Mr. Keshav

As impressed with the appearance of Joysale website and mobile apps demo, the client felt Joysale is the best-fitted solution to build his Online Pharma Marketplace.

About Keshav:

Keshav Singh from Karnal, Haryana, India was working as a General Manager with a Pharmaceutical Company as well as running a Web Hosting and Software Reselling company on his own for the past eighteen years.

Keshav Requirements:

Keshav, with an aim to gather all pharma companies and pharma people around the globe at one place so that they can get connected for business opportunities by using the latest technologies.

The Challenge:

As per client’s requirement, the classified script Joysale has to be altered to fit the needs of a Pharmaceutical website that connects every person who deals with Pharma industry.

As impressed with the appearance of Joysale website and mobile apps demo, the client felt Joysale is the best-fitted solution to build his Online Pharma Marketplace. So, we didn’t have much option rather than customizing Joysale to fit his requirements.

Eventually, we started Creating an algorithm to connect multiple Pharma supply chains with a single portal to extend the capabilities of business through a Pharma marketplace was initiated by Hitasoft.

Our Solutions:

Hitasoft accompanied the client’s thought and came up with the idea of leveraging its readymade ‘Classified Script' as it is built with cloud compatibility, flexibility, and adaptive scalability to fit any level of customization.

As Pharmasolutions was specific in using a custom-solutions with classified, Hitasoft’s PHP experts performed coding restructuring to create a compatibility Marketplace software.

For Pharma companies, Hitasoft’s development team came up with an easy-to-use login system and an exclusive administration panel for each pharma company to handle order processing, inventory, customer information, product information, product listing, etc.,

Why he chose us?

Mr.Keshav had his own research using the power of Google he found and choose us to build his online pharma marketplace store.

He also worked on our demo script and tested all the features and functionalities manually by himself. After his complete manual testing of our script, he thought our solution will be best-fit for his requirements which made him enroll with us.

This is how we were assigned to the project of pharmasolutions by our client Mr. Keshav.

Development Process:

In the course of portal development, the Hitasoft dedicated team ensured ultimate project transparency and seamless communication with the Client. The code base was unit tested to secure the high quality of the crafted code.

Until now, Hitasoft specialists carry on ensuring high system performance and availability. New technologies keep being implemented without delay, to the Customer’s immense satisfaction.

A Happy client:

Without any doubts, the client decided to go with the best-suited solution Joysale and our team started working on his project.

At once the project took off, there have and has been regular communications with the client himself to craft a perfect solution for pharma.

The client himself faced challenges in altering the script and a few features to fit his requirements. At one point he was even worried about how to co-relate or use “Giving Away” features to his projection.

Yet finally, he got an idea to change the text of that from Giving Away to Call/Chat for Detail. He was interested in providing a marketplace with instant chat features.

It's been a year now and it took 2 to 3 phases to complete the project due to the customization works involved.

Now the project is complete and pharmasolutions was live serving pharma companies and people with it's attractive, easy to use web portal.

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