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How can you make your online business survive and thrive during COVID-19

Kala samayapuri

23 Aug 2021 on Insights for Entrepreneurs · 10 min read

Making online business survive during COVID-19

10 min read

Exactly a year ago none of us would have imagined that our day-to-day activities will be greatly affected and we will be pushed to do almost all our work online, from home. The pandemic has turned all our lives upside down to a greater degree and has mostly destroyed many businesses across the globe. The online business sector is not an exception in this.

But, despite this, some businesses are undoubtedly thriving. The businesses that are able to get adapted to the shifting consumer behavior and that changed their business practices overcame the uphill battle. The pandemic also opened the door of incredible learning experiences for many aspiring entrepreneurs to confront a difficult situation.

Image showing online businesses striving hard during pandemic

As people are getting adapted to the post COVID life, it is a well-known fact that there is a great demand for some online business sectors and so it will be surely a wonderful opportunity for many ambitious proprietors to give life to their online business dreams

As one of those entrepreneurs, some prime questions will definitely arise in your mind now. What are the online businesses that succeeded during the pandemic situation, what are the things that we can learn from those successful online businesses which greatly helped them to survive the outbreak? The key part of clone scripts in building a lucrative online business and how you can get a felicitous clone script for your business.

If these questions have been raised in your mind and if you want to know more about those online businesses, then you have to stick with me till the end of this blog. I assure you that you will have a clear picture of all the above-mentioned areas.

So, Are you ready? Without any delay, let’s delve into the sections.

Businesses that succeeded during the pandemic

Some online business sectors actually got through the difficult pandemic situation. Continue reading to know more about those businesses.

Virtual healthcare

Being able to book appointments with the preferred doctors online and being able to get virtual assistance with not having to leave the safety of the home greatly helped the online healthcare industry to shine during the pandemic.

Many people will opt for the stay-at-home method of meeting doctors in the coming weeks and months too. Therefore, the online healthcare sector will have a rising face in the future.

Delivery services

The food delivery sector that allowed the customers to interact with the restaurants smoothly and remotely have thrived in 2021. Also, other professional delivery services have expanded and made proper delivery of goods and services to people worldwide.

On-demand service sector

As you know, people really don’t want to leave their homes unless it is necessary. But, they want to get their local services done without any hassles. This eventually led to the growth of the on-demand service sector during the pandemic.

The on-demand service industry will continue to flourish in the coming months too. Because people across the globe are looking for the ideal on-demand service platforms for their home service requirements.

Virtual training and workout platforms

In 2020 and 2021, people were left with no option other than to get creative solutions for maintaining their physical health. So, digital training sessions and workout classes entered the race with a splash.

A recent survey showed that 85% of people have accessed live stream classes. And, 73% of users have utilized recorded fitness videos during the pandemic. So, it is of no surprise that there is a great demand for the live streaming sector

Ecommerce sector

Online shopping faced a massive hit during the COVID-19 pandemic as people across the globe not showed keen interest in entering stores and preferred to use ecommerce platforms to place orders online and get their required products at their doorsteps.

A recent survey also shows that this sector will see more than $843 billion in total sales in 2021.

Communication sector

This sector got extremely prevalent during this pandemic due to its convenience, that it helped a lot in connecting people even at the nook and corner of the world together at a lower cost. So, people are able to stay in touch with their near and dear ones in spite of the crisis.

The above mentioned are some online business sectors that are able to withstand the pandemic situation. But, do you think that these businesses are able to flourish that easily without considering some tips and significant concepts?

Really no, right? There are some useful points and ideas that you should learn from these online businesses. So, let us dig into that.

Vital concepts to know from some booming online businesses

Be a little creative

The online businesses mentioned above have reinvented themselves in different ways to attain success, i.e. they found new selling channels, found new market opportunities, innovative ways to interact with their users, etc.

Online businesses being creative in attracting users

Thereby, they are able to thrive despite the crisis situation this year. So, as an entrepreneur running an online business, you must employ differentiation and creativity in everything you do.

Revamp your entire online business operations in all the possible ways to flabbergast your users in the long run, especially during this outbreak.

Strong digital presence becomes a priority

People no longer look for some ordinary online platforms for their needs. Especially, the online businesses that succeeded in this pandemic focused more on building a comprehensive online presence that ensures user safety, timely support, and enhances the experience in order to attract and retain users globally.

Online business with a strong digital presence

So, you must understand that your business will be more noticed only with a robust digital presence. So, if you are already having an online platform for your business, then it becomes essential for you to make your platform user-friendly and a secured one as much as possible.

It must serve as a perfect space to engage, interact and support your current and potential customers.

Knowing customer needs and acting accordingly

After the COVID-19 outbreak, the customer experience has changed drastically. Customer requirements from the businesses have also changed and they are in need of instant support from the businesses they approach. Businesses that understood this point are actually able to win customers’ hearts during this pandemic.

So, entrepreneurs must take steps to reach out to customers then and there and fulfill their expectations with quick delivery and pickup services, providing demos of your services on the site, free online events, forming a strong bond with the users through the online platform, and providing all other services that can meet their needs in this pandemic.

Look for modern technological solutions

Many online businesses that survived the pandemic outbreak have reconsidered using the technological solutions effectively. So, adapting and making the utmost use of trending technologies is quite important.

To say in a nutshell, your usage of advanced technological solutions will decide the success of your online business. Right from customer interaction to the payment area, optimize your business operations wherever it is required.

At this juncture, you would have realized the importance of forming a robust online presence for your business to withstand the pandemic and the competition that will last forever in the online industry. So, how to build one? will be the question that will cross your mind now.

Here comes the role of clone scripts.

What is a clone script?

Clone scripts are readily available online solutions that can be used efficiently to build a remunerative, unique online platform. They encompass all core features and functions that will be required to form a perfect online platform. Clone solutions are not just easy to use, they are also safe and time-saving.

I will list down some key benefits of clone scripts for your better understanding of them.

Why can you make use of a clone script for your online business

Helps in forming a unique online presence

With a readymade and customizable clone script, you can arrive at a feature-rich online platform with completely new and up-to-date functions based on your online business requirements. This will greatly help in growing your online business globally.

No technical knowledge needed

The clone scripts are ready-to-use solutions developed by professionals and so can be used instantly for your business without any troubles. Therefore, a lack of technical knowledge about building a full-fledged online platform will not be really a problem for you when you go for a phenomenal clone script.

Less effort

Clone scripts are the pre-built solutions of popular online business models. And so, there will not be any need for deep market research and UI implementation. So, building your full-featured online platform will require only a minimal development time.

Benefit of clone script in building online platform


Building an online platform within your budget will be wholly possible with a readymade clone script. So, when you get a cost-effective clone script for your business, you can build a striking online platform quickly and at the same within your budget.


With the changing customer needs, your online business may be in need of features addition and this will be just a piece of cake when you utilize a dynamically adaptable clone script. This is because such a scalable solution will allow you to include features as required in the future.

Are you still hesitant about using clone scripts after knowing about the beneficial part of clone scripts in building and uplifting online businesses? Then, you must have a look at our previous blog about the safety of using clone scripts for online businesses.

If you are still not convinced about using clone scripts after reading our previous blog, then you can also take a look at the below video to know about the safety and legality of using clone scripts in detail.

Final thoughts

I hope you have now gained enough insight into some profitable online businesses. Also, some key factors to run a lucrative online business. And, some awe-inspiring advantages of using clone scripts for online businesses. I believe you will have a question now

Where do I get the best clone scripts?

Although many clone script providers are available out there, not all of them can provide you with an appropriate clone script to grow your online business in the current market trend. So, you should approach a renowned clone script provider like Appkodes

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