Top 14 Video Streaming Trends for 2024

video streaming trends

There were days when I used to sit long hours before the screen and binge-watch my favorite shows as night slips into dawn and the next day beckoned.

Today, millions of people use to consume their preferred series despite the changing video streaming trends.

The proliferation of video streaming trends over these years made it very easy for people like me to kill some time throughout the day, to distract from boredom, negative thoughts, etc.

Covid-19 lockdown has massively accelerated these video streaming trends more than ever before. So, knowingly or unknowingly we eventually got addicted to video streaming trends.

Surprising, right?

Do you want to hear much more exciting facts about this flourishing sector? If yes then I would like to bring some interesting video streaming trends statistics before your eyes

The number of users in the video streaming segment is expected to reach 1486.8 m by 2026

Revenue in this segment is projected to reach $82.43 billion by the end of this year
Revenue is expected to show a growth rate of 8.89% and a market volume of $115.90 billion by 2026

User penetration is expected to hit 18.9% by the year 2026

Awe-inspiring facts, aren’t it?

If these stats kindled your interest in you to know about the evolving global video streaming trends in depth, then this blog is fully for you. Get ready to explore the world of video streaming trends!!

How is the Video Streaming Industry Growth?

In 2021, the Global video streaming market size was valued at USD 59.14 bn.

By 2028, the industry size is predicted to reach USD 932.29 bn, and USD 1690.35 billion by 2029.

It is expected to increase at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 21.3% from 2022 to 2030

You can also refer to GlobeNewswire to know more details about the video streaming trends.

Who has the Greatest Market Share in the Video Streaming Industry?

According to a survey, the market share of Netflix in the U.S. video streaming market decreased from 29% to 20% in 2020 due to the emergence of some new platforms like HBO Max and Peacock.

However, according to Statista, Netflix is the leading setter of the best Video streaming servers like Amazon Prime follows with a 16% market share

Why is the Video Streaming Trends evolving?

People nowadays have adapted to low latency streaming videos and live streaming videos on social media platforms.

All these factors led to the surge in the changing of the video-streaming trends.

Also, the streaming platforms allow users to select functions and content they need so that they can pay for only those services and can neglect the payment for the programs that they are not interested in

On the whole, I can say that convenience, scalability, personalized content, and affordability are the main reasons for this great shift toward video-streaming platforms

What are the Key Factors of the Video Streaming Trends?

Content and User experience serve as the key factors determining the success of a video streaming service.

Massive growth of online videos and rising demand for on-demand videos are the main growth drivers for this video streaming market.

Top Video Streaming Trends in 2024

While there are many growing video streaming trends, the upcoming developments are truly bringing out the most buzz in 2024:

  • Use of AI in Streaming
  • Surge in OTT Viewership
  • The 5G Wave
  • Spatial Streaming and AR-VR
  • Rise in Connected TV
  • Ad-Supported Free Streaming
  • Rise in popularity of Podcasts
  • Improved User Experience
  • The Rise of Niche Platforms
  • Rise of Creator Communities
  • Live Sports Streaming
  • FAST Channels
  • Monetizing Nostalgia
  • Social Platforms collaboration

1. The Rise of AI in Streaming

Though AI isn’t always as loud in video streaming trends as it is in lots of other industries, the impact of AI can’t be denied as well. In 2024, AI will swiftly transform the manner we find out, consume, or even create content material.

we’ve already gotten a glimpse of its skills in the previous couple of years. mainly within the subject of personalized streaming. overlook endless scrolling and decision fatigue. AI-powered advice engines, like the ones used by Netflix to grow viewing hours with the aid of 80%, will give you exactly what you need, at your fingertips! They analyze enormous user statistics to curate customized tips.

This resulted in a 20% growth in user engagement and a fifteen% reduction in churn rate for structures. even as visitors enjoy extra streamlined and satisfying streaming.

but AI in streaming isn’t always restrained to advice only. AI’s effect is going far beyond suggesting the subsequent ought-to-watch show. Algorithms at the moment are optimizing content advent itself!

From analyzing script tendencies to predicting target market reactions with 90% accuracy, AI enables studios to tailor content material to unique preferences. This has caused a 12% growth in viewership for AI-assisted productions, suggesting a destiny wherein data-driven storytelling reigns superbly.

The future of AI in video streaming trends looks even greater promising. imagine voice-managed searches with herbal language knowledge, AI-generated subtitles in real-time, or maybe customized trailers that adapt to your mood!

2. Monetizing Nostalgia

Now that millennials are joining their prime spending time, all kinds of businesses are yielding huge profits by reviving the ‘80s and ‘90s.

Nowhere is this more relatable than in streaming content.

Originally, a YouTube Red exclusive, Cobra Kai (a Karate Kid revival) is the ideal example.
Hulu also jumped on this trend with its widespread Veronica Mars reboot.

Amazon has given nostalgia a stab too, with mixed results.

The Prime Video reboot of The Tick had a loyal following but was withdrawn after 2 seasons. There was also the set-in-the-‘80s comedy Red Oaks, which lasted for 3 seasons.

You could argue that one of Prime Video’s most watched-by shows, The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel became a success due to the nostalgia factor as well.

(Although that show dates back to the 50s.) This simply proves that Netflix can be titled as the ruler of monetizing nostalgia.

And not just because they obtained Cobra Kai. In addition to this, Netflix released The Baby-Sitters Club, based on the popular book series from the late ‘80s and ‘90s in the year 2020.

3. Surge in OTT Viewership

In 2027, the world is anticipated to binge-watch like never before! Streaming platforms are undergoing a viewership outbreak this year. A whopping 98% of Americans are presently subscribed to at least one streaming service. An average user fakes an impressive 3 subscriptions.

A recent survey disclosed that viewers are nowadays repeatedly searching for different genres and niches of content to stream. This craving for diverse content is fueling platform development, with the global OTT market revenue expected to attain $300 billion in the next couple of years.

Occurring markets like Asia and Latin America are encountering explosive growth. The viewership in these regions is expanding by 25% and 30%, respectively. This proposes l exciting opportunities for creators and platforms who can cater to local likings and languages.

4. The 5G Storm is Coming

The 5G wave is about to whack, and it’s taking video streaming trends to a whole new level! This next-generation grid pledges blazing-fast speeds, ultra-low latency, and broader coverage. Hence, it is going to transform how we consume and create video content.

So, what will change for your end users? Visualize streaming 4K and even 8K videos without a single buffering hiccup. That’s the charm of 5G, with download speeds up to 20 times quicker than 4G. And according to the latest video streaming trends, the time required to upload your videos is about to reduce drastically!

5. Spatial Streaming and AR-VR

5G opens doors to immersive video adventures like never before. Just ponder about live, 360° concerts where you feel like you’re right on stage, or interactive virtual reality (VR) content that puts you in the heart of the action.

Well, thanks to Apple Vision Pro, Meta’s Quest 3, and several other upcoming AR-VR headsets that are bending this vision into a reality! And Vision Pro is not going to cease at AR-VR only, it is stretching out to the world of spatial computing for you.

And if you want to carry your streaming platform to Apple Vision Pro, then this is the proper time! Using Appkodes’, you can very easily create your own Apple Vision Pro streaming app, without coding.

6. Connected TV Connecting Households

In 2023, a staggering 84.9% of U.S. households owned a connected TV, representing over 106.4 million homes. This summarizes a global market size of USD 210 billion. Specialists predict a beneficial growth of 6.8% in 2024. So it’s safe to say that the connected TV wave is amassing momentum.

And cord-cutting seems to be the primary driving force behind this trend. Connected TVs offer seamless access to platforms like Netflix, Hulu, and Disney+. Recent surveys explicitly state that streaming accounts for a whopping 80% of TV viewing time.

And that is why, 2.2 billion fastened TVs are envisioned to be in use globally by 2024. Smart TV sales are estimated to reach 164 million units in 2024. At present, the average viewing time on chorded TVs is 4.2 hours per day, which may even exceed tremendously in the coming months.

7. Ad-Supported Free Streaming is Rising

Can you imagine those days when there were limited free entertainment options? Well, those days are no more as ad-supported streaming (AVOD) is going through a meteoric rise in 2024.

In 2023, it reached a staggering USD 64.56 billion. And professionals foretell a remarkable growth of 25.8% in 2024. That deciphers to nearly USD 81.2 billion worth of ad-supported streaming.

And if you are feeling that only you are weary of your streaming bills, then it seems there are numerous people like you! Millions of viewers are opting for free or ad-supported options, around 43% of U.S. households subscribe to at least one AVOD or HVOD (Hybrid Video-on-Demand) service.

8. Podcasts will Lead the Way

Podcasts have skyrocketed from niche to mainstream in 2023. Therefore until 2024, their popularity cannot be expected to no signs of slow down. There would be more than an 8.68% increase! So, if you’re a passionate podcaster, both video and audio, good times are ahead of you!

Above all, podcasts are anticipated to generate hefty revenues this year! The podcast industry is roughly estimated to generate a whopping $4 billion in ad revenue by year-end, up from $2.3 billion in 2023.

Coming to niches, things have changed making true crime and comedy remain popular, a very diverse set of topics from personal finance, mental health, and a lot more are experiencing explosive growth.

9. User Experience is Going to be the Key

If the content is your king, User Experience is your king-queen-and jack in 2024! Viewers are extremely frustrated with the countless scrolling and clumsy navigation. They demand seamless, personalized, and attractive streaming reports in recent times. This has laid the ramp for streaming systems with super UX to take the lead!

the new-age streaming UX is a triumphing mixture of high-quality design, seamless navigation, and brilliant suggestions. With heaps of shows and movies at their fingertips, visitors are struggling to find out what to observe in conventional UI. hence, structures embracing intuitive seek functionalities, AI-powered guidelines, and curated playlists are winning hearts.

70% of users abandon online video systems due to negative UX. Even a 2nd put-off in page load time can reduce conversions utilizing 7%.

10. The Rise of Niche Platforms

In 2024, area of interest video structures are at the upward push. these systems cater to passionate groups with laser-focused services. And that is pretty evident from the fact that the worldwide area of interest streaming market is developing at an astonishing 27.four% CAGR.

In the latest survey, it was revealed that 82% of Gen Z visitors choose to be a part of a spot community, looking for greater customized and network-driven content experiences. visitors are increasingly seeking curated content material niches that resonate with their unique pursuits. this is wherein niche platforms are flawlessly in shape!

11. Rise of Creator Communities

The fashion for area of interest structures is tremendously driven with the aid of manner of the author’s economic gadget too, which is booming in 2024! The creators are locating their voice in the area of interest structures. Those structures offer creators more management over content material material, distribution, and monetization. Those structures moreover foster a robust experience of the network. And that is why, writer-owned media systems are projected to generate USD 1. 1.5 billion in sales by 2026.

In case you are one such passionate content author, looking to create your very own vicinity of interest video platform, then Appkodes is right here to help you out. you may create your private characteristic-packed platform that meets the latest video streaming trends without any coding or IT group! Don’t receive as authentic with us? Take a 14-day loose trial and test it yourself!

12. Live Sports Streaming Is the Buzz Already

Until 2022, scripted dramas and reality shows had been dominating the streaming area. however, instances are changing, as we’ve got a new dominator within the streaming area – stay sports Streaming!

So what brought about this meteoric upward push? well, all of us recognize that conventional cable viewership is on the decline. but interest in sports activities remains sky-high. 75% of millennials and Gen Z fans decide to look at sports activities online.

That is why stay streaming is projected to account for 40% of all sports viewership by way of 2027. after all, reducing the wire doesn’t imply missing the game – it simply method looking at it otherwise.

And the upward thrust of online sports activities streaming has already started out leaving its effect on international internet intake. stay sports activities events now account for 70% of peak net traffic, showcasing the vast call for actual-time viewing.

visitors spend a median of 57% more time watching live sports on streaming structures as compared to conventional TV.

And this is expected to boom even similarly in 2024. So, if you are seeking to start your personal stay sports streaming platform, then 2024 is the first-rate time to get begun! And with the right customizable live streaming script, video streaming turns into all the less difficult!

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13. FAST Channels will Grow Faster

Rapid channels are hovering in popularity, imparting visitors a free, ad-supported opportunity to standard pay television. Over 2.5 billion visitors worldwide are expected to apply fast channels by 2028. The average viewing time on fast channels is around 120 minutes in step with the day, indicating visitors are finding attractive content material and staying tuned in.

This increase in recognition of rapid Channels is generating hefty sales too! the worldwide fast channel market is predicted to attain USD 46.2 billion with the aid of 2027, growing at an outstanding CAGR of 25.7%. ad revenue for fast channels is anticipated to attain USD 35.4 billion by 2027.

14. Competing with Social Media

Video money is owed for 60% of all downstream net site visitors worldwide. But that is no longer simply staying streaming.

Looking at movies is also one of the most commonplace things people do on social media. YouTube is the second most famous website in the global, boasting personal channels with over 260 million subscribers.

Other social networks have launched their committed video opposite numbers as nicely, like the fast-growing Facebook Watch (and its little sister, IGTV).

No longer to say the explosive boom of short video app development. The 100% video-based social networks like TikTok have over 1 billion monthly lively users. And it continues to be the champion of social networks among Gen Z.

The content material has grown too, as users try to supply their motion pictures with a professional appearance. Many are shopping for merchandise to help.

As you may see underneath, interest in lighting for TikTok movies surged in 2020 but has remained distinctly excessive because even the paid streaming services themselves are contributing to their competition.

Netflix has long used YouTube as a promotional channel. but in June 2020, after they posted Dave Chappelle’s “8:forty six” —an authentic 27-minute unique centered around the killing of George Floyd — they did it exclusively on YouTube.

while that release was below unique occasions, the “Netflix Is A Joke” YouTube channel carries lots of brief clips of their longer stand-up specials.

truly some viewers experience the free clips available there and some other place in place of subscribing to Netflix.

The Importance of Analyzing the Video Streaming Trends

The future of streaming is interesting and full of potential. With the upward thrust of live streaming, the fragmentation of content material, and the growth of the APAC region, there are lots of possibilities for groups and groups to interact with their target market and generate revenue. Studying streaming developments is vital for streaming services and companies seeking to leverage the energy of streaming.

CDNetworks is a leading streaming carrier provider, imparting clients the most suitable VOD and live streaming answers, designed to help agencies and organizations interact with their target market and take gain of the emerging tendencies and technology in the streaming industry.

for example, Cloud Live offers an all-in-one live streaming solution with stream-control functions for eating, processing, and delivery, whilst leveraging our globally allotted content delivery community (CDN).

And if you are inquisitive about streaming video on call for, there may be Cloud VOD, which presents similar benefits for consuming, managing, processing, publishing, dispensing, and analyzing media content.

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Looking Beyond 2024: The Future of Video Streaming

In the upcoming years, the video streaming trends have left the market with no different choice however to encompass multiple monetization strategies, content material fabric niches, AI, and immersive streaming. beyond 2024, video customers will begin looking for subscriptions that come at the side of customized services.

this is why, microtransactions for unique content fabric, and prolonged integration with advertising and marketing and advertising emerge as extra not unusual. specialists count on that USD 65.6 billion may be generated in advert revenue through 2027.

information predicts a 20% worldwide boom in net users via 2026, fueling content material fabric introduction. Studios will put money into AI-pushed scripts and data-optimized productions.

presently, 70% of viewing is on cellular devices. however, employing the manner of 2028, it’s far projected to hit 80%. So, systems will understand prioritizing bite-sized content material, seamless pass-device compatibility, and offline options.

a lot of aspiring entrepreneurs nowadays are that they in no way stick on with the system growing an app from scratch. This procedure may be tiresome. As an alternative, they move for a readymade online answer of a famous video streaming app.

that is because of the truth a geared up-to-use video streaming app answer will consist of all simple functions and generation for constructing a complete-fledged video streaming app inside your price range and in a quick time.

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