission from the payment made by the buyer and will transfer the rest to the concerned seller.
Reviews and ratingsCustomers will share their feedback through reviews and rating features. This can be viewed by the admin and can make sure that the platform serves best its customers and enhance their experience by supporting sellers.
Analytics and insightsThe performance of the platform needs to be monitored often by the admin. This can be analyzed through analytics that gives a clear insight into the performance.
Customer supportThe admin needs to make sure that the customers get proper support through his platform. Multiple communication channels need to be integrated and 24/7 customer support should be provided.

Buy-sell classified mobile app development – Advanced features and add-ons

AffiliateAffiliate programs can be included while developing the buy-sell classified mobile app. This will give excellent brand visibility as anyone can share the app link on their social media pages. When visitors enter the app by clicking the link then the affiliate can be paid a commission.
Customer loyalty programsThe platform can make use of the customers to acquire new customers. By offering good loyalty programs, you can easily get more customers to your brand.
Social loginUsers may not need to spend time in their registration process by entering all columns that are required. Instead, they can just use their social media logins to get registered with the site.
Multiple currency and multilingualThis will get you a global audience as they will find it easy to use your app in their native language and can use their native currency to pay and buy them.

Steps involved in buy-sell classified mobile app development

You are all set with the revenue models and the salient features that are to be integrated with your buy-sell classified app. Now is the right time to start the development process. Let us find the simple steps to develop the buy-sell classified mobile app.

Decide your niche

You need to choose what type of classified marketplace you need to build. The classified platform can job classified portal or real-estate property classified portal or any other classified app. Be specific about the niche you prefer to address with your app.

Choose the similar app you want to clone

As you have many supporting classified apps that play the lead roles in the market, you can simply clone their functions and features and can build the same. You need to finalize which popular classified app you want for your business. It can be OLX, Quickr, or Craigslist.

Select features to be added to your app

We have listed all essential features for the buy-sell classified mobile app. You can choose from those features and can get them integrated with your classified app. You can choose all the advanced features if you have enough budget. For startups, we recommend going for MVP.

Decide on the platform to launch

You are going to develop a mobile app for your buy-sell classified online business. Now you need to be clear on which platform you are going to launch your app. Some may choose Android, some on iOS, and some on both. Choose your platform according to your budget availability.

Choose a reliable app development team

Building a mobile app needs more product knowledge and should be technically strong enough to write coding. You need to find the best app development company in the market and should have a chat with them. Explain your product, discuss the cost, and then finalize the company to build your classified app.

Launch the app

Now the development process is completed and you need to launch your app to reach your audience. Have more marketing strategies to promote your app among your target audience. Make sure you include social media platforms for promotion.

Cost for buy-sell classified mobile app development

You should be more curious now to know the cost to develop the classified app. All products and all businesses are not the same. Each varies in functions and objectives. Likewise, all classified apps cannot have the same functionalities and features. As it varies, the pricing also varies. So, it is not possible to straightaway give the pricing as it is influenced by several factors as listed below.

Platform – The mobile app can be launched on Android and iOS platforms. If you need to launch in Android alone then it will cost less. You can also be specific with a native or hybrid framework which varies in cost.

Design – With normal ordinary design we can build an app that will cost you less amount. But if you prefer to have high-end graphical content and design for your platform then you will be charged more to pay.

The complexity of the application – With minimum features, the app will function smoothly. But if you keep adding more features, it will result in complexity. When there is high complexity then the development cost will also be high.

Hosting and maintenance cost – You can hire a hosting service provider to launch your app. There are several plans offered by the hosting provider. If you get shared hosting, it will cost very low. If you go for a dedicated server then it will cost high. But for a classified app, we would suggest you go for a dedicated server that will support the performance of the app.

Get expert support for your buy-sell classified mobile app development

Buy-sell classified mobile app development and its maintenance is a challenging one. This can be easily handled by handing over the development and maintenance process to an expert in this field.

Appkodes has 9+ years of experience in app development and can easily handle your buy-sell classified app development process efficiently. The company has already developed an OLX clone, Craigslist clone, classified script, and many more.

The team of skilled professionals can clearly understand your business demands and can build an excellent buy-sell classified mobile in both Android and iOS platforms at a very affordable price. Get connected with the team and get your quotes and have a free demo.

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