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Understanding Taobao and its business model using a Taobao clone script


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6 min read

The whole interactive video shopping world can be very confusing.

Focus on that video streaming, Is it better to invest in a Taobao clone script or web development?, You should learn these hacks and invest 1700$ in our platform to get your vCommerce running, make sure to be generous with your budget… good lord, where do you even begin?

Over the weeks, I’ve spent over $1,000,000 worth my time studying interactive videos and shoppable video clone (you can ask your doubts using the comment section below) – and, before I was banned quite a few streaming companies because my questions against their system were ridiculous to them.

interactive videos shoppable clone

Bottom-line: I’ve tried anything and everything with the label “Interactive video shopping”. And now, I’m going to share EXACTLY how you can spend on Taobao clone script and get a great ROI for your business.

What is Taobao clone script and why you should be using it?

What is Taobao clone script?

Taobao clone script – a shoppable video development platform used to stream and build interactive videos for your business. These scripts will guide you to establish a new level of engagement in your online shopping portal by including clickable hotspots that take the viewer to the in-video buy pop-up when they click on it.

taoboa clone script

Who is the Taobao clone script for?

Taobao clone script is for anyone looking to achieve more sales through the power of video. As the names suggest, it’s great if you’re an online retailer and want to sell more products or services on air streaming. Shoppable video using a Taobao clone script allows your content to shorten the route to purchase and is a win-win for both the retailer and the customer.

The perfect business model of an interactive video’s lookalike

Audiences are typically recalling content that is shoppable compared to the same video without any interactivity. Designing your video will help you sell more, shoppable and interactive video is the perfect match for your eCommerce video strategy. And that designing should have,

Hotspot behaviour

This is the place where you decide what happens when your users interact with a hotspot; whether to pause or add to cart or carry on playing – even use an extensible feature like “wishlist” to allow your viewers add items they like in your video store.

interactive video clone - Hotspot

Automated hotspots

This is something that is common with interactive video expert Ted Baker. This company does take advantage of everything they use in their video. From people, objects and products everything is designed to be automatically identifiable with a hotspot or a button, and the motion of the product can be tracked as it moves in the entire scene. Where your viewers can click, touch to interact or shop with any item in the video. Interesting right?


Static hotspots

Static hotspots are kind of a lower third and simple buttons inside the Taobao clone that can be placed at any spot in a video to help your viewers purchase the product it is associated with.



This is one of the handy features when it comes to shopping for products to an internal wishlist to allow viewers to convert at any point.



This is one of the coolest features you can have inside your interactive video store. And branching is creating decision points in your videos that let your viewers decide their next path and its outcome.

Branching shoppable video clone

360º interactive video

One of the utmost benefits of using a Taobao clone is that you can enjoy the ability to experience a 360° interactive visual experience on any network. The highlight is many popular Taobao clone script comes with another unique option like sticky hotspots allowing any motion product in your 360° video to become fully interactive and shoppable.

360 interactive shoppable video clone


Now, this option is to allow your viewers to switch between different videos within one. The best example for this can be seen in the Jungle Book experience, this streaming platform allows viewers to swipe between the behind-the-scenes production and the finished CGI production.

In-video navigation & chaptering

Quick navigation inside a video with topics and chapters as opposed to scouring the timeline will make your live shopping more interesting and subtle.

End card

This is a must-have feature. When your video has completed, you can let your viewers to recommended additional content and given recaps on what they saw or interacted with.

What do users and brands use Taobao clone script for?

These are just a few of the most common use cases that I came across. But, if you’re ready to open your ideas I can include them too. Comment below or contact our support team.

Shoppable videoEnriching contentMarketingEntertainment

Click to shop

Immersive education

Fashion shows

Immersive websites

Add to cart/wishlist


Exclusive content

Tv show promotion

Shoppable runways

Public participation  


Music video

Popular industries which can use video commerce are

taoboa clone script appkodes

How can you make your own shoppable video today?

There are two main ways, firstly, by developing your own powerful self-service platform with help from online. And the other is investing in an already designed

Taobao clone script that’ll put the power in your hands and is available right now in your budget.

Many reputed companies today even offer you a customizable pricing solution for those wanting to give it a go instead of purchasing everything that is available in the script.

Whomever you choose they must provide you with an in-house creative team who can customize, enhance and optimize your shoppable video store to suit all your business needs.

You should be able to turn all your concepts into an elegant, consistent and reliable reality on time and on budget.

periscope clone
Note :

With in-depth market research and analysis, we have presented here the list of all beneficial inclusions that help your business to maintain a competitive edge. These above-mentioned features and functionalities may not be readily available in our versatile script. But, our scalable solution can be customized swiftly and effortlessly to include these additional features and thereby making your business stand out from the crowd. To know more about the cost and time frame for these inclusions in our script, you can contact our customer help desk.

Want to push the inventive boundaries beyond your own limits?

Well, we’ve got an artistic solutions team on hand to make a video store for you. How neat is that!

Make your own interactive video with us or let us provide you with a pre-built solution.


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