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How To Set Up Your First iOs App For In-App Purchases in App Store

Amresh Babu

11 Mar 2019 on Our Products · 5 min read


5 min read

Congratulations on the hard work you put on for Publishing your First app to the App store. Now, I hope you do not want your app to just stand by in the App store and do nothing. Obviously, no one wants that too. So, here let us know how to make money with your published App.

The major source of making money through mobile apps is availing in-app purchases.

Yes, You heard it right…!

Introducing In-App Purchases

In-app purchases are defined as a way of making a purchase inside an App. In order to make an in-app service, the app must be capable of providing a value which makes the users pay for those services.

This intrigued many development companies and personalities to build an app with extraordinary features/functionalities and make them available for in-app purchases. Most in-app purchases occur in games, which make the users purchase features which make them play and enjoy the game utterly.

Likewise, the in-app purchases include various forms, such as purchasing functionality like additional smileys, more time to app usage, currencies, upgrades, or paying to remove ads etc.

Generally, IAP (or in-app purchase) allows app owners to charge users for a feature or functionality while using the app. In-App purchases are effective in earning more money, displaying ads and providing an option to remove them.

Signing Contract For In-App Purchases

To create In-App Purchases to your app, you will be required to fill out Apple’s Paid Applications contract.

Let’s find out how to sign the contract

#1: Log into your App Store Connect account

#2: Navigate to the Agreements, Tax, and Banking section.

In this, you may request the Paid Applications contract from the top of the page.


#3: After Request, fill out the complete contract for Paid Applications.

Pay attention as this part is critical. Apple will permit your app to charge for In-App purchases only until your Paid Applications contract is in place. Fill out all of your Contact, Banking, and Tax information with utmost attention. Your In-App purchases won’t work if any of those are not filled.

That’s that. Now you have filled out your Paid Applications contract. Now you may add the products with In-App Purchases features to your app’s listing.

Note: It may take a few days to approve the agreements once you submit them. Even if you implement everything right, you will not be able to create IAP products in your apps at this time. So, wait for Apple to approve the agreement to process further.

So, now let’s look on how to create an In-App Purchase App.

For every individual purchase in the App Store Connect, you have to add an entry when you offer ios In-App Purchases. If you’ve published an app in the store for sale, it’s the same as it and involves things like selecting a pricing tier for the purchase.

Now let’s look on how to create in-app purchases for your iOs App.

#1: Go to the My Apps section of your App Store Connect account.

#2: Click on your app to step into its listing.

#3: Select Features from the menu towards the top.

After clicking the Features tab, navigate to the ios In-App Purchases section from them left-side panel.

#4: Click on the (+) button to add an In-App Purchase product.

#5: Select the In-App Purchase type you want to create.

You may find 4 different types of In-App Purchases you can add to your app:

  • Consumable: This type of IAP could be purchased any number of times. These are best suited for in-game currency, Super likes in dating apps etc.
  • Non-Consumable: This type of IAP could be purchased only once. This will not be expired on use, for instance, Maps on Shooting Games.
  • Auto-Renewing Subscription: This type of IAP allows users to use a feature for an allotted period and it will be auto-renewed irrespective to the user’s Knowledge.
  • Non-Renewing Subscription: This type of IAP allows users to use a service for a limited duration and it will not auto-renew unless the user does.

It is requested you to choose wisely from the available In-App Purchases which suits your Application.

For instance, lets select Non-Consumable and continue on to set up. I can assure you the steps involved after selecting an IAP will have just a few changes.

#6: Enter a Reference Name and Product ID.

Enter the Reference name which helps in identifying what in-app section will be unlocked in a purchase. Furthermore, make note of the Product ID you enter which will be required to enter in app’s control panel.

#7: Choose the Price you want to charge for the purchase.

#8: Enter the App Store Information for this purchase.

This is the information that will be visible on the App Store.

#9: Enter the purchase’s Review Information.

In this section, the screenshot & other information you provide will not be shown on the App Store. The screenshot and information are only for Apple’s review purposes.

#10: Once you are satisfied with the information you’ve uploaded, click Save in the upper-right hand corner.

Final Words

If all works fine for your first time then you’re doing better than most of the people. When it doesn’t, try tracing back through the steps and just check everything is as it should be. Apple provides the users with all essential and relevant documentation with a great landing page for in-app purchase. In-App Purchases can be more critical to a business model, as it is already a revenue model. It is totally up to you to choose the IAP which best fits your app. Also, make sure you follow the guidelines carefully and it will lead you to a successful App with In-App Purchase.


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