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Most Wanted Features for a Taxi booking business

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22 Oct 2018 on Our Products · 4 min read

online taxi booking business

4 min read

The ingress of numerous Taxi booking apps has pulled out the old thought of tedious taxi rides. As of today, Taxi booking business idea has been advanced than ever thought in every part of the world.

Reaching users, Visibility and booking standards are the most common and highly important things to look upon if you are willing to start your own Taxi booking script. There are many features which one has to an acquaintance with their Taxi booking App which has been previously stated in the blogs.

So here we are gonna look upon a few innovative features which weren’t stated before.

Most Wanted Features for a Taxi booking business

In the current era of change-driven, everyone wants to change things the way it was to make everything easier, easier and lot easier. Same way taxi booking services made it a way lot better with the arrival of on-demand Taxi booking Apps.

With a basic Taxi booking app, there will not be any additional advantage to your business. And that’s why you have to always prepare for the best to bring in more revenue. Nevertheless, anyone can remain on top ahead of the competitors by adding the most innovative features on-demand taxi booking business.

So, here are five innovative features for the entrepreneurs who want to be on top in the business of custom taxi booking script solutions efficiently.

most wanted taxi booking business


One of the main ingredients of the amateur taxi startups is the pre-booking option. Pre-booking is one of the best features that will be very much welcomed by the people who love to plan their daily activities. Pre-booking will allow riders to book their ride prior the journey.

Taxi booking App owners need to look upon the availability of Taxis and drivers as the rider will expect their journey to be on right time if not the rider will not be booking any rides anymore from their services. Adding this feature gives you an advantage of knowing the total number of rides earlier and may manage them accordingly.

Chat Feature

One would think why would someone need a live chat option in a taxi booking business when the riders/users may call directly and go on a ride.

But still having a chat option may solve issues between Rider and User like when they stuck in the spots like Meetings, classrooms or quiet zones, where they can’t do the voice calls or even when they don’t get any signals to reach through calls.

This kind of a unique feature might help users to get in contact with drivers and may also help to direct the driver to the pickup spot. Thus if you wanna make things easier for riders or users, then Chat support must be a highlighted feature for your uber clone.

Pickup/Drop Airplane terminal

The second most innovative feature which had to be considered in an online taxi booking service is that Airplane terminals. It includes a huge number of issues yet a single pickup or drops from or to an airplane terminal may increase a large number of multiple shifts of a cab driver. It is also thought to have alternate solutions for charging exceptionally for air terminal rides.

Taxi booking services for Airplane terminals which are designed with a single ride charging and process for airplane terminal pickups and drops will be vastly welcomed among the audience.

Manage Alerts/Notifications

To overlook the warnings and pop-up notifications it is essential to include Manage Alerts/Notifications feature to your Taxi booking app.

This feature will barter with alarms and warnings of your app users and send them a markdown, offers and unique codes for being a regular rider. This may be taken to next levels by overlooking alarms, Texts, data used information, sending a thank message to the user and so on.

Payment Options

While on Taxi booking business, every feature should be simple and bother-free for both the drivers and users. Same way everyone likes comfort, but when it comes to payment methods. 5 in 10 people feel difficulties in having only a few payment options to have a ride.

Payment methods allow users to pay online from various options, including Visas, MasterCard and check cards. It must also provide users a chance to pay within the application. Improving this feature will assure a stable business.


Taxi booking service business must provide all the necessary feature which user expects. Among those, the above-mentioned feature will be highly welcomed. In case if you are interested in starting your own Taxi booking services and are planning to start up right away, then you must look upon our Uber clone script or you may get in touch with us with your requirements.

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