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Are You Hesitant About Building An On Demand Marketplace?

Building An On Demand Marketplace in 2021

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Undoubtedly, you must be an ambitious entrepreneur. And, you must have landed on this page while surfing the internet in search of insights to help you with upcoming business ventures. The period 2020 to 2021 has indeed put us all through many unexpected hurdles.

From getting locked up in homes to working from the home for months, we have witnessed both the tide and its ebb.

Yes! Of course, our lives came to pause and the economy has taken a nosedive. People started finding it alarming to come out of their homes to even fulfill their everyday essentials. Despite all the chaos, did you notice that the on demand service business is growing at a steady rate?

Wonder how? Well, this is achieved with the help of on demand service apps, which have taken up the role of providing people with the immediate goods and services they ask for.

This clearly shows that technology has helped a lot. Nowadays, people feel safe and secure to rely on on demand apps if there arises a requirement for a particular service or product. These on demand apps provide the users with everything demanded by them

Using on demand apps for basic needs

Therefore, undeniably, the on demand economy is experiencing monstrous growth with the increase in demand for on demand service apps. 

This for sure is a golden opportunity for many ambitious entrepreneurs like you to plunge into the on demand service industry. As you are an entrepreneur striving to earn your place among your contemporaries, you may have some doubts and the thirst to know more about on demand service business.

So, keep scrolling till the end of this blog. You will get to know all that you need to know about the on demand service sector like what makes an on demand app popular among consumers?  the growth of on demand apps in recent times, the on demand apps that the users are crazy about, and how to build a successful on-demand service platform? What are the major advantages of using an authentic clone solution for your on demand business needs? and so on.

What makes on demand apps so popular in recent times?

As I’ve mentioned earlier, these on demand service apps connect customers with taskers (different providers), and vice versa. And, it operates in a way that users from both sides benefit out of it.

Also, an on demand app always offers quick and more secure procedures to get users’ needs done. Now, let me give a glimpse of what makes these on demand apps popular among consumers.

1. Flexibility

One of the major advantages that made this on demand app thriving is its flexibility. It provides the required services to the customers amidst this pandemic situation, irrespective of their place and time. These apps make it possible for all the on demand business sectors that are dependent on the app to fulfill customer’s needs 24/7.

2. Safe, Secure, and Affordable

As mentioned earlier, on demand apps have helped people all over the world to get their needs without leaving their couch. To be even more specific, at the time of the corona crisis, these on demand apps have come in handy by aiding people to get on with their daily needs and deeds.

Thus, people started feeling safe and reliable to use such on demand service apps. Above all, it’s affordable too.

Safe and secure delivery with on demand apps

3. Massive Outreach

The on demand service apps have lent a huge supporting hand to the service providers during the time of crisis. It made it easy for them to reach a massive audience. Even the service providers felt it convenient to reach the consumers and help them fulfill their needs.

Having gained an idea of how on demand service apps gained their popularity during recent times, being an enthusiastic entrepreneur you also need to know about the growth of on demand since 2019.

The Growth of on demand service apps in recent times

So far you had a brief insight into how on demand apps gained their niche in this chaotic circumstance. Next, you are about to get a glimpse of the statistics on the growth of on demand service apps. These are crucial numbers that I’ve managed to crunch and compile after surfing through several credible sources.

  • As per the report published by the Business2Community, it cites the Harvard Business Review (HBR) study which states that on demand economy adds more than 22.4 million consumers worldwide each year.  For the last 4 years in a row, people have spent USD 57.6 billion on these on demand apps annually.
  • Another report published in the renowned business magazine states that by 2021, more than 7.6 million Americans will become providers (ie taskers) at some level in the on demand economy.
  • And, by 2021, almost four-fifths of existing users in the on demand economy will become part-time workers and the on demand food delivery market is also expected to hit more than $161.74 Billion by 2024.
Growth of on demand service apps

From the given data you can make out that on demand service app growth is impending. As an aspiring entrepreneur, it would be better for you to realize the importance of the growing demands on these on demand services. So, it would be a wise move to build a platform similar to any on demand app that’s used the most by people nowadays.

What are the on demand apps that drive the users crazy?

There are a plethora of on-demand apps which users are crazy about.  The reason for this has already been explained above. Below mentioned are a few on demand apps that are preferred by people.


TaskRabbit is a renowned on demand application that helps registered users with day-to-day services such as housekeeping, furniture, repair, and maintenance. This app connects the user to the taskers within their location to get the proposed job done. All the services catered by this app are secure and safe.


Fiverr is an on demand marketplace that binds the sellers with interested buyers and also showcases one’s skills. It is an illustrative place to earn money crouching at home. A user can find several jobs as a freelancer. These jobs will enhance your income and also provide you confidence as it’s completely reliable.


Thumbtack is an on demand app that allows users to research, hire, rate, and review the service providers. It helps users to find jobs and taskers specializing in various categories. Some of them are food delivery, healthcare, pet domestication, photography, etc.


Freelancer is a marketplace for employers and employees to find and get connected. With the freelancer, employers post work for the site members who place bids. The site also allows freelancers and employers to develop respective profiles on the site so that they can write and receive reviews of people they work with or for.

It is the world’s largest freelancing, outsourcing, and crowdsourcing marketplace.

Popular on demand service apps

So, hope you got the required insight on the most downloaded on demand apps and it’s growth. And, now you need to know the trick to earn your place in this rapidly growing on demand industry by creating a platform similar to any of these well-known apps.

How to build a lucrative platform similar to any prominent on demand app?

Be it any on demand business, if you want to build and expand your desired platform then you need to know that the prime factor for your platform to achieve the same popularity as any other existing on demand app or website is to opt for a clone solution.

Using the clone solution like the Freelancer clone, Thumbtack clone, or Upwork clone, etc. you can create your desired on demand service platform similar to the above stated eminent apps.

Also, compared to developing an app from scratch, opting for a clone script is advisable. This will help you to save valuable time and money.

You must also keep in mind that you need to approach the right development company. Only then you’ll get a perfect thumbtack clone or a freelancer clone solution that has been through a rigorous testing process. This way it will ease the process of building your desired on demand app development.

Building an on demand platform using a clone solution

Therefore, choose a robust clone solution and get it deftly crafted according to your on demand business plan. This will help you build a unique on demand service platform. Thereby, you can also give a tough fight to your competitors in the on demand service industry.

I’m convinced that you’ve understood that you can build an excellent on demand service platform using an elite clone solution such as the Taskrabbit clone, Thumbtack clone, or Freelancer clone. The one last thing you need to know is the major benefits of using a reliable clone solution.

What are the major advantages of using an authentic clone solution for your on demand business needs?

Here are some of the major advantages that an entrepreneur should know before choosing a clone solution like urbanclap clone, Freelance clone, Upwork clone, or Fiverr clone for their on demand business needs.

Technically Sound

Your technical knowledge is no more a limitation if you opt for an excellent clone solution. Even if you lack technical knowledge for building on demand service platforms, it doesn’t matter. This is because these outstanding clone solutions are readily available. And, they’re developed by skilled developers and will help you with your online business goals.


When there is the availability of readymade clone solutions why do you waste time creating an app from scratch? Comparatively, with the help of such a solution, you can create your desired platform within your budget. So, opting for clone solutions isn’t just budget-friendly but also effortless and time-saving.

Convenient To Use

When you opt for a Thumbtack clone or a Freelancer clone solution, its ready-to-use form makes it convenient to use. Being flexible, these clone solutions allow you to make changes. You can add some extra features as per your on demand business requirement. Hence, when you are sure of creating a lucrative platform, opting for either thumbtack clone or freelancer clone solutions seems smart and convenient.

To Build A Mobile Responsive App

Nowadays, there is an increase in the use of mobile users and smartphones. Therefore, with a potent Thumbtack clone or Airtasker clone solution, you can easily cater to the needs of  mobile users who use your on demand platform.

Prolonged Technical Assistance

Another added advantage of opting for a clone solution is that you’ll never run out of technical assistance. You’ll have a professional and skilled technical team at your beck and call. This team will aid you with your doubts about initializing or customizing your on demand platform. They’ll also let you know about the updates then and there.

Advantages of using clone solutions

That’s it! You have reached the end of this blog. All the explanations and statistics would have cleared all your queries. Did I figure it outright? If not, then it means you’re confused about opting for clone scripts.

And, if you still feel reluctant about relying on clone scripts to arrive at your desired on demand service platform, then watch the video given below, Do you think Clone Scripts are safe?  

Now that you’re all set, the one last thing for me to let you know is where to find a robust clone solution.

Bottom line

As I said above, you need an awe-inspiring clone script for your on demand business. Appkodes is the right choice. It is the one-stop that helps many ambitious entrepreneurs in materializing their dreams.

Therefore, to develop your desired on demand service platform, discuss your on demand business ideas with the Appkodes team. They’ll provide you with customized, unique, and reliable clone solutions as per your specifications.

What else is stopping you? Without further delay make the best use of Appkodes and the service provided by their team. May you emerge successful in your on demand business venture.

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