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The key success factor for your cosmetics business

Kala samayapuri

01 Aug 2019 on Insights for Entrepreneurs · 15 min read

Cosmetics e-commerce platform built with online cosmetics store script

15 min read

As a young woman with a lot of interest in makeup, one of my all-time favorite things is to make a lot of searches in cosmetics platform. Because, I like to know about different brands, collections, and offers. And then to make my purchase swiftly and conveniently.

Especially, when it comes to beauty products, many questions will cross my mind before purchasing.

Are the cosmetic products that I am going to purchase will be really safe and good to use.

Or, they contain any toxic ingredients.

Whether the product will be a good fit for me and many more.

This is because I had personally suffered by using a face cream some years before. It led to rashes on my face. I was not aware at that time that the cream contained toxic ingredients. So, it was really not safe to use.

I discussed the problem with my friends and colleagues. Then only I came to know that many of them also suffered by using this particular cream. Unaware of other people’s skin issues, I purchased that product.

Because of this incident, I will be even more cautious. I will not compromise with the quality of cosmetic items before purchasing it. Not only me, every consumer will have several doubts before they make their purchase.

This made me to do a research on how to overcome the shopper’s problems while purchasing cosmetics. Then, i clearly understood a thing. These cosmetic consumer’s key requirements can be satisfied with an e-commerce platform.

In this blog, I am going to discuss how a cosmetics ecommerce platform can meet the shopper’s requirements. I will share about the counterfeits in online shopping and the way to overcome that.

Engagement of consumers in online cosmetics platform

In today’s digital era, shoppers across the globe are moving to the web to purchase things. On the other hand, people’s habits are changing constantly with the ecommerce culture. This steady rise in online shopping is clearly evident in cosmetics.

Survey showing increase in number of online cosmetic consumers

Beauty consumers being the stylish division of shoppers, embrace this shift to online shopping. Millennials are clearly outpacing older consumers in purchasing beauty products online. According to a recent survey, nearly 45 % of consumers purchase beauty products online.

This percentage still rises to 60% among the consumers with the age group 18 to 35. Also, 50% of cosmetic products are purchased online by nearly half of the millennial age group.

There are some key reasons for the growth of cosmetic ecommerce.

  • It will be more convenient to shop online.
  • Also, there is a steady increase in the number of picky customers. They are more concerned about transparency in the products, etc.

How the cosmetic consumer’s key requirements are met with a cosmetics ecommerce platform

Let us see how the cosmetic consumer’s requirements can be achieved with an ecommerce platform.

Well-organized online forums

When a consumer really likes a product, then they love to talk about it more. So, a cosmetic ecommerce site paves the way for their consumers to do this by creating online forums.

Creating an online forum will enhance customer engagement. It serves as a place for the staff and consumers to gather and discuss the products. This activity will definitely be a smart idea for an online platform to gain customer loyalty. Because, it creates positive impression on customer’s mind.

Cosmetics e-commerce platform with the forum

A well-organized forum allows customers to share their ideas and to ask questions. Those queries will be solved by other enthusiasts. Customers can also share recommendations, give advice about the product and so on.

The community members can upload videos. With this, they can show how they use a specific cosmetic product. They can also share their past experience with that product.

This user-generated content by ecommerce customers will definitely be a game-changer. They will boost the popularity of a cosmetic brand and will meet the customer’s need for social proof. Because, it shows the customers how well a product works. It also shows how other people use those products.

Video upload by community members

So, the key requirement for a cosmetic shopper to clarify doubts regarding a product will be achieved easily. Thereby, users will gain confidence and step forward to purchase that product. This, in turn, will definitely drive the sales up.

In addition to the above benefits, online forums are also a great source of customer feedback. You can ask your customers what they want. Then, they will feel happy that you care about them and will say their requirements.

Proof by showing unfiltered reviews of all customers

Customers can gain confidence with a cosmetic brand by seeing the unfiltered reviews from the existing consumers. There are many cosmetic ecommerce sites that allow customers to rate products based on various criteria.

These reviews will build trust among those customers who are at the point of purchasing products. Customers can also learn more about a product from the shoppers who already purchased it. This significant move towards transparency will greatly attract customers.

Cosmetics e-commerce platform with unfiltered customer reviews

So, ecommerce space is constantly proving to be a powerful strategy for beauty brands to meet the customer’s requirements.

The new face of cosmetic ecommerce

Let us now see some of the striking features that can attract more beauty consumers in an ecommerce site.

Free and fast shipping, pricing strategies

According to a recent survey, one of the top priorities of online cosmetic shoppers is free shipping. So, it is essential for an online cosmetic platform to offer free shipping options. But, a cosmetic brand must follow an effective strategy to offer free shipping. Because, there must be no impact on their profit margins.

Online shoppers also look for a fast shipping platform. So, the delivery needs to be very fast to avoid customers waiting for so long.

Cosmetics e-commerce platform with free and fast shipping options

An impressive pricing strategy is also a key factor for an online cosmetics site. It can retain existing consumers and attract potential customers. Because, people search for good pricing before making their purchase online.

Also, online shoppers nowadays are also continuously looking for many offers. Some are flat discounts, free deals, buy one get one offers, etc. So, it is essential for cosmetic brands to provide attractive offers to astonish customers.

Dazzling surprise gifts

Cosmetic brands can make use of consumer’s personal choices mentioned in their profiles. Then, they can deliver a monthly surprise pack to them. These monthly beauty samples will contain a personalized selection of cosmetic products. The products can include hair care, skincare, makeup, fragrance categories, etc.

Surprise gift pack of cosmetic products

These samples are then delivered to consumers along with some useful tips. These surprise gifts with personalized products will act as precious things to consumers. They will also enhance brand affinity.

Ample brand collections

Selecting the right product and brand is a very big decision for customers. Customers will not enjoy online shopping when the product they are looking for is not available on the ecommerce platform.

Cosmetics e-commerce platform with a broad range of brands and products

So, an online cosmetic platform must offer a wide collection of products. Thereby, making it easy for customers to choose from the collections. There must be also top-notch brand collections  to suit customer’s requirements.

Rewarding customer loyalty

It is harder to get a customer’s trust these days. It will add more value to an ecommerce site. For an online cosmetics store, loyal customers are more profitable than other existing customers.

So, beauty brands can boost customer loyalty with some programs and rewards. Because, existing customers will be retained. Some will be more likely to return to your online store with certain customer loyalty programs.

Sharing knowledge and expertise

The online cosmetic platforms can attain popularity by showing their expertise to their target audience. Cosmetic brands can do this instead of advertising their products 24/7. They can show their expertise by sharing blogs. Or, by creating valuable content that will be useful for customers.

Blog shared by a beauty brand in cosmetics e-commerce platform

At the same time, this activity will automatically popularize their brand. Because, it activates people’s desire to visit their online store to get valuable information.

Mobile commerce

According to a report, by 2021, 58.9 % of the total ecommerce sales will be from mobile ecommerce. So, there is no doubt that developing a mobile app will be a smart move for a cosmetics site. This is because, it offers an improved in-store shopping experience to the customers.

Mobile app for cosmetics e-commerce site

The cosmetics site app must be completely developed by keeping the target customers in mind. So, loyal customers of that cosmetics brand will love it. The mobile app must also be convenient, fast, and exclusive. So that it can get good conversion rates and revenue.

Future of cosmetic ecommerce

You should know about some interesting features that are going to shape the future of cosmetic ecommerce. Here, I have listed one by one.

Digital try-on capabilities

The digital try-on capabilities allow customers to get in-person experience with the products. Cosmetic ecommerce with AR technology will provide an amazing shopping experience to the customers. Because, it allows them to try products from their phones or personal space.

Online cosmetics store script with AR technology

These advancements greatly help in boosting product sales. Customers can also view how the product really looks on them. So, this will automatically drive the customers to purchase products. Online shoppers are now in search of these innovative techniques. Because, these are more attention-grabbing and also change the way of shopping.

Social media marketing and shopping

There is a very smart idea for a cosmetic ecommerce platform to increase customer engagement and conversions. It is the creation of a YouTube account and using the existing audience group.

With social media marketing, you can introduce your cosmetic products. You can build new customers and engage with them. Automatically there will an increase in conversion rates. So, it is of no surprise that YouTube marketing is an effective marketing tool for a cosmetics site.

YouTube marketing by an online cosmetics store

Beauty brands can give expert advice to their consumers with Facebook Live. Using Instagram stories, brands can include some interesting visual stories. Shoppable Instagram posts can also be used to drive the sales up.

Shoppable Instagram posts for a cosmetics e-commerce site

In the near future, social media will emerge as a popular sales tool in the ecommerce market.

Voice search

According to a survey, by 2020, 50 % of all searches would be voice searches. Most of the online shoppers prefer voice technology during purchase. So, voice-empowered shopping feature will make a cosmetic ecommerce site to stand out from the crowd.

Online cosmetics store script with voice search feature

It becomes significant for online cosmetic sites to optimize the voice search feature to impress customers. The inclusion of voice search feature will add uniqueness, ease the accessibility, etc. So, the site can be integrated with the stabilized version of voice command APIs and voice assistant software.


One of the most attractive features beauty shoppers look for is a personalized shopping experience. So, online cosmetic sites can personalize product results depending on the customer’s preferences and features. They can consider customer’s skin tone, skin type, place of application, etc. With this, customers can buy cosmetic products that really suit them.

online cosmetics platform with personalization feature

Face detection techniques can be incorporated in the site. Or, customers can be asked to describe their traits to suggest cosmetic products. With these customized cosmetics, online shoppers will be more likely to purchase those specific products. Thereby, automatically enhancing the conversion rates. This personalized cosmetic product service is definitely a cutting-edge technology for cosmetic industries.

You should also know about counterfeiting in cosmetic ecommerce

The counterfeit (fake) products that are sold on ecommerce sites are increasing day-by-day. This also includes cosmetics ecommerce sites with an increase in the number of counterfeiters. Nearly 86 percent of counterfeit goods globally are from Hong Kong and China.

The counterfeit cosmetics will be even more dangerous to the consumers. According to a report, the counterfeit cosmetics contain harmful ingredients such as carcinogens, arsenic, etc.

So, the cosmetic ecommerce companies must avoid the sales of fake cosmetic products. Or else, their brand reputation will be at stake. This is because, counterfeit cosmetic products will affect consumers. Thereby, will show their brand in a negative light.

With an effective action, the counterfeit product sales on cosmetics e-commerce sites can be avoided. A neat product packaging is essential to differentiate the product from a fake counterpart.

An advanced, top-notch logo detection technology can be used to detect counterfeit logos. It is crucial for the cosmetic companies to follow a robust brand protection strategy. A fully automated solution can detect and eradicate any such counterfeits on the e-commerce platform. And, thereby minimizing issues arising due to counterfeiters.

Cosmetic ecommerce, undoubtedly a boon to business owners

Cosmetic companies can reach their target customers through strong digital strategies. In the current market trend, online cosmetics business has become a successful sector. This is because, cosmetic consumers are seeking for amazing digital experiences during their purchase.

The digital technologies also transformed the consumer’s buying behavior. They provide a convenient shopping atmosphere. Cosmetic consumers of all age groups are also attracted more towards an e-commerce platform. This is due to the following reasons.

  • Influencers creating posts, presentations, and stories.
  • Cosmetic videos showing make-up instructions and tips.
  • Collection of valuable product information and many more.
survey showing online sales growth of beauty brands

It is clear that there is rapid growth of online cosmetics ecommerce sites. Due to this, many beauty brands are now moving towards developing an effective ecommerce platform.

This is because these beauty brands might face disruption with traditional way of running a business. So, there is an exciting opportunity for beauty brands to reach their customers instantly with ecommerce sites. They can also drive their sales up with effective ecommerce technologies.

Multivendor cosmetics store are also emerging as undoubted winners with better ROI generation. So, with a multivendor cosmetic marketplace, many vendors can sell their beauty products to customers.

Multi-vendor cosmetics e-commerce platform built with an online cosmetics store script

This will lead to enormous sales transactions on the platform. The multivendor platform owners can also motivate more sellers to sell the products in their platform. Thereby maximizing the commission charges on each and every transaction. This multivendor marketplace is also beneficial to customers as they are open to plenty of choices.

Now, as a business owner what you must do

You will now have the idea that beauty products have become a big thing in the ecommerce world. Consumers are more comfortable with purchasing cosmetics online. But, the same cosmetic product from your site can also be purchased from hundreds of other ecommerce platforms.

So, it is a must for the owners to go for an effective online cosmetics store script. Because, it will activate consumer’s wish to buy from your online cosmetics platform.

It is no longer enough to build a site that allows consumers to find beauty tips and filter products. Thousands of inclusions should be done in a cosmetics ecommerce platform. Some of them are optimizing the checkout process, enhancing the user experience, etc.

Make use of a powerful readymade cosmetics store script to build your online cosmetics platform.  Also, know more about the essential features of a multivendor script and its benefits to attract your target audience.

An online cosmetics platform built with Fantacy

Appkodes Fantacy, our multivendor ecommerce script is ready to use and the most suitable ecommerce solution, developed with modern technologies and top-notch features that are required to build your online cosmetics marketplace. But, based on your varying business requirements, our Amazon clone script can also be customized completely and quickly to incorporate required features and functionalities.

So, our readymade ecommerce script is quickly adaptable to future enhancements like the above-mentioned
impressive features that are required to boost your cosmetics business.

Final word

With the rise of beauty ecommerce industries, the competition is getting even tougher among cosmetics brands. People must really enjoy shopping in your platform. Only then, your ecommerce platform can gain immense popularity and fame. So, avoid being the one among other average cosmetic ecommerce platforms. Be the one with a unique cosmetics shopping platform and stand out from the crowd.

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