Top SEO Trends That Will Support Businesses to Dominate SERP

Glory Simmons

21 Feb 2023 on Business · 7 min read

SEO trends

7 min read

SEO is the most dynamic tool in digital marketing. Every marketer focuses more on SEO marketing as it guarantees better results in branding. The ranking algorithm of Google keeps changing often.

The marketer cannot assume the trend that worked well with SEO in 2022 can work the same in 2023. SEO trends keep changing along with the algorithm change.

Marketers need to adapt their marketing strategies and stay updated with Google’s Search engine algorithm. It is the right time to get to know the current SEO trends that are ruling the digital marketing industry.

Top SEO statistics

Before you get into Top SEO trends, 2023, you need to the common stats that make SEO more popular in the digital market.

  • Google is the top search engine – More than 96% of mobile users search on the net with Google search engine.
  • Sponsored search results are highly ignored – Though SEM is also a popular digital marketing strategy, 70 to 80% of users ignore sponsored ads listed on the top of the search pages.
  • Online searches are getting more common – 93% of online shoppers have started their online shopping experience with an online search.
  • Google’s search algorithm changes often – It is quite unbelievable to know that Google’s search engine algorithm keeps changing 500 to 600 times in a year.
  • Mobile optimization has a crucial role – More than 85% of traffic has been recorded mainly through mobile devices.
  • Google’s Ranking Algorithm is complex – Google looks into more than 200 factors while ranking a website page.
  • Videos gained tremendous support – It has been noted that any video content has 1200% of sharing when compared with text content.
  • SERP is the main aspect of SEO – 67% of clicks go to the top 3 pages listed in the SERP.

Why do SEO trends matter for any business?

SEO trends have a crucial role in positioning your content, blog, and websites high on SERP whenever a search is made on the Google Search engine. Knowing SEO trends will help the marketer to utilize them and make their platform more SEO-friendly and thus gains the below-mentioned benefits.

  • Improves User Experience (UX)
  • Builds a strong relationship with the audience
  • Increases sales conversions
  • Influences buyers and make their purchase from your brand
  • SEO is more cost-effective when compared with other marketing strategies.
  • Performance is measurable.
  • Organic traffic is boosted.
SEO trends

Top SEO trends in 2023

Get to know the latest SEO trends and recognize the value of the organic top position in search engine page rankings. Here are some best SEO trends that will make your brand effortlessly reach your audience.

AI-enhanced User experience

Embedding AI in the business website has become the latest trend in SEO. Employing AI can support keyword research, basic writing, and many more with your blog or website. As AI can easily identify trending keywords that will ease the search engine ranking process.

Marketers can streamline content marketing and SEO process by producing quality content. As Google also uses AI to let Google algorithms discern a searcher’s intent, using AI in your website will be an added advantage.

How can AI SEO support website ranking?

  • With AI SEO, you can easily discover hidden opportunities for ranking that are not being exploited by your competitors. You can use those opportunities and beat your competition.
  • AI can support content creation by finding trending topics and can identify content gaps that affect SEO.
  • AI tools can optimize your voice search as they can easily find out the relevant keywords that are often used in searches.
  • AI will check for relevant and authoritative content, check for loading speed, easy navigation tools, and many more, and assures it offers the best user experience.

The importance of video marketing in SEO

A great revolution has been witnessed by online users after video streaming platforms like YouTube and TikTok entered the market. By seeing the overwhelming response, 86% of marketers have started using video content in their marketing strategies. Let us check out some cool stats that show the power of video marketing

Video marketing can increase brand awareness by 136% compared with other marketing strategies.

  • 50% of consumers admit that they decided to purchase a brand after watching the video content of the brand.
  • The conversion rate is expected to increase by 86% through video marketing.
  • 51% of marketers admit that video marketing is yielding better ROI when compared with other marketing tactics.
  • Websites that have videos have a 53% chance of getting on top results of Google search engine page results.

Google algorithm has already analyzed the significant growth of video marketing and so it has been included in the latest SEO trends. All you need is to optimize the video marketing feature for your business.

How to optimize video marketing?

  • Create relevant videos about your product or service that focuses on customers’ needs.
  • Incorporate your video content throughout your business website.
  • Label your videos using trending keywords.
  • You can also use hashtags when you share those videos through social media channels.

Include Voice Search

In 2023, the Google search engine will experience more voice searches and so it is being included in the top SEO trends, 2023. Google has an in-built AI language system that can easily understand conversational dialogues. Once a user makes a voice search, the AI can identify the query and can respond with the search results.

More than 40% of US buyers utilize voice search while they shop online. The voice search percentage count is expected to increase in 2023. Virtual assistants used by top brands have made voice search inevitable and you need to optimize it on your website.

How to optimize voice search on the website?

  • First, you need to target question keywords along with long-tail keywords.
  • Your website content should use conversational language.
  • You should understand your type of customers and their device behavior.
  • Better provide context with schema markup.
  • Build pages with more FAQs.
  • Go for a multilingual platform.
  • Make your platform mobile-friendly as 57% of voice searches are made from mobile devices.
SEO trends

Website optimization by utilizing semantic keywords

Google has a unique approach to keywords. It not only links keywords and phrases but also searches for relevant keywords while delivering the search results. If you use more semantical keywords there is more chance for Google to recognize them.

Semantic search is expected to gain prominence in the future. You can make use of any of the comprehensive keyword research tools and find semantic keywords for your web page content or your blog.

How to optimize semantic keywords for a website?

  • Find out more about your target audience who will visit your website and try to learn about their intent in getting to your website.
  • Cluster-related content and phrases and try to use similar keywords and develop a topic.
  • First, identify the primary keyword and then find synonyms that will interconnect with the topic.

Use images for SEO

An ordinary website can become more vibrant and dynamic by adding pictures and images to the content. It can easily grab the attention of the target audience and make them visit your engaging platform and let them stay for a while.

Still, many brands and competitors underutilize this strategy. When your website has more traffic, it will have a positive impact on SEO. To increase your website traffic, you need to make your platform more attractive and also informative.

How to optimize images on websites?

  • First, perform an audit and make sure that all images are optimized.
  • You need to compress all images.
  • While naming the image, you can add keywords that will support the SEO process.
  • Each image should have alt text or tag to support better crawling.
  • Make sure that all images you have utilized in your platform are of high quality.
SEO trends


Every marketer should make SEO trends at the forefront of their digital marketing campaigns. It is always good to be aware of the best SEO trends in the market and leverage your brand by utilizing all trends in an innovative way.

Great consideration is needed while working with SEO marketing strategy. It always keeps evolving and you need to be updated often to stay in the market. You can rely on an SEO marketing professional who can support you in building your brand and making your business grow potentially.

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