Dynamic Filters

More Dynamic

Create the desired categories and filter options for your products with this advanced feature of Appkodes Joysale. Depending on your business needs and to enrich the shopping experience of the users with easy navigation on the site, you can set up the required filtering options for product categories. So, optimize the experience of customers and enhance revenue generation with this beneficial dynamic filtering feature of our Best craigslist clone script.


With this price based search feature of our Latest craigslist clone website, users can look for products in the required price range they wish to search for.


Users can search for products and sellers near to their location with this location-based search feature of our Advanced craigslist clone app script.

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Product popularity

The product popularity will be shown as high or low depending on its reach among users. With this, sellers can involve in future product promotional activities.

Product views

With this feature, sellers can know the individual and the total number of views for their products. The product views will also be represented graphically on a weekly and monthly basis and then will be displayed to the sellers.

User engagement

Sellers can track the likes and comments for their products under this interesting feature of our Advanced craigslist clone script. The number of users who are in search of product offers will also be shown to the sellers.

Top cities

Our best craigslist clone script shows the sellers the top five cities from which there is comparatively more traffic viewing the product. So, sellers can exactly know the cities with maximum product reach easily.

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Banner Ads


Our best craigslist clone app allows Admin to make a profit through banner advertisements. The well-planned placement of these advertisements is important because there are more chances to earn maximum revenue from it.


Advertisers can take the decision on when and where to run their advertisements on the site. They will be also shown the total amount to be paid for displaying ads. Sellers can then run their advertisements on the site after getting approval from Admin.

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Multi Language


Joysale supports multiple languages to help users target the international market or specific country for products sales or purchase.


The website/mobile apps of Joysale script and its contents can be easily translated to any preferred language.

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Instant chat

Instant live chat

Without any mediators, the buyers can have a live chat with the sellers of the product directly and instantly through this instant live chat feature of our best craigslist clone script.

Chat block

To stop receiving messages from any specific user, our Advanced craigslist clone app includes this chat block option to block that user on the chat window.

Chat templates

Both sellers and buyers can show their purpose by making use of the default text templates that are available on the chat window.

Image and Location share

With these striking features in our Latest Craigslist Clone Script, sellers can share the image of their products and buyers can share their location on a chat window.

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Urgent promotions

Sellers can make use of urgent promotions to get more chances of selling a product as they can list their products on all available spaces where they are more likely to be viewed by the buyers.

Ad promotions

Admin can pave the way for boosting the sale of a product through ad promotions. This will grab the attention of more buyers quickly and easily.

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Exchange & Giving away

Exchange To Buy

If a buyer wishes to exchange his product with the other one, he/she can begin an exchange request with the corresponding seller of the product.

Giving away

If a seller decides to sell any product at free of cost, then he can list that product under this interesting section of our Advanced Craigslist Clone App Script without mentioning the price.

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Social Activities

Follow and Following

Our Advanced Craigslist Clone App allows buyers to follow their preferred sellers on the platform and thereby able to purchase at ease.

Invite Friends

Share the Invite/Join links on social networks and invite your friends to use your platform. This activity will drive more traffic to the platform.

Social Login

Appkodes Joysale provides a more convenient option for the users to login using their social media account. Users can also like and comment on the products.

Product Share

For promoting products, our Best Craigslist App Clone Script includes an option for sharing the products on various social media platforms. This, in turn, grabs more eyeballs easily.

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Currency Management

Multiple Currency

To make the payment process easier, Appkodes Joysale integrates multi-currency functionality into the platform. Admin can also set a default currency as per their wish.


Admin of the app has control complete over the addition or removal of any number of supported currencies.


With the help of an integrated payment gateway, Admin can manage the currencies that are supported by the platform.

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Make Accept & Deny Offer

Make offer

With this stunning feature of our best craigslist app clone script, buyers can request for product offers from the sellers on the platform. Sellers will receive notification for each and every request made.

Accept & Deny

With every request made for product offers by buyers, sellers can either accept or reject the offer request with just a single click.

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Product Details


Watermarking will be done instantly and automatically on the product image whenever a seller loads product on the site. Your product will get popularized if anyone tries to make use of your watermarked images.

Likes and comments

Users of Appkodes Joysale can like and comment on the product which builds the credibility of the product and can also be used by other buyers while purchasing.

Youtube video

To boost the product promotion, our Advanced craigslist Clone Script allows sellers to include a video for a product through the YouTube link. This greatly kindles interest in the minds of users as they usually get attracted to video content.

Report Inappropriate

In case a user finds that any product listed under a category is inappropriate, then he/she can report about that product that doesn’t fit in that category.

Product Condition

To ease the purchasing process of the buyers, sellers can describe the listed products as new or old and can also effectively manage the product listings.

Product Views

This feature of our best craigslist clone app contains each and every single piece of information regarding the product listing to assist buyers such as name, views, category, time the product is uploaded, and many more.

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With the help of the push notification feature, the buyers and sellers are notified immediately regarding the text messages that are sent over the chat window.


With the auto-generated notifications, the sellers and buyers are notified then and there with all activities regarding the site and the product.

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Web Application

Attractive Design

Appkodes Joysale comes with an appealing design to enrich the user experience on the platform. The design can also be customized according to business requirements.


The speed and performance of our best craigslist Clone Script application are matchless with the incorporation of state-of-the-art techniques and outstanding functionalities into the app


The best-in-class and multi-layered security options in the application make sure that the app is completely safe from malicious attacks.

Bootstrap Responsive

Our Best craigslist Clone App Script is built with responsive design and can be accessed seamlessly across various platforms and screen sizes.

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Customization / Changes

If you want any of the features to be modified or included in the product or if you are looking for some fresh concepts in the product, you can make a request and approach our team to get the required customization support.

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With a visually stunning dashboard in the Admin panel, Admin of the app can monitor and manage the entire operations of the platform.

Moderator (Custom sub-admin roles)

As per the site requirements, Admin can add Sub-Admins to the site and assign roles to them which they can perform on the platform. Admin can efficaciously manage their platform by allocating Sub-Admins.

Manage Module

Here, Admin can manage different modules such as exchange to buy, giving away, and other promotion-related modules.


With the suitable meta titles, tags, and descriptions, Appkodes Joysale helps in getting on top of the search engine result.

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SEO Friendly Design

Our best craigslist clone app script will help you in making your site more SEO-friendly. With this beneficial inclusion, you can eventually boost traffic on your online platform and can improve your site ranking on the search engine results page.

Make your site URL user friendly

With this striking feature, you can make your site’s URL structure user-friendly and a simplified one with the inclusion of category name and optimizing meta title and description for every category in the site.

Upload Robots. txt and XML sitemap

Make the search engine bots understand your site’s structure while crawling. With this, you can also know the pages that are valuable to your site.

Optimize images

With the inclusion of alt tags, you can optimize images on your website. This will help you in enhancing the overall loading time of your website

Add Breadcrumb

With this interesting option, you can provide navigational aid for your visitors on your website. This will enrich the experience of users on the platform.

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