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Letgo has become the rising star of online classifieds domain which is reigned by Craigslist for over 2 decades now. Here are the reasons.

From the early stage to till date, LetGo has:

      1. Acquired $175 Million of investor backing

      2 . Holds 20 million active monthly users

      3. 1 Billion + chat messages exchanged

      4. Mediated exchanges worth $23 billion

      5. Attained 45 million downloads

With such a great amount of happening with the Argentina based entrepreneur Alec Oxenford’s classifieds marketplace mobile app thought, Letgo has been more than once in the news getting the attention of numerous. Letgo, with its current tie-up with Wallpop for growing its operations in the USA, is thought to be a disruptor in the market.

buy and sell used items

How Letgo managed to do it?

*  LetGo gives users a chance to offer anything just by taking a photograph and posting it to a marketplace which has people flourishing to buy used goods.

*  LetGo has decided to relinquish prompt income making listing, buying and selling commission-to free.

*  Letgo always focuses on the mobile-dependent millennials as its users.

*  Provides a medium of a source for buyer and seller communication with real-time chat instead of emails or calls or blah blah blah texts.

*  All-new browsing, searching and chatting experience.

In addition to this, Letgo has plans of driving in more to the app to position it as the Number One in the classifieds marketplace segment deposing Craigslist yet starting at now the authorities are tight-lipped about it.

The Letgo Effect

Like any quickly developing business, LetGo has gotten the consideration of numerous business people and financial specialists to build a plan business model based on LetGo. This situation would soon prompt the ascent of Letgo clone apps.

In spite of the fact that endeavours of building Letgo clone applications would not bring about an interruption of worldwide extent like Letgo, however, could help in acquiring a lump of a local market share of the overall industry where the business starts.

How to Build a Letgo Clone App?

Readymade solutions are, by a long shot, the best medium to fabricate a Letgo Clone application. Each startup business needs to go to market promptly as competitors are as of now in and scaling up. What’s more, clearly, as a startup, you investigate saving money on development cost to the most extreme degree.

Here is the place where players like Appkodes Buy Sell classifieds marketplace app came in.

Appkodes Buy Sell is a readymade classifieds marketplace web and mobile apps that are very adaptable. The 100% customization ability it offers contributes towards building any sort of web and mobile app like Carousel clone, Wallapop clone, Depop clone, OLX clone, Quikr clone, Offerup clone apart from Letgo Clone app.

Appkodes Buy Sell Classifieds App

Appkodes Buy Sell, however not an inside and out Letgo clone app, is a native, completely featured, functional mobile app that is pre-built on iOS and Android versions.

‘End user-friendly’ features of Appkodes Buy Sell

1. User Reviews & Ratings – Find highly reviewed and rated products and sellers

2. Targets the mobile-dependent millennials as its users

3. Multilingual compatibility – Can speak any language

4. User management console – Profile updates, account information, previous purchase details etc

5. Product image sliders – Top selling or recently added products on sliders

6. Tracking option for seller response – Track responses of sellers for a price quote sent

7. Internal chat system with sellers – Proceed to chat and close the deal instantly

8. Coupons – Allows the user to use coupons for discount

9. Location-based search – Find sellers nearby to a user’s location

Appkodes Buy Sell features that delight ‘Sellers’

  • Track buyers based on their location
  • Products listed can be easily classified into categories and managed without clutter
  • Faster image upload and multiple editing options
  • Price comparison for offers from buyers
  • The management console for coupon codes and offers
  • Instant messaging chat facility to connect to customers
  • Notifications via emails for approvals and messages


Appkodes Buy Sell is a hyper-accommodative classifieds mobile app that can take multiple shapes to fulfill any business-specific requirements. From UI/UX changes to functional upgrades, Appkodes Buy Sell app can be tweaked at all angles.

So, overall if you want to launch a similar business on online classifieds you can opt in a letgo clone, which is fully restyled with additional features. Also, it is more Adoptable in which it can be used to launch any type of business such as Real Estate, Electronic Store, Car Rental, Arts and Crafts Stores, Book Stores etc.

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