Junaid Joosani
E-Commerce Portal

E-Commerce Portal Development For a Serial Entrepreneur

Sellnu is an e-commerce platform for various merchants which allows everyone to open their own online store and offer their products. Sellnu offers customers to surf and find products related to any category. It provides some best benefits to local merchants like better wholesale pricing, advertisement opportunities, new technology, higher customer satisfaction, increasing sales, and a new way of handling their own store, promotions, discount offers, and business information.

About the Client and His Request

Mr. Junaid Joosani from Sweden is an established serial entrepreneur offering a wide range of world-class brands. He decided to step into the e-commerce industry by launching a robust online e-commerce store integrated with social endeavors. The client had been looking for a company with huge experience in e-commerce development to build a competent e-commerce website confronting their specific requirements.

The Client wanted to stand out from the online competition by ensuring unique shopping experience for the customers in search of a product. Finally, Hitasoft’s team was chosen to perform the task.


When the client approached us with the challenge of building the Sellnu app, we actually had our own solution - Fantacy that streamlines the entire process.

According to the Customer’s requirements, our team took up the Social e-commerce store development to screen every aspect of searching and purchasing products online with additional features like share and discount.

First, To address the challenge, our team affixed the existing PHP based Social e-commerce platform with the client’s requirement. The main objective from the client for this platform is to avail a new social way of e-commerce shopping, to sell out his own manufacturing product from his own stocks and to allow other merchants to sell their own products within the same portal. This platform provides versatile opportunities to all sellers, end buyers, and system administrators.

For Buyers & Sellers:

Any user can create their own account and make any changes to it, search products from an extensive catalog and filter them by categories. It also renders online buyers get more personalized, convenient and enjoyable shopping experience. For Sellers, we availed a specialized feature to manage all their business activities like product availability, product sale, product return, within the portal.

For Admin:

The Proprietor of the business will be usually assigning an admin to manage the business. Here in Sellnu, the proprietor himself may look after the business on his own. It allows to set business rules, for example, activity sequence depending on the product, has access to the list of products, can view sales and stock data and much more.

Development & Client’s Involvement

Hitasoft’s team of highly qualified e-commerce developers were involved in the complete cycle of project development, including business analysis, testing, integration, maintenance, and support. To keep the Customer informed of the project status, our team had weekly calls with the Client, as well as exhibited reports and demo-versions on a regular basis.

The client provided us with a detailed requirements list at the project inception stage, supplementing with new ideas as the website development expand. Our team was proactively managing requirements difference that could satisfy system flexibility while suggesting helpful alternates.

The client was very much involved in the development process as he was available every time of our need. He was the type of person, who was dedicated and active whenever there is an issue. He contributed himself into this project involving in every feature and functionality of the development process.

It took nearly 6 phases to develop this project and the client was very much supportive and helping in the completion of each and every phase.

End Results

In the course of a couple of months, Team Hitasoft tackled the e-commerce store development with all the Client’s expectations and requirements. The e-commerce website features inherent user interface, necessary functionality for buyers and sellers, rich product catalogs with filters, and much more additional benefits.

We have carefully crafted a solution which offers a more convenient payment system, social shares, discount options, and easier to find products along with many other options.

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