shpock clone Planning to launch shpock clone- online classifieds, buy and sell based app. The basic ideology behind the app is selling and buying stuffs around your location. This app is easy to manage, you can add your products in less than 30 seconds. You add or sell product with free of no cost, which is a cost effective way. The system don’t have external money involved which is one more benefit for the users.

Being admin to shpock clone app you can earn money by enabling the advertisement for the third party online preneur to advertise into your site. To be more advanced the online classifieds system can gain revenue by making the listings as urgent and featured. So that the admin and the user will get benefited more.

Just to step into one more step ahead, you can avail premium sellers into the system with additional benefit and features exclusive for them. They need to pay little to become premium sellers to enjoy all the added benefits in the system. By this way you can earn more money just by adding some of you innovative features to become more successful with shpock clone app.

When we talk about how to how make money, we should also think about how to deal these in terms of legal issues. All classifieds system has faced some issues in the legal terms like unfamiliar user activities and hidden or secret information sharing for selling secrete things, when there is an issue comes, the system should have enough data about the seller and buyer. In the beginning of any classifieds system there was no great verification for any users, later they introduced the mobile number verification and then email verification and then Facebook verification and much more to get as much as details about the user who getting into the system.

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