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How Can Small Businesses Innovate and Stay Competitive?

Glory Simmons

03 Feb 2023 on Insights for Entrepreneurs · 8 min read

small business strategy

8 min read

Instant success is the term that you cannot expect when you start a business. But for sure you can reach your goal with steady growth and can also stay competitive in the market by focusing on your business and brand strategy.

From day one, you launched your business, your main objective would be establishing your brand, reaching your target audience, getting more orders, and increasing your revenue. Every small business struggles to survive as they lack in framing a perfect strategy for their business to have a long run.

Here we will assist you with proven ways to reach your business milestones and accelerate growth with result-driven small business marketing strategies.

Build a perfect website

We are in the digital era and all transactions happen online. Consumers always first search for your website before they try to visit your store. You need to have an interactive website that has an excellent user interface.

Attractive design and user-friendly navigation are essential to grab the attention of the audience. A perfect content management system is crucial where you can give a clear product description that will get you more orders.

If you are planning to take orders through your website then you need to work on the eCommerce features that will engage your customers with your brand. You need to add multiple payment options that will let customers pay online. So, it is mandatory to have a website to stay competitive.

small business strategy

Establish a Social media presence

Though building a website is a crucial small business strategy to reach your customers, you cannot expect them to visit your website without any promotion. Your target audience should be aware of your website and for that, you need to promote your website online.

You may think, about where to promote your site. The only solution is social media channels. This is where all your target audiences are active all the time. Around 78% of consumers spend 3 hours per day on any of the social media platforms.

You need to build a page in all channels and keep posting about your brand and products regularly. This will get you better reach and your brand will gain recognition. Your website will start getting traffic as visitors start visiting your platform this in turn will get your sales and revenue.

Segment your target audience

According to your small business and the product or service you deliver, your target audience varies. First, you need to segment your audience so that you will get a clear picture of where exactly your audience will be and what marketing strategy will work well.

For eg, if you deliver some professional services and you need to reach professionals then out of all social platforms you should focus on ‘LinkedIn’ as the platform contains only professionals. Likewise, if your product is for housewives of any particular region then you can focus your promotion on Facebook.

Segmenting your audience will streamline your marketing expense as you may not spend unnecessarily. You can stay focused on your audience and can use respective small business brand strategies and get proper reach.

Define and build your brand

Small businesses tend to offer quality services or products but most of the time they fail to define their brand and make it visible to end-users. Branding is very crucial and small business marketing strategies will involve in building the brand.

To stay competitive and stand alone in the crowd, you need to pay special attention to branding your business. Be more specific about your logo design and theme. Just understand that there are millions of brands available in the market and you are going to compete with them.

Your brand should hold a unique logo and attractive design so that your small business can stay competitive. Always use your brand logo in all your social media posts and campaigns so that it will easily get registered in the audience’s mind.

Deliver reliable customer support

No business can survive without customers. Customer satisfaction is the crucial element that will uphold any business in the industry. Your product may be of high quality and you may offer them competitive pricing but if you fail to serve or impress your customer then you are losing your business.

Be attentive to customers’ queries and respond to them on time. Give them multiple options to get in touch with you or your team. Your website should be integrated with multiple communication channels like live chat, email support, and many more.

Be genuine in serving your customers. Work more on offering discounts and special offers to your customers that will make them stay with your business for the long run.

small business strategy

Get customer feedback

Once you satisfy your customers you can receive their feedback that will help you to improve your business standards. To maintain your brand reputation and increase customer experience with your brand, you need to allow them to share their feedback about your product and service.

Some feedback will be positive and many will be negative at least initially. You need to be prepared for any type of feedback and should analyze them and try to improve your product or service accordingly.

This will simultaneously enhance user experience and your product or service will get updated with customers’ requirements. This is also a tool to show how you respect your customers’ opinions.

Know the importance of content

Content is always king especially when you promote your business online. Only through effective content, you will be able to describe your business and your products. Audience when they visit your site, you need to explain your products or services through text and visual elements.

There will not be much space to explain everything. But within the given space you need to clearly explain in brief. By understanding the content, the visitor should make up his mind to buy the product from your company.

Be short and attractive with your content. People have no time to read a lengthy description. Make sure you have listed all important features and functionalities of your product on the product page. A lead can be converted to an order with effective content.

Run paid ads and campaigns

To get the instant reach you can make use of paid services. There are many online paid services like Google Ads, Facebook Ads, etc. Every small business needs this additional support in boosting its sales and revenue.

There is nothing wrong with going for paid ads. You need to know about the technique and then should invest in those campaigns. You need to keep a track of all expenses you make while using paid promotions and paid campaigns.

Keep monitoring the performance of your business as it will tell you whether you are going on the right path or not. Invest wisely to see better results.

Often check with your competitor

Every small business struggles mainly because of high competition in the market. Your competitor may sell the same product or may use the same business model and would have better returns than your business. This peer pressure will put you down if you do not come up with a proper counterattack.

You need to analyze what strategy they are using and what is their universal selling point. You should come up with a unique marketing strategy that will focus on your core strength. You can give a free trial to your customers where your competitor may not provide this feature.

You can even think about having a genuine refund policy that most small businesses fail to frame. Customers should be able to differentiate themselves from others. This is where your success lies.

Retain trustworthy employees

Dedicated employees are the real pillars of any company. They should be handled with respect and the company should understand how important it is to retain them. Many small businesses put more effort into building their brand and will fail to notice their employees’ satisfaction with the company.

Keep periodic company meetings and allow your employees to share their opinions, grievances, and complaints. A strong rapport is needed between the employee and the employer.

Spend time on their welfare. Introduce many employee benefits that will make them stay with your company for a long time and they will in return show their loyalty through their hard and smart work. This will finally elevate your business to the next level.


Do not let any big brands swallow your business. You have all rights to compete with any brand and any business size. All you need is to streamline your business as per the ideas mentioned above. You can also get additional support from our Appkodes team who can come up with more innovative ideas and can build your business stronger. Make your small business compete with all challenges with an effective marketing approach.

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