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Comprehensive guide to set a global footprint in the online taxi business

Kala samayapuri

09 Dec 2019 on Insights for Entrepreneurs · 10 min read

Online taxi booking platform to get instant taxi service

10 min read

Can you ever imagine a situation when you have to put a lot of effort and time to fulfill your everyday needs ranging from transportation, food, shelter, etc? It would surely be a tedious process. Right?

But, this is the exact state of the people before the commencement of the Internet era. Even when they wish to travel from one place to another, they had to spend a long time searching for the nearest taxi service provider from the business directory. At times, they may also have to run into hiring an unqualified taxi service provider in a last-minute rush.

Amazingly, the technological revolution has simplified the day-to-day tasks and activities of people. The inception of smart apps led to a drastic change in almost every business area. This includes the taxi booking industry as well. In recent years, it has gained immense traction all over the world.

Image showing the traditional way of taxi booking and online taxi booking process

Some of the commercially successful online taxi service providers are Ola, Uber, Hailo, and Lyft. By seeing this tremendous growth, many business owners now plunge into the on-demand taxi service.

survey showing the revenue growth of Ola, Uber, Hailo, and Lyft

In the current market trend, business owners have abundant opportunities to get fame in the online taxi booking business. Because, people are ready to pay for a convenient and perfect online ride-hailing service. But along with the ample chances, each and every entrepreneur has to face some challenges. They must overcome certain obstacles to get success in their online taxi business endeavor.

Are you one among those proprietors striving to be victorious in your online ride-hailing business venture? Then, this blog is completely for you.

In this blog, we are going to see about the competitive environment in the online taxi business. I am also going to share some innovative features that can be included in the Uber clone apps. We will also see the taxi booking business model of the future and the next innovation in Uber app.

Cut-throat competition in the online taxi booking service

More than ever before, the online taxi business is facing tough competition. Anyone can offer a basic taxi service, i.e. picking up and dropping off customers. This traditional model of online taxi business will not delight customers anymore in today’s scenario.

Nowadays, the enormous growth of customized taxi booking apps is hitting the global taxi business with a massive force. So, the development of taxi apps just for the sake of existence in this competitive environment will be not at all an everlasting solution to endure in the long haul.

In addition to providing conventional online taxi services, many business owners now began to show a keen interest in delivering the most demanded customer services in their taxi booking apps. This will also gratify users greatly.

So, it is the sole responsibility of the taxi business owners to add futuristic functions and to identify the most appropriate business model that is going to add value to their online taxi business. They must think innovatively to stand unique from others. They should be able to introduce versatility and next-gen features in the development of the taxi booking app like Uber.

A taxi app with enhanced features

With such a stunning Uber clone app, they can be able to withstand this fierce competition. And also, they can build a profitable online taxi business.

Why we need an Uber clone?

We need an Uber clone for developing a feature-rich Uber-like taxi application within the budget and a short time span. A reliable Uber clone solution will definitely be the best choice to launch and run a successful online taxi business.

How a complete Uber clone can benefit your online taxi business?

A comprehensive Uber clone script includes all essential features and functionalities for capturing the attention of millions of users on the online taxi booking platform. This will popularize the taxi booking platform among global users and will pave the way for the online taxi business to get tremendous growth.

Must have inclusions in Uber clone apps

Let us now see some of the most impressive inclusions in the Uber clone apps that are capable of attracting more users easily than your competitors.

Effective matching algorithm

With an advanced matching algorithm in your Uber clone app, riders need not wait a long time after they made a ride request.

This is because, instead of just allocating the nearest driver to the rider, this state-of-the-art matching algorithm will consider one-way streets, traffic, bridges, rivers, and several other factors for assigning drivers

So, an efficient driver allocation can be obtained in your app. This, in turn, will automatically enhance the user rate and profit.

Dynamic pricing

In the Dynamic pricing concept, the fare prices of the ride will automatically go high when the demand for taxi service increases. So, it greatly helps taxi service providers to gain more when there is a high demand for the taxi service.

This dynamic pricing applies too for the taxi drivers. They get more money per KM than the usual fare when the demand is high. So, it attracts drivers and makes them get live on the roads when there is a great demand for the taxi.

Dispute management module

The admin panel of the Uber clone apps must include a dispute management module. It will serve as a repository of all user queries and feedback. The Admin can then take further steps to track and solve those queries in a most effective manner.

Taxi app with AI-enabled chatbot feature

You can also add an AI-enabled chatbot feature to the app. This will give quick responses to the most common customer queries. There is no doubt that these inclusions will enrich the customer experience on the platform.

Robust automated system

As already known, a robust automated system can minimize the need for manpower and can enhance the business output to a notable level. So, such a powerful automated system is the key to attain success in your online ride-hailing business.

You can also carry out some significant business processes like driver verification, business decisions, etc. constructively with the help of this automated system in your taxi app.

Ensuring the safety of passengers

Making sure that people are safe during their rides is of utmost importance for gaining user’s trust and confidence in your online taxi booking platform. So, a fully dedicated AI-based feature in the admin panel can determine the credibility of drivers. Because, it makes use of certain factors such as user reviews, driving patterns, etc.

You can also include some safety features in their taxi apps. For example, an option for sharing the current ride status with anybody, SOS alert button, etc.

Taxi app with safety measures

You can also add the below-mentioned features to your Uber clone app to make it an impressive one

  • Interactive map and taxi tracking
  • Voice recognition
  • Referring program
  • Inbuilt messenger
  • Vehicle selection

I hope now you will have an idea about the key features of a taxi app; the importance of having those beneficial additions in your Uber clone app.

Brand-new taxi booking business model of future

The first and foremost requirement to start an online taxi business is to decide upon the business model. It must serve as a suitable and profitable revenue model for the owners. The traditional business model of Uber is still successful. But, the market has been intensified with the emergence of many taxi booking apps with similar functions.

So, to grab user’s attention, entrepreneurs must change the way they deliver on-demand service to their target audience. For instance, many taxi service providers now started to introduce vans, motorcycles, etc into their fleet. So that, they are able to provide top-notch customer service along with high-security standards.

An online taxi booking platform with services like vans, motorcycles

As you already know, the on-demand taxi service is a subsection of the transport business. Some of the other sub-businesses of transportation businesses include grocery delivery, courier delivery, food delivery, etc. So, you can include all these possible services into your Uber clone app to obtain a large customer base. Here, the number of customers you get and the profit you gain will be very high.

A taxi booking app with services such as grocery delivery, courier delivery, food delivery

You can smoothly get through the tough competition in the online taxi business with these innovative business models.

Next innovation in the Uber app

Taxi app users are always in search of something new in the applications to keep them engaged. So, offer them new and highly advanced features in taxi apps. This can surely kindle interest in their minds to make use of your app again and again.

Following this, Uber has now introduced a monthly subscription pass that connects Eats, rides, and bikes. The Ride pass was launched by Uber in the month of October last year. Since then, many users benefit from it by paying lower prices for rides based on the monthly fee. It is one of the most intelligent moves of Uber. Because, it can entice users and can get their full involvement in this multimodal platform.

Image showing the ride pass feature of Uber

The main concept here is the users who have bought Uber’s monthly combo pass already, will look for and utilize more Uber services than any other services. So, it is also a lucrative innovation by Uber.

From this, you will understand how Uber has tried a smart way to capture the attention of the audience. It continues to look for possible ways to make Uber the best option for the everyday needs of users.

Do you want to shine in your on-demand taxi business? Then, learn these useful things from the successful taxi business like Uber. You can also implement these new concepts in your Uber clone apps to gain popularity.

From the above sections, you will have a clear picture of the latest innovations and significant additions in taxi apps.

Wrapping up

As already said, online taxi businesses are facing tight competition. So, as a business owner, you must deliver only the best-in-class online taxi services. This will greatly help you to face the current market trend.

Are you really looking to develop an ideal Uber clone app to begin/intensify your online ride-hailing business? You can approach a leading web and mobile apps development company for a ready-to-use solution. Because, developing the app from scratch will take more time and will not be a cost-effective one.

A taxi booking app built with Appkodes Cabso

A screen preview of taxi app built with Appkodes Cabso

In such cases, Appkodes Cabso, our readymade taxi booking script will help you in reaching your online business goals. It can be customized effectively to include all the above-mentioned features and functions. Because of its versatility, it is also readily adaptable to any business model of your choice.

Not everyone can provide a professional online taxi service to the passengers. Plan your online taxi business by utilizing the useful points mentioned above. And thereby, set an everlasting impression in your online taxi business venture.

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