The Pros and Cons of Mobile Apps for Your Business

Glory Simmons

31 Jan 2023 on Business · 8 min read

Pros and cons of the mobile application for business

8 min read

The rapid increase of smartphone users has made the mobile marketplace a key gateway for reaching consumers. Mobile applications have become more crucial for any business that is looking for a digital transformation.

Aspiring entrepreneurs have started planning to develop a mobile business application. Before we plan to build a mobile application for business, we need to weigh its pros and cons. First, let us understand how popular is a mobile application in the market.

The huge popularity of the mobile application

  • More than 6.3 billion people in the world are using smartphones.
  • As of 2021, around 230 billion apps were downloaded by users on their mobile.
  • The most downloaded app in 2021 is TikTok.
  • $170 billion in revenue has been generated through mobile commerce and by 2023 it can reach $935 billion.
  • 80% of non-gaming mobile apps are mainly used for communication.
  • More than 4 hours per day are being spent on mobile by consumers.
  • Around 1 million app publishers are there in Google PlayStore and 700000 publishers in Apple App Store.
  • After gaming, business is the most popular category in mobile apps which has 10.2% of the mobile market.
  • Demand for travel apps has increased after the pandemic and the download of travel apps has reached 1.92 billion.

All these stats clearly show how popular mobile apps are in the market and how people are used to mobile apps in their day-to-day life.

Now, you need to know better about the pros and cons of using a mobile application as it will make take a firm decision on whether building a mobile application for business is either essential or not.

Pros of mobile application

Creating a mobile application for business has infinite benefits and you can experience your business growth after developing a mobile app. Here are a few key advantages of having a mobile business application.

Ease of communication

The mobile application will be a perfect bridge between consumers and businesses. With a dedicated app support team, you can keep your consumers engaged and stay connected all the time. You can use the in-app chat option and get customers’ queries and clear them now and then. This will increase your brand credibility which will return in an increase in orders.

Extremely convenient to use

Mobile apps are incredibly convenient for users as they can carry them wherever they go and can access the app anywhere, anytime. We cannot sit before our computer round the clock and access any shopping portal but having a mobile app will give freedom to access them even while in travel. This convenience is highly enjoyed by consumers and they always prefer brands that have a dedicated mobile application.

Stand out in the competition

Online businesses are rising heavily but not all businesses have developed a mobile applications for their business. Having a mobile app will help you to rise above your market competition. One can acquire more customers and simultaneously can retain them from leaving the business. All these miracles happen with the help of a mobile application for business.

Easy data capture

Storing customers’ data is very essential for any business. Mobile apps can store all customers’ data and also all their shopping activities. These data will help in analyzing customer’s buying behavior and will support the business in offering more personalized services or products to the concerned consumer. With the available data, the company can estimate its performance and its revenue generation for a particular period and can understand the market demands easily.

Gives instant access to the product page

Imagine typing the website domain on your browser then waiting for the website to load and then finding the product page and again waiting for the product page to load. All these processes are time-consuming and affect user experience. This will not happen with your mobile application. You can just enter the app and straightaway reach the respective product page and start ordering the product without any delay. This will ultimately increase the sale and revenue of the business.

Apps add value to customers

Every business owner who owns a mobile app will get plenty of options to satisfy customers and value them. Customers can be offered loyalty points for all shopping they made with the business, or can give subscribers-only deals that will motivate free users to subscribe to their services. Also, through the app, customers can be informed about the latest arrivals, special offers, and discounts as well.

Get genuine feedback from customers

You can allow customers to register their feedback and rate the quality of the product or service you offer. The app is a rich source for getting genuine feedback from customers as it will help you to improvise your business operations. The feedback can be a positive review, a grievance, or even a complaint, you will come to know how well your employees are performing and how much reputation you have in the market.

Huge sale orders

65% of customers are more likely to buy products when they access the mobile app than the portal. The mobile app creates an urge in customers and will make them buy products easily. This will get you better business as it is not much you are going to spend on marketing and promotion. The app will take care of everything and will get you more orders and will increase your revenue.

Cons of mobile application

We should need to be prepared for the threats and weaknesses that are behind mobile application development. This will help us to face the inconvenience and to react instantly by providing a perfect solution. Let us check out a few challenges or disadvantages of the mobile application.

Development of the app comes with a hefty price

Getting a ready-made mobile application may seem to be cheaper but many corporates would go for custom app development from scratch as they can have higher control over all features the app offers. For this development, you may need to spend more and it is not economical and suggested for any start-up. You need to have enough funds to develop a mobile application for business and without proper funding, you may lose the race.

The development process is quite complicated

When you decide to build a mobile application from scratch, you need to rely on technical expertise. Without a proper development team, you cannot bring life to your ideas. Also, while developing you need to think about the operating system like Android and iOS and should develop according to which is a little complex. You need to find a perfect app development company to build a perfect app for your business.

Maintenance and frequent updates

Every application needs proper and periodic maintenance as they are prone to bugs and hacking. The software development company should support fixing bugs frequently. Also, every technology will face updates and if you have used those technologies in your mobile app then you need to keep updating them often. All these processes will cost additional charges which are again more expensive for any start-up.

Users may not get adapted

The success of the app lies in the number of downloads it has. It all depends on how far your customers are ready to download your app. Although customers are aware of the significance of the app, they all hesitate to download any new app as they fear their data security. Many leading apps get more downloads as they are already popular in the market and users have more trust in them. But making a new brand enter their mobile is very difficult. You need to promote more about your brand more and make your customers trust your brand to get more downloads.

Are you planning to build a mobile application for business?

After going through all pros and cons, it is not surprising to know that you have decided to build a mobile app for your business. Though the mobile application has more pros than cons, have you ever wondered why many mobile apps have failed to survive?

The true cause is, they do not have essential features that are mandatory for any application. If you want your mobile app to achieve its objective then you need to be more specific about all must-have features as listed below.

  • A User-friendly responsive interface is compulsory.
  • Chat support / call-back functions will engage customers.
  • The advanced search option will help customers find what they want
  • A security-by-design approach is very essential.
  • Multi-device synchronization is needed.
  • A push notification will help to keep customers updated.
  • A proper feedback system has to be integrated to let customers share their views.
  • Advanced data analytics will help in analyzing your business performance.
  • Provide the ability for users to work with the app when offline
  • Integrate all social media channels to get better reach
  • Fast-loading screens are vital for any mobile application
  • Provide good image resolutions that are eye-catching for the audience.

If you make use of all the above-mentioned features then definitely your mobile app will let you stand ahead of your competitors in the market.


A proper understanding of market demands and customers’ requirements will enhance your business and will let you reach your business goals. Having a reliable mobile application will take to newer heights in the industry.

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