Personalized Home product layouts

Admin can set custom Home product layouts to enrich the experience of the users on the cosmetics ecommerce platform. This option will astonish users as it paves the way for the smooth navigation on the platform

Cosmetics Store Script

Ratings and reviews system

With this option buyers can provide ratings and reviews for the cosmetics which will be greatly helpful for the other users who are about to make cosmetics purchase on the platform.

Cosmetics Store Script


Admin can set banners to allow users to explore more products on the platform and also to enhance the site navigation. Admin can set banners to link to product category pages, details pages, and other websites.

Cosmetics Store Script

Product details

This feature helps the buyers in knowing about a product before buying it on the platform. Buyers will also be able to get answers for all their product-related queries from sellers and other users on the cosmetics ecommerce platform

Like and share

Users can like and also share the cosmetic products on social media platforms to get surprising discounts on those products

Video play

Seller can include demo videos to explain the uses of their cosmetic products. This feature will grab more eyeballs on the platform


With this feature users can utilize offers of the cosmetic products on the cosmetics ecommerce platform

Product selfie

Users can post selfie photos with the cosmetic products that they have purchased on the cosmetics ecommerce platform

Cosmetics Store Script

Cart and Buy now

With ‘Buy now’ option, buyers can purchase the products quickly and can also use the cart to collect their desired items and can then take actions later on from the shopping cart.

Cosmetics Store Script

Shipping and orders

Buyers can know the status of their placed orders and can track their product arrival time with the help of the ‘Orders and tracking’ feature. Buyers can also include multiple shipping addresses and can then select the desired destination for shipping at the end of their purchases

Cosmetics Store Script

Multivendor system

Our cosmetics store script includes many product categories to help users in picking their required products from the needed categories

Popular product

Product popularity will kindle interest among users to make the purchase of products that are very popular

Popular stores

With this option, popular stores and their products can be shown to snatch the attention of a lot of users on the cosmetics ecommerce platform

Deals of the day

With this option, deals of the day and product offers can be provided to make users buy those products on the platform

Cosmetics Store Script

Filter option

This option of our cosmetics store script allows users to search for cosmetic products based on price, brand, type, barcode, etc. Users will also be able to sort the products based on their preferences

Cosmetics Store Script

Multiple payment options

Our cosmetics store script supports user payments through Paypal, credit cards, and cash on delivery. The online solution also includes a single-click checkout process to simplify the payment process of the users on the cosmetics ecommerce platform

Cosmetics Store Script

Follow, Live feeds, and Alerts

Our cosmetics store script enables sellers to create their profiles with product listings. Buyers can also follow the sellers of their choices on the platform

Live feeds

With this option users can know all happenings and updates on the cosmetics ecommerce platform

Create feeds

Users can create and share posts in feeds that can be seen by their followers on the cosmetics ecommerce platform

Find friends

With this feature, users can find and follow people with same cosmetics interest on the cosmetics ecommerce platform


Buyers will be regularly notified with the new arrivals, order status, and important activities on the cosmetics ecommerce platform

Cosmetics Store Script

Seller coupons and News

The ‘News’ section of our cosmetics ecommerce platform includes all important announcements and updates from the sellers and stores which can be also viewed by the buyers on the cosmetics ecommerce platform

Seller coupons

Coupons can be provided for some products and categories which can be utilized by buyers during the product purchases on the platform

Contact sellers

Buyers can contact sellers to get answers to their product related queries and to know about their order status and shipping details

Cosmetics Store Script

Web application

Our cosmetics store script includes attention-grabbing and responsive web design with the best security features to protect the platform from malicious attacks and to show unmatchable performance across platforms

Cosmetics Store Script

Group gifts and gift cards

With ‘Group gifts’ option, users can join and contribute amount to send gifts to their desired contacts. They can also send gift cards with which the recipients can purchase cosmetic products on the platform

Cosmetics Store Script

Features for Admin

With an all-inclusive dashboard Admin can view and manage the operations of the cosmetics ecommerce platform effectively

Custom Homepage

Homepage can be customized based on the needs to amaze users on the cosmetics ecommerce platform.

Track orders

Admin can view all new orders and the delivered orders. The status of the placed orders can also be tracked by Admin on the cosmetics ecommerce platform


Admin can solve disputes between buyers and sellers on the platform. Admin can also accept or deny the disputes raised by users.

Cosmetics Store Script

Invite and credits

Users can invite their friends to join the application through email or social media with the help of referral links and thereby can earn credits to purchase products on the platform. The amount will be refunded to buyers as credits if they are dissatisfied with their purchased products on the platform. Buyers can also use earned credits in case of a shortage of funds during the product purchase.

Cosmetics Store Script

Customization services

Reach our team to add/remove any features in the product or if you are looking for some fresh concepts in the product.

Cosmetics Store Script