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How To Set Up Your First Android App For In-App Purchases in Play Store

Amresh Babu

11 Mar 2019 on Our Products · 4 min read

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4 min read

So, I suppose that now you might be aware of how to publish an Android app to the Play Console. The next thing you need to do after publishing your App to the Play Store is monetizing it. It could also be done while the process of publishing the App.

In-App Purchases intents users to purchase products from within the app. It is also known as an In-app Billing.

As a rule, Your app will access the IAP service using an API which is provided by the Google Play app installed on the device. It then leads to convey billing responses and requests between your app and Play server.

In-app Billing never allows your application to directly communicate with the Google Play server. Instead, the app will send a billing request to Google Play using interprocess communication (IPC) and receives responses from the Google Play app.

Anyways, let’s look on how to set up your Android App for In-App purchases.

In order to complete in-app purchase requests, you need to complete these two essentials:

  • Activate the Merchant account
  • Obtain your License/Billing Key.

Let us know the steps to accomplish the above.

Activating the Merchant account in your Google Developer account.

#1: Log into your Google Developer account here.

#2: Click the Settings tab from the menu on left.

#3:  Scroll down to bottom of the page and you’ll see a link to activate your Merchant account.

When your Merchant account is activated it will look like this.

Obtaining your License/Billing Key from Google Developer account.

#1: Select All Applications from the menu, then go to Services & API to find your License/Billing Key.

#2: Upload your License/Billing Key to the App.

Make sure to remove any available spaces.

After activating the Merchant account and successfully uploading the License/Billing you have to upload your app with License/Billing Key included.

Once it is uploaded, you are now ready to setup In-App Purchases for your Application.

How to set up In-App Purchases for your Android app?

Let’s consider that you have completed the below:

  • Activating the Merchant account
  • Obtaining your License/Billing Key
  • Uploaded your app with License/Billing Key.

Make sure you have accomplished the above before further processing:

#1: Log into your Google Developer account here.

#2: Click on the app you uploaded.

#3: Navigate to In-App Products tab from the menu.

Click on the In-App Products section under the Store Presence tab of your app’s listing.

#4: Now you will find two options such as MANAGED PRODUCTS & SUBSCRIPTIONS. Click Any one of them of your wish.

Managed Products: This allows the users to purchase a single feature by making a one-time payment. The purchased feature will be available forever and doesn’t expire.

Subscriptions: This allows users to buy dynamic content for a specified period. It will be automatically renewed until it is canceled by the user.

No matter what type of IAP you choose for your App the upcoming steps stays common and may vary only a few changes.

#5: Input your Product ID.

Now while entering the product id remember that it must be of lower-case letters, number, underlines, or dots without any spaces, and it should start with lower-case letters or numbers.

It’s wise to enter a Product ID which explains what in-app section the specific purchase will unlock.

#6: Now, Input Title and Description, and change the status to Active.

#7: Set a Price, then click Save.

That’s that now you have created an Andriod in-app purchases for your Application. After this, you have to add the Product ID to your app’s control panel. Once you did, your app will be available for In-App Purchases for the user.

To Sum Up

The core idea of Andriod in-app purchases is that it will provide more value to an app and make them quality while purchasing. To implement an IAP to your app you have to Activate the Merchant account, Obtain your License/Billing Key, and Upload your app with License/Billing Key. It is not an easy task to implement IAP, yet you may reach professionals for any advice and they may support you in creating an application which is capable of making constant revenue. Bring us your idea, and our talented team will offer you with intense expertise in mobile app development.

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