Do you know that Bots could automate your Business?

Most People would probably heard about Bots (especially if you’re on Facebook Messenger frequently) in one form or another. But most of them is unsure what is a Bot? If anyone who has used an app or interacted with a website recently might have used a bot – and probably didn’t even know about it.

People simply don’t understand what a Bot is. So first, a brief dive into the history of a Bot and the general capabilities of this new tool. But the real point of this post will be about how bots, using complex programming tools borrowed from Machine Learning and AI, will revolutionize how Businesses are conducted.

History of Bots

The first bots were Chat Bots (a simpler version of what is on Messenger and now Google’s Chat platform Allow). They were simple creatures who were programmed with a series of automated responses.

Basic Tasks of Bots:

♦ Information retrieval (i.e. recent or local News);

♦ Task Reminder Alerts;

♦ Find local stores and/or restaurants.

There were many basic tasks that these little bits of code could accomplish. But rapidly, they became something more. Using Machine Learning coders were able to create Bots that were so much more than a simple fetch machine.

How Automation is Changing the World of Business

Today, programmers used Bots to automate routine tasks of all types. In fact one of the most celebrated business uses of a bot is how easy it makes to sell to online users. The popular example is ordering a pizza; but the point is that the easier it is for a consumer to buy something, the more likely they are to purchase it.

However, this glosses over the true power is has to revolutionize how business is conducted. The true power of bots (as you may have guessed) lies in automation. Tasks that once required a person to initiate can now occur automatically. Consider a basic task that most businesses encounter: order placement.

Before bots, a new order would have to go to living person who would then need to send it down to the next person in the workflow. Then, the downstream person would have to initiate the next steps, whether that’s manufacturing the product, providing the service, and so on. Then the down line employee would have to start the next stage.

Business that uses Bots can automate all of those tasks. Each one of those employees are freed from what is a rote mindless task – and can thus focus on the big tasks that make businesses a success (like growing business and improving revenue generation). Automation of these routine tasks through Bots is where the future of business lies. Think of all those tasks a bot can take over for a user:

♦ Notification emails;

♦ Retrieving data;

♦ Automated responses to FAQ;

♦ Contact forms;

Bots can be used to boost business in other ways too, like utilizing a massively cool chat Bot that asks a series of questions to helping users to build an entire website, unique to their specific industry.

There are even bots that can help Business Owners build other Bots (Facebook and Amazon both provide this service); but the only way to develop a bot truly unique to a specific business is to get a programming team that knows what they’re doing.

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