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Want to materialize your online taxi business dreams? Go for a versatile Uber clone script

Kala samayapuri

10 Nov 2021 on Our Products · 5 min read


5 min read

Nowadays with the advancements in technology and the increase in the use of the Internet by people, the popularity of online taxi booking platforms keeps on rising. Commuting has become so much easy for people than ever before after the introduction of taxi booking applications. Therefore, the traditional method of availing taxi services has almost taken back seat and the on-demand taxi booking platforms came into the picture and act as a key influencer in fulfilling people’s day-to-day travel requirements.

Today, a lot of taxi booking apps are available and some apps like Uber, lyft, ola, etc are really successful with their outstanding taxi services. So, there is always a better scope for the taxi apps with innovative and interesting inclusions as people crave new things in all the online platforms that they make use of. Therefore, the taxi booking app that completely meets the expectations of users will outshine other competitive apps in the market effortlessly.

If you are an aspiring entrepreneur striving to plunge into this booming sector with fierce competition, then you must seek a smart way to build a world-class taxi booking app like Uber quickly and within your budget.

This is possible only with a clone script of a popular taxi application like Uber. First and foremost you should know what this uber clone is and how you can materialize your online ride-hailing business dreams with the readymade and versatile Uber clone. So, let’s delve into the topic with no further delay.

What is Uber clone script?

Uber clone script is an online solution that includes all key features required to build a feature-rich online taxi booking platform with no effort. Therefore, building a full-fledged taxi app to succeed in the online taxi business will be as easy as pie with a readymade uber clone.

I hope you are now convinced about using the uber clone script for building taxi applications. But, choosing an ideal taxi booking script that can help you in turning your online ride-hailing business dreams into reality is not an easy task as it seems to be. Several crucial factors need to be considered before picking a uber clone script. Let’s gain those insights now

Features to be considered to build a robust taxi booking app

User-friendly interface

The taxi app with a user-friendly and rich user interface will pave the way for easy navigation for the users. It also helps them in understanding the entire functionality of the platform clearly and so it becomes necessary for the uber clone script to include this feature to arrive at an impressive taxi booking app

Real-time tracking

With this feature, the users of the app can track the taxi easily; its availability and current location, and can also get instant notifications. Drivers will also be able to find the passenger’s pickup location without any hassles.

Approximate fare estimator

This feature helps the users in knowing the ride fare before the commencement of the ride based on the trip source and destination. So, users can proceed further to book rides that match their expectations. The uber clone script you select must include this option to grab more eyeballs on the taxi booking platform

Convenient payment options

The taxi booking script should support the inclusion of multiple, advanced payment options to ease the payment process of the users on the taxi booking platform. Therefore, users can make their payments through mobile wallets, cards, online banking, and so on.

Emergency contact

It becomes essential for a taxi app to ensure a safe ride for each and every user. This will eventually boost the credibility of the online taxi booking platform. So, the uber clone script should allow the users to save emergency contact so that they can use them in case of any difficulties.

Status online/offline option for drivers

The taxi booking script should include an option for the drivers to accept the ride requests at their convenience. So, when the drivers need a break from their work, they can just turn off their availability.

Final thoughts

I believe you are now clear with some key features of a taxi booking app that can surely impress users to a greater extent. You will have a question for sure now.

Where to find a comprehensive uber clone script?

All clone script providers available out there cannot completely understand your taxi business requirements and provide an impeccable uber clone. Only a renowned clone script provider like Appkodes can help you in giving life to your online taxi business dreams.

Appkodes Cabso is a top-notch uber clone script that is built meticulously with impressive functions, state-of-the-art technologies, and seamless performance to arrive at an eye-catching online taxi booking platform. It includes all the above-mentioned vital features to amaze taxi app users in the long run and is also customizable to include functions as required.

On the whole, you can utilize this ready-to-use and scalable Uber clone to face the cut-throat competition in the online taxi business. So, why still waiting? It’s the right time to taste success in your online ride-hailing business venture.

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