Social Ecommerce Script is a complete social media friendly system which allows the visitor to login via social networks and also allow them to share it via social media. You are an entrepreneur, visionary and creator hence you can freely and easily change the store’s appearance as per your needs using our ready solutions.

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How Social Ecommerce Script Enables the Quick and Easy Operations of Their Daily Management Activities

Digital commerce using Social Ecommerce Script has facilitated lots of business owner to access online platform to reach wide markets which was not possible in the past. Due to physical transaction is ended in this advanced approach, Businesses depend on Social Ecommerce Script which enables the quick and easy operations of their daily management activities. However, the basic model of each and every business is quite different so each business needs a e-commerce solution that will capable to fulfill their unique needs.

Most of the social eCommerce script allows the user to both buy and sell products in the same platform. User can create a store and upload products Users can buy or place a like on the products to become followers They can leave a bookmark to purchase later One can follow other’s favorite list Social interaction makes the sale happening on the site.

User Fashion Showcase

Users can use the products purchased in Social Ecommerce Script and they can share their experience with photos in the user fashion section under each products. Buyers are allowed to comment their thoughts on any product’s in Social Ecommerce Script. They can also submit their reviews for the favourite sellers based on the item they bought.

Several Features of Social Ecommerce Script

Native Android App

Blow your visitors away with this sleek and powerful Android app. Social Ecommerce Script comes with all the features & works beautifully in sync with the site.

PayPal Adaptive Payments

Social Ecommerce Script comes with PayPal Adaptive integration to automate the payment commission & Payout splits between seller and you for each sale.

Dispute Management System

Social Ecommerce Script built in is a highly sophisticated Dispute management system to handle any charge-backs,disputes raised during any sale

Multi-Language Support

Contains a powerful module to bring in any language in the World …yes ANY language in the world in a snap into your marketplace.

Powerful Email Management

This script is equipped with a powerful email management system with Proper SMTP configuration to manage all those automated notifications going out.

Social Login Integration

Being a Social commerce script, your marketplace will have all the social elements placed in proper places with required social media login systems.

Built-in Theme Customization

Header, Footer, BG, Fonts, colors etc. can be easily changed by the admin effortlessly. Easy to carry out A/B testing and find your visitors liking.

Brands & Stores Management

Your customers can access to all the brands and stores in one place. List of all top brands and stores arranged alphabetically.

Mobile Site

Although you have a mobile app, a lot many visitors come via. search traffic to your site on mobile. To facilitate them, we have the Mobile version ready as well.

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