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Do you think setting up an online business is the right thing to do?

Setting up an online business

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Once, C.S. Lewis said,

One can’t go back and change the beginning, but one can start where they are and change the ending.

This is the exact quote many aspiring entrepreneurs like you should etch in your minds. I can make out that you are an entrepreneur and you must either be in search of insights on online business or one who feels reluctant to step into this online business field. Anyway, it’s your thirst to prove your worth that has brought you to this page.

Whoever you are, you must have heard very well about the online business sector and its tremendous growth. Also, on this day, all of us are put in a position where many aspiring entrepreneurs like you are being roped in to do business online. Yet, you are hesitant to venture into it just because you think it to be risky.

This way the daily business routine has become topsy turvy. So, keeping in mind the need to stay safe and the need to stay ahead of the competitors, many small businesses have turned towards technology.

Small store businesses turned online during covid 19

Thereby, to explain it in even simpler terms, what you sell or where you sell it doesn’t matter. It’s all about establishing an online presence that communicates your goal and convinces customers on how they can benefit from using your products or services.

And, though the shift towards online is not that tough, sustainability in an online business is not as easy as it sounds. You need to attract customers and above all, you must earn their trust to stay consistent for quite a long time in the online business field. To achieve this your site must be espoused to remarkable customer service.

In addition to this, there is a lot more you’ve to focus on like, How to start your online business? Recent online business statistics, How to sustain your online business successfully in the long run despite the crisis? How to choose a clone solution to start an online business? etc.

So, to get sufficient insights on all of these, continue reading this blog till the end.

How to start an online business?

As I’ve briefed you about online business, let’s look at the various steps involved in starting an online business.

Step 1: Focus on your niche and business ideas

Focusing on your niche is really important as it stops you from making things even harder. As I said earlier, setting up an online business isn’t easy. So, knowing in-depth about your online business is of much importance. And, doing complete research on your business needs will save you from creating an online platform that people don’t find useful and entertaining.

Step 2: Know your target audience

You are setting up an online business to serve people across the globe. So, it is important to decide and to know your target audience. Only by knowing your target audience, you can work out the products you should look for and make them available for your audience to fulfill their needs.

Step 3: Do enough market research

As stated above, knowing your target audience lets you decide about your products. And, while choosing your products you have to make in-depth research on the demand in the market and then make sure it satisfies all requirements of your target audience. This will help you launch a product that everyone is keen to get.

Step 4: Create your own brand and image

Creating a brand image is creating your own business identity. Thus, create a brand image that conveys your goal to the people.

A new online startup

Step 5: Launch your online Platform and grow your business

Once you have completed all the above steps, you’ll be all set to launch your online business site. At last, only the great responsibility of increasing your business growth will be left with you. You can do it by finding ways to drive more traffic to your online business site.

You must have gained a thought on reading the steps involved, What if the online business you set up doesn’t receive the reception it should receive? Well, then go through the statistics to completely understand the popularity of various types of online businesses.

Recent statistics on online business post covid 19

Can you believe that more than 3.2 billion population in the world use smartphones and the internet every day?  In addition to this, the outbreak of covid-19 has given a drastic digital push to the growth of apps through the internet and smartphones.

Don’t you think so? Shall I prove now? Fine! Just take your eye off this screen and look up, I bet you’ll find most of the people around you has their eyes glued to their smartphones.

Hope now you realize that all of us are stuck online. So, obviously, we need not be surprised at how the mobile app industry continues to thrive despite any situation.

Thus, it’s clear that there isn’t any sign of the monstrous growth in the usage of apps to slow down in the days to come.

Let me stop here and provide you some facts. The statistics below are to provide you a better perception of how mobile apps act as the catalyst of success in the online industry.

The graph shows the revenue generated by apps since 2014 and the estimation of mobile app revenue generation by 2023.

Total revenue generated from mobile apps

I’m sure that you aren’t reluctant anymore on starting an online business. Yet, this is where you should focus more. Though you are sure of setting up your online business platform, you can’t find the short way but, you need to seek the smart way to succeed. The internet is flooded with apps. How will you stand out among the rest?

To know that you must first get a deep insight into what apps are in high demand despite the novel virus outbreak. Therefore, to get facts on the list of most popular apps, read my previous blog about starting online businesses using clone scripts.

At this juncture, while you are looking for the smartest way to set up your desired online platform, I would suggest you opt for clone solutions. You must understand that building an app from scratch is time-consuming and expensive.

But, this isn’t the only reason. Choosing clone solutions for your online business helps you sustain yourself as a successful entrepreneur in the long run. If you still refuse to accept my point then look at the anecdote given below.

How Airbnb emerged victorious out of the Covid 19 battle?

The travel industry tops the list of the worst-hit online business industries because of the COVID-19 pandemic. The hotel and travel bookings across the world got adversely affected due to the lockdown and the measures taken to get confined in homes.

Airbnb, the renowned online marketplace for lodging, rental, and tourism bookings was expected to be the most successful platform of 2020.

But, unexpectedly they were pushed far to strive hard to save their businesses. They took up a $1B expensive loan at a 40% lower valuation. And most of the billion-dollar gains got wiped out too.

The hosts and travelers started claiming refunds on all the bookings that got canceled due to lockdown. They were pushed even far and canceled their $800M marketing budget.

When the whole world was finding it impossible to make ends meet, Airbnb was smart. They innovated, changed their business model, and bounced back. ‘Online Experiences’- the major lesson each entrepreneur should learn from them.

Airbnb made it to the top after pushed to the bottom during covid19

What is ‘Online Experiences’?

Airbnb launched “Online Experiences” amidst the losing battle they were dealing with. It was a platform that was led by inspiring hosts from over 30 countries providing access to cultures and traditions from around the world.

The hosts started offering Online Experiences to people around the globe like portrait sketching lessons, cooking classes, mentoring on meditations, and much more through Zoom.

This proves to be a great example of how owning flexible solutions helps you retain the core. This way the online experiences became an alternate source of revenue for Airbnb.

So, by opting for a clone solution of such existing popular apps, you can be sure of your sustainability. This becomes evident with the above-discussed anecdote.

In the same way, most of the popular apps you heard have earned their name and fame by surviving many hurdles and unexpected circumstances.

Therefore, when you build your desired business platform by opting for a clone solution of such popular apps then, sustainability is no more a question. As clone solutions are ready to use and flexible, you can get it drafted with exciting features and inclusions as per your online business specifications.

Aside from this, you will have skilled technical assistance at your beck and call. This way, upgrading your platform on par with the growing trends becomes a piece of cake.

Next, I can simply list down the pros of choosing a clone solution and move on. But, it will be of no use unless you believe that it’s legal to employ a clone solution for your online business growth.

Is it legal to use clone solutions?

I can understand your confusion from the minute you read the word clone solutions. Yes! Clone solutions are absolutely legal to rely on. All that a developer does is that they just refer to an existing popular app concept. They’ll never breach its source code.

So, taking the concept and altering its features and functionalities based on your requirements will never create copyright infringement.

Let me quote an example to make it more logical. Let us say that you are fond of a watch or a wallet of the most popular brand. You wish to have it, but it’s too expensive. So, what will you do?

You will immediately look for a look-alike of that watch and wallet available in the market. Finally, either the wallet or the watch you desired to own will make it to your Instagram post.

Here, you have a watch or a wallet same as that of the popular brand’s product but made out of completely different materials.

And, the same goes with clone script too. So, let go of all your preconceived notions and look for an eminent clone solution. This way build your desired platform within your budget in a short while.

Clone solutions are safe to use for online business

You can also have a look at the below video if you are still not convinced with the legality of using readymade clone scripts

How to choose a clone solution to start your online business?

As explained above, clone solutions are the wise and legal way to boost the growth of your online business. What matters more than understanding the importance of a clone solution is knowing how to choose the exact clone solution for your online business.

  • To build a feature-rich online platform you must have an all-inclusive clone solution. So, cautiously choose one such absolute clone solution for your business.
  • To arrive at your desired online platform with all the enthralling features and trendy functionalities, your solution must be adaptable. This helps you attract more users and stay popular in the long run. Thus, opt for a scalable clone solution to craft your online platform in accordance with your business requirements.
  • To develop a convenient and comfortable online platform look for a trustable clone solution. Remember that, only a clone solution that has been through the rigorous testing process helps you to develop a secure online platform.
  • To make a profit with your online platform consistently, go for a clone solution that has notable profit-yielding revenue factors.
Launching an online platform using clone solution

While you hunt for the right clone script keep in mind the factors stated above. As I hinted already, don’t you want to be an entrepreneur who stands ahead of the rest? How are you going to end up in the right place among the plethora of app development companies?

Now, that is the one last thing I have to let you know.

The bottom line

Began with so many speculations, you have made it to the end of the blog. There is one last query to clarify. Do you wonder where to look for an exact clone script? Appkodes is the one-stop that you are looking for.

It has more than a decade of experience in giving wings to the online business dreams of many aspiring entrepreneurs like you.

Appkodes has a team of professional and skilled developers. This team is both technically and intellectually sound to shape your dreams into reality. Go through their website to know about their wide range of app clone scripts. And, choose the one that you require.

All of their products are handpicked. Thereby, your online platform will be crafted meticulously in a way that fits your business framework. Therefore, all that is left for you to do is to just get connected with the team. It’s time to let the world and your competitors know about your online business. Best wishes on your upcoming venture!

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