Howzu v3.5 – Oct 10, 2019
[Added] Web version of Howzu

Howzu v3.4 – August 26, 2019
[Added] Video call Swap option
[Updated] Migrated to AndroidX
[Updated] Webrtc call sdk updated
[Fixed] Bugs fixes and performance improvements

Howzu v3.2 – 13th November 2018
[Added] Notch support for Android and iOS mobiles
[Fixed] Hot fixes

Howzu v3.3 – 7 December, 2018
[Fixed] UI fixes and Performance improvements for Android and iOS mobiles
[Fixed] UI and Bug fixes for web.

Howzu v3.1 – 28 September, 2018
[Modified] Modified own profile page
[Added] Signup wizard for interest, I’m here to and profile picture
[Added] Edit your own profile
[Added] Security authorisation for access Api’s
[Added] Premium price for android and ios separately
[Added] App update info from admin

Howzu v3.0 – 7 May, 2018
[Added] Video and audio chat
[Added] Secure data between Server and Client
[Added] Delete chat history
[Added] Keyboard Emoji’s supportable
[Added] Auto spell keyboard suggestion
[Added] Unfriend option
[Update] Node.js Update to recent version
[Added] Email login and signup

Howzu v2.1 – 15 December, 2017
[Updated] Find people from near by location instead facebook location
[Fixed] Hot fixes

Howzu v2.0
[Added] Premium Feature – It will make admin to get revenue by Hide age, change location, rewind last swipe, hide ads, visitors and profile invisible option
[Added] Rewind Last Swipe – Premium user can rewind his last swiped people
[Added] Change location – Premium user can change his current location
[Added] Online – Now user can see people who in online, offline and away status
[Added] Visitors – Premium user can see people who visited your profile recently
[Added] App of the day – Admin can manage title, description, images and download link
[Added] Sort your favorite and recent friends in message section
[Added] Image share – Now you can send images in chat
[Updated] Profile Update – Get your last 5 profile images and last 25 interest from facebook
[Updated] Settings Update – Now you can enable/disable your notifications in settings

Howzu v1.0
[Added] Login with Facebook – You can easily login with your facebook account
[Added] Select People – Swipe to select your match
[Added] Notification – Get notification from people who wants to match you
[Added] Matches – Chat with your matches
[Added] Share – Share the app to invite your friends
[Added] Settings & Display preference – You can filter the people for find the perfect match